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The Solutions To All Dangerous Particles, Poisons & Pollutions

30, March, 2017 people think they're living a healthy life, but with so many potential cancers and diseases, I'm surprised the human race are not dropping like flies. 

It's NOT just foods that we have to contend with, it's everything else our bodies are breathing in. Below are the problems and solutions to help.

Pollution & Dust Exposure From Home & Work. All the following are 100% not healthy for the human body. Using candles, incense sticks, cleaning products. Dust from brooms and from sanding down 'paints' on materials. Using microwaves. mildew, mould, spray tans, aerosols sprays, air fresheners, sunbeds, deodorants and talcum powder High exposure to formaldehyde used in many applications from household products to paints and glues. Dangerous toxins made with recycled rubber used on playgrounds and football pitches. Solutions. ★ Don't use, or try and avoid any of the above. If you have / want to, wear non toxic clothing fabrics. Use battery candles instead of the real one's. Keep your home clean using non toxic and Eco friendly products. Carbon monoxide released from faulty boilers and heaters can be fatal. Keep them fully serviced Keep your fuel burners in good repair, and make your home energy efficient and greener. Heating and cooking appliances can release particulates and nitrogen oxides that are damaging to the lungs and heart. ★ When sanding down plastics, metal, or when sweeping or cleaning use a high quality genuine, approved respiratory face mask because nasal cancers and other problems can be the result of all forms of dust including wood. When spraying or applying chemical substances, do it outside, or in a proper ventilated area with a face mask. Dyson have made a purifying device which they claim to remove benzene gas, pollen particles, formaldehyde, allergens and other microscopic particles from the home.

The people who can suffer first are those with current health problems such as a disease, cancer. allergies, the asthmatic, elderly, young, or anyone with a weak immune system.
Pollution - Traveling / Commuting - Either by Road or the Underground. It's been impossible to miss the numerous health warnings regarding the dangerous high levels of pollutions in our busy cities. Diesel and petrol vehicle pollution kills over 50.000 people in the UK every year due to carbon and other toxic particles entering the lungs and body. People have also suffered due to the high levels of Dangerous Particles from the Underground released from the 'brake pads' every time a vehicle or Train has to stop. (above image is human hair, skin and other "stuff" collected from the underground ventilation system).

We have to contend with high levels of dangerous 'nitric oxide' from un-vented gas boilers and generators used at home or on construction sites and from their machinery.  Solutions. Wear a quality approved face mask at work. ★ Control your breathing by breathing less.★ Download an app to see where the high levels of pollution are and avoid them like the plague. Place plants in the home to help reduce the carbon monoxide from the air. Until coal, gas and oils have been replaced with wind and solar energy, it's best to be safe.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said "global air pollution is expected to cause 1.7 - 1.8 million child deaths a year".

 Be safe. Find the right mask AND filter for the right job.

Counterfeit / Fake Products You're Using & Possibly Without realising.  One of the biggest problems we face today. Not just bad for health, but bad for businesses globally.  Fake unregulated pharmaceutical drugs has to be the worse. Fake 'face masks' used to stop micro particles entering the body won't work Counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs. Counterfeit foods, cigarettes, alcohol. toys and perfumes. Electronic products which can malfunction, catch fire or explode. Fake synthetic football pitch turf that contains arsenic Solutions. Bottom line is, everything we can possibly buy can be faked. Fake meaning - as in not real, imitation, an inferior cheaper, harmful non regulated component used instead. Be extra vigilant when buying product's at the pub, market, or online especially if they're much cheaper, or from China. The harmful effects of counterfeit goods. Top tips to avoid counterfeit products.★ Be aware of what you buy or use.

Plastic Products Containing Toxins. Products including children's toys and jewelry can be made with high levels of lead, cadmium and arsenic which can be very dangerous. Lead in toys - control & prevention..

Despite the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banning 19 harmful carcinogenic additives from house-hold products. Two chemicals triclosan and triclocarban are still being used in office buildings and household products - from phones, credit cards to yoga mats.

Cooking Utensils / Pots & Pans Are A Potential Health Hazard. Non stick Teflon, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel pots and pans can cause many types of diseases from the small types of 'micro metals' that are released (leeched) from the pans when used especially under high heat. Cooking with aluminum foil is also harmful. Solutions. Stay away from 'non stick' pots, pans and bake ware. Use those made with a good quality expensive cast iron, ceramic, titanium, enamel or glass pots.  100% unglazed natural clay and coated stoneware is also good to cook with. Just like us, pots and pans need to be looked after, and must be crack and scratch free. ★ Be cautious when using glassware. They have known to explode if not used properly.

For decades, Scientists around the world invest a great deal of resources trying to understand and treat cancers They have made a lot of progress, but also have discovered how complex and tricky cancer is as a phenomenon and it's effects on us as individuals.

Plastic Wrapping & Food / Tin Can Containers. From water to food packaging, it's hard not to buy foods in plastic packaging, containers or tins. The problem is, most plastics and tinned foods we use can be toxic and cause medical problems. Solutions. Try and eliminate your usage and buy products without plastic or tin containers. (hard I know but possible). Never use plastic containers in the microwave. ★ Ready-made dinners made to be cooked in plastic packaging should be removed and heated in a glass dish preferably   Store foods in glass jars or kitchen foil. ★ Use a quality re-usable water bottle and keep plastic bottles out of direct sunlight and never re-use. The good & bad plastics safe guide. ★  Wikipedia's A- Z list of extremely hazardous substances

Dirty Money. Don't get me started on dirty money. Too late. I started..The thing's I've done as a child, and seen people do with money, even the places they carry or hide it,  I'd bet my 'bottom' dollar (a deliberate pun) that the majority of all coins and notes in circulation have human faecus and other 'stuff' on it. Because of this, I use payment cards to minimize any cross contamination. The sooner we become a cashless society the better.

Every hour, one million particles are released from humans from their body, hair and clothing. Humans lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every hour. Try to avoid crowded enclosed spaces like buses and trains. You Put In Your Body From Your Thoughts Alone - Stress & Negative Energy.  When our bodies are feeling happy, and were having fun, the body releases 'good' chemicals such as 'endorphins', 'oxytocin' and 'serotonin', but, when we start suffering from stress, these thoughts can be of serious consequences raising the risks of stress related pain, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, colon, rectal and stomach cancer and much more. Stress can be damaging to the muscles and bones due to the body producing too much 'Adrenaline', 'Cortisol', and 'Norepinephrine' which are the three main 'stress hormones'. Solutions. Easier said than done I know, but try to stop doing the things, seeing the people, or thinking of the things that causes you stress. It could mean a total change of lifestyle. 10 top tips to relieve stress. whether you can feel it working or not, your body will thank you for being less stressed.

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family". Kofi Annan

Final Thoughts
  • The human body is such a durable, resilient machine and can fight against many bad toxins and chemicals. Having said that, it can be extremely fragile and vulnerable.
  • depending on a persons current health problems, DNA, life style, genes, and luck which  all play an important role in how these 'bad toxins' will effect us long term. 
  • Winds bringing in pollutants from the continent is another problem.
  • Wearing an appropriate, regulated mask that conforms to health and safety standards to filter and trap all dangerous particles with correct filter.
  • It's about being aware and reducing your intake of potential life threatening air borne particles that can make a difference. 
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If you think you're eating healthily, think again. The more I discovered about food and the food industry as a whole, the less I eat. 

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