3/6. Medical Reports - X-Ray & MRI & Ultrasound Scans

July 18, 2016
The amount of times the rheumatologists sent me to the X-Ray, Ultra sound and MRI departments to photograph / scan my bones.   

Years later after having so many, I wonder how much of my physical problems known or unknown are / were the direct result from having these intrusive and unnecessary X-Rays and MRI scans.  

After researching the side effect of X-Rays, I discovered X-Rays can cause the body more problems than already existed, and MRI scans also had potential health problems.


1. X-Ray Report - AP Pelvis and Left Hip - 2011.

2. MRI Scan - Sacroiliac Joints - 2011.

3. Ultrasound Right Shoulder - 2012.

4. MRI Right Shoulder - 2012

5. Ultra Sound Scan. Left Hip   - 2016



1. Introduction. Reversing My Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis & Other Joint Symptoms.

2. Journey / History & All Symptoms. How long I have been suffering for. How it changed my life for the worse, and why I made the decision to fight back.

3. Medical Reports, and results of my X-rays, Ultra sound and MRI scans. 

4. The First Year - Beginning Of Exercise Routine - Painful, Progressive & Positive.

4A Detailed Training Program. Dozens of exercise routines, thousands of repetitions for hours each day, and the best places to do them for maximum results.

5. Nutrition Information. Diet and important supplementary products I now take daily. 

6. Testimonials from medical professionals who knew how much pain and stiffness I was in.

7. One & Two Years On. How I am winning my fight against Ankylosing Spondylitis.


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