How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plug & Screw Without A Drill
If you have already watched my Youtube video showing you how to make a hole in a concrete wall for a wall plug and screw, this extra information has more tips to help.

Note; YouTube notice says Video can't be played in these countries: Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, United States.

When I made the first hole using the nail, this would have been perfect for a small wall plug to have fitted this length and width. 

But, it needed to be thicker and deeper, so I had to use a screw driver to finish off the hole because the wall was very solid.

Concrete comes in many strengths from brickwork, concrete to paving slabs. This technique will make holes in any concrete, including paving stones strength to place a wall plug, or any hole needed for any purpose. All you need is what you have - chisels, hammers, picks, screwdrivers, even Thin/short tubing works great as a chisel. make the hole, you can start with a big nail like I used in the video. If you need it wider, then use a thicker nail (which I didn't have) preferably the width of the wall plug to finish the hole off.  You can use a hammer, bolts, chisels, a piece of metal tubing, or screw diver as well as a different sized nails to acquire the correct thickness and depth. Don't worry about the hole/crater being too large or messy. The filler will solve that problem.
Your wondering why anyone would want to do this. Well, many people do not have a drill, nor can everyone afford one. 

Maybe you only need to make one or two holes so it would be a waste of money just to buy a drill for two holes especially if you don't have the spare cash.
Why not borrow a drill from a friend or neighbour! Well, yes, you could but not everyone can or wants to. Besides, if you're anything like me, you'd end up borrowing and then breaking it. Now I have to replace it, just because I needed to make one hole! so this is an simple solution for those in need of a hole or two. 

If two holes are needed close together for a bracket or whatever, then make one big crater using nails, screwdrivers or chisels. Go for whatever works best for that type of stone/concrete. Then poly-fill the hole, then add the wall plugs while the filler is still wet and allow to dry before using.

Holy Solutions..... I think I nailed that one.

Watch On Youtube How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plug & Screw.

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