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How To Clearly Explain Your Medical Symptoms. Noticing a strange abnormality on any part of the body can be extremely worrying especially when you've no idea what it is

How To Play Fun Brain-Games - Using Just Your Brain. Brain training games are very popular. From crosswords, puzzles to Sudoku which are all designed to get our brains working.

Inspiration To Help You Quit Eating Meat. Meat has been getting a lot of bad press lately, and hardly a few days go by without hearing about the dark-sides of the meat industry as a whole.

How To Make Floating Shelves - That Actually Float. I like to be different, original. To have something unique. Unfortunately, this idea came long after I'd already attached my shelves.

Living Life In The Middle Lane - And Knowing When To Change Lanes. This article is not about driving advice.

Is This Food Healthy? Research, Research, Research. When I research anything, It takes hours, sometimes days to search for everything I need to establish whether a food product I'm eating is healthy

What Do You Choose? Meat, Vegetarian Or Vegan? I have found a solution to your dietary needs

How To Use Cooking Oil Safely, & How To Cook Without OilsCooking oils is an essential part of the kitchen and widely used throughout the world. And used wisely, can be a healthy choice to make

How To Clean Your Home - With Wind, Sunlight & A Mirror. It's the things we can't see, the hidden dangers of dirt, dust and grime: how to see and deal with safely.

How To Repair The Gaps In Laminated Flooring. if you have any small or large gaps in your floorboards, using my technique will solve the problem.

How To Use Public Toilets - Hygienically. Simple. Don't use them, ever. Unfortunately, its impossible for us to avoid that dreaded place. 

Pros and Cons Of Living at The Top, Middle or Bottom property. I've been lucky, and unlucky enough to have lived on various floors in different properties.

Self-Help Techniques for Dealing with Stress. Where it comes from and how to deal with it.

The Good, Bad, & Dangers Of Fake Goods. Fake news, fake pranks and fake products are rife. Anything someone can make, the fakers will fake, and they don't care who they sell to.

How To Be Prepared For Life's Unexpected... Fires. The only thing I learned as a member of the Cub scouts. It was "To Be Prepared".

Top Foods Scientifically Proven To Be Healthy. When I searched and studied for the 'Worlds' healthiest foods for promoting a healthy lifestyle, the following foods always appeared at top of the list.

How To Cook & Eat Meat Safely & What To Eat Instead Of Meat. Meat has been getting a lot of bad press becoming the public health enemy number one.

If you think you're eating healthily, think again. The more I discovered about food and the food industry as a whole, the less I eat.

The Solutions To All Dangerous Particles, Poisons & Pollutions.  It's not just vehicle pollution that's a problem.

How To Make A Wall Bracket For Your TV. Make a simple future proof, strong,
customisable and free TV wall stand.

Chocolate - Scientifically Proven Healthy Benefits - In Pictures. Studies have shown how chocolates high in Flavanoids can be very healthy for the body.

Avocados - Scientifically Proven To Protect The Body From Cancers - In Pictures.  How Avocados can keep your body healthy.

How I am Winning The Fight Against An Incurable Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis. One year on - swapping medication for exercise and nutrition. 

Tomatoes: Scientifically Proven To Protect The Body From Cancers - In Pictures. How Tomatoes actually work in the body helping to fight against Heart Disease, Cancers, Tumours, and overall health.

My Invention - The SixIt - Makes Measuring & Cutting Things A Snip. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

How To Make Home Made Calcium - Using Egg Shells. Save money on expensive supplements + Nutritional Value and everything you need to know.

How To Make Bone Broth - Probably The World's Healthiest Stock / Soup. Everything you need to make this nutritious, delicious stock / soap..

How To Watch Free-View TV "Without" The Need Of An Internal Or External Aerial, Or Dish. Save money and time with this simple tried, tested and always used trick.

Inspiration to Give Up Your Medication - Stories of people who gave up their medication & Exposing the truth about Doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. 

How To Secure Your Bikes Accessories. Unique never been seen before tips to make sure your bike's accessories don't get nicked using Blue-Tac, washers, stickers and a Jubilee clip.

Remote Control Tips - Be More In Control Of Your Remotes With This Simple Tip.

To App Or Not To App - How To Use Apps.. Without The Apps.  Forget installing all those 3rd party apps you may not even need. 

Secret Tricks To Getting Free Things On Gumtree FIRST. How to get free things on Gumtree.... before anyone else.

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