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Why Making Thickies Is The New Way To Make Smoothies.:The best and only way to make smoothies.

J.W.S Jumper Workout Sessions - Instructions & Images. How to turn an old jumper or shirt into a weight training, weight bearing exercises outfit.
1. Introduction. How I have almost cured my Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis & other Joint Injury's.

2. Story / History & All Symptoms. How long I have been suffering for. How it changed my life for the worse and why I made the decision to fight back.

3. Medical Reports and results of X-rays, Ultra sound and MRI scans. Including letters from Doctors. 

4. The Beginning Of Exercise Routine - Painful, Progressive & Positive

4 A. Detailed Training Program. Dozens of exercise routines, thousands of repetitions for hours each day, and the best places to do them for maximum results. 

5. Nutrition Information. Diet and other supplementary products I now take daily.

6. Testimonials from physiotherapists from medical professionals who knew how much pain and stiffness I was in.

7. One & Two Years On - How I'm Winning The Fight Against Ankylosing Spondylitis. It's been just over a year since My First Post about my battle with an aggressive and incurable disease Ankylosing Spondylitis, (A.S).

How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plug & Screw Without A Drill: Very useful if you don't have a drill. 

How To Make A Fuel Free Lighter With A Mop Head: Make a re-usable, fuel free lighter with an old mop head.

Ear Plug Tip - Making Life Easier For People Who Wear Ear Plugs: No more losing or dropping your sleeping earplugs with this simple tip.   

The Stand-Up Crutch Tip - Helping To Make Life Easier For People Using Crutches: How to make your crutches stand up for themselves.  

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