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How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plug & Screw Without A Drill

5, July, 2016
If you have already watched my Youtube video showing you how to make a hole in a concrete wall for a wall plug and screw, this extra information has more tips to help.

Also, a YouTube notice says Video can't be played in these countries: Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, United States.

When I made the first hole using the nail, this would have been perfect for a small wall plug to have fitted this length and width. 

But, I needed to make a thicker and deeper hole in the wall, so I had to use a screw driver to finish off the hole as the wall was very hard. make the hole, you can start with a big nail like I used in the video, then, if you need it wider, then use a bigger, thicker nail (which I didn't have) preferably the width of the wall plug to finish the hole off.  Or, you can use a hammer, bolts, a piece of metal tubing, or screw diver as well as a nail to acquire the correct thickness and depth. Use what you have.
Your wondering why anyone would want to do this. Well, many people do not have a drill, nor can everyone afford one. 

Maybe you only need to make one or two holes so it would be a waste of money just to buy a drill for two holes especially if you don't have the spare cash.
Why not borrow a drill from a friend or neighbour!? Well, yes, you could but not everyone can or wants to, so this is an ideal simple solution for those in need of a hole or two. 

If two holes are needed close together for a bracket or whatever, then make one big crater using nails, screwdrivers or chisels. Go for whatever works best for that type of stone/concrete. Then poly-fill the hole, then add the wall plugs while the filler is still wet and allow to dry before using.

Holy Solutions..... I think I nailed that one.

Watch On Youtube How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plug & Screw

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