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Growing up I've learned that we don't look, think and act very differently, but we all do things in our own crazy, weird and wonderful ways, and all for very different reasons. Some people act and think without any thought, while others think far ahead of the potential short, and long term consequences of such actions.

Health & Fitness + Food & Nutrition Posts.

My mission is sharing my experiences with the latest news regarding new scientific discoveries and how nutrition and exercise can help the body and the brain deal with problems,  illness and diseases.

including my life's experiences, and the observations of others life styles, and stories they've shared along the way.

I've studied  this subject endlessly to try and discover the truths about the food we eat,  it's direct effects on the body and mind, and how our thought processes alone can be a direct link to our overall health. 

I observe strangers. See who they are and what they put in their shopping basket. I observe people I know and ask what problems they have and any medication they're on, including any training or exercises they do and of course, what they eat.

I've watched Web-inars. Videos on YouTube. Read Online documents and forums. I watch and listen to all the food and nutrition documentaries on Television and radio. I read  published government, Universities, and independent UK, and USA clinical trials results. 

I listen to the revelations of former Pharmaceutical employees, and Doctors turned Whistle-blowers who expose the dark practices within their industry.

I read news papers, books, magazines. I listen to scientists, university lecturers, nutrition experts, rheumatologists, toxicologists and pathologists to establish how the things we do, and what we consume will effect the mind and body. 

All were adamant that specific foods, vitamins, proteins, minerals and exercise are fundamentally needed by the body for a long and healthy life. The correct nutrition and exercises can cure, reverse, and repair the majority of health problems people have including cancers.

Health Statistics & Health Quotes Posts

Interesting and inspiring health statistics and conversations, quotes & breaking news.

The information at towpstats are health related 'conversations' I find interesting. From daily Television to Radio documentaries and programmes. If anything interests you, contact the source in question for further information and help.Note: Some names are missing from source because they are inaudible.

Search Tips. If you're searching for specific words, for example 'cancer', 'depression'. 'Multiple Sclerosis', 'smoking', 'Parkinson's', 'pregnancy', or 'cholera'. Just hold the 'CTRL' button on your keyboard, then press 'F'. This opens a 'dialogue box' (below image) either at the top left, or bottom left of your browser. Insert your desired words to find.

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