How To Make A Fuel Free Lighter From A Mop Head
I have just uploaded my new Youtube video about how to make a re-usable fuel free lighter using a Mop Head. 

If you have already seen it, here's some  useful information not mentioned in the video.
Once you have followed all the instructions, you must first make the end of the wick burnt - black.  See image.  Once it's all blackened, it will light perfectly every time with a small spark. If you blow it while you strike the flint. (as seen in video) it works better. NOTE: Once alight, it will keep on burning until it's been pulled down inside the pen and starved of oxygen. You may want to use an elastic band to hold it all together once used to keep in place.
This lighter works even better in windy weather.  Use it for camping, work, home or anywhere you are not allowed to use petrol or gas (bupane). Use it when your lighter has run out of petrol or gas. It's a no brainer and great for the environment.

I used the parts of a pen to make the lighter, but you can design anything you can imagine. Tip. Make sure the two hole you make are as close together as possible. One for the flint part and the other for the wick.

It takes a bright spark to fire up an idea like this.

NOTE: I am not sure what type of materiel is the correct one to use. I do know that "synthetic" mop heads do not work. To be sure, I would recommend you test it by burning (as seen in video) before you platt them together. 

Lastly. Try not to touch the blackened stuff when lighting because the more black burnt stuff you have on the wick, the easier it is to catch alight, so when your making your lighter, ensure the two holes are as close together as possible so you don't have to touch the wick when using. Instead, you just simply pull up the wick from the bottom.

Watch On Youtube  How To Make A Re-Usable, Fuel Free Lighter From A Mop Head 

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