Inspiration To Ditch Your Medication & The Truth About Doctors & The Pharmaceutical Companies
This is a must read for anyone who needs the inspiration to help them give up their prescription drugs and lead a healthier life.

After a considerable amount of research, I decided to stop taking my medication for a severe painful disease I've had for over 20 years called Ankylosing Spondylitis. 

I also had Arthritic joints and a separate shoulder injury caused by being hit in the shoulder. How and why I stopped taking my medication.

Since then, I watched a two-part TV documentary called "The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs", which Dr Chris van Tulleken was given complete access to a GPs surgery and their patients. He then had to persuade the patients to stop taking their prescription pills, and exercise instead. 1. 
This lady was in severe pain all over her body. She decreased, then stopped taking her pills, began exercising and started to feel physically and mentally fantastic.
.                                                                                              2. 
This young girl had been taking anti depressants for seven years. Her new treatment was "cold water therapy" which has now changed her life.

Swap your pills and medication for the will and dedication.

Cold Water Therapy is used to help treat people with anxiety and depression. It is thought the shock of exposing the body to cold water can lead people to feel euphoric and may condition the body to deal with other life's stresses and heal many problems Doctors would call diseases..

Case 3.   
A number of elderly people who were taking various drugs including statins to reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes. they all had their baseline measurements taken prior to giving up their medication prior to starting exercising. By walking 5 times a week for 30 minutes a day, all the test/base-line results of the walkers with type 2 diabetes was massively reduced. Every person lost weight, reducing their risk of strokes, heart attacks and death.

Physical activity can help you live longer. Exercise lowers the risk of heart disease as mentioned in the New York Times. Exercise IS the best medicine.

By Dr. Mercola, an alternative medicine proponent  said, "people's diets account for around 80 percent of the benefits you’ll get from a healthy lifestyle, but even if you're eating healthily, you still need to exercise to reach your highest level of health. Recent research found that people who exercised regularly had a significantly lower risk of dying from heart disease".

Physical activity also produces biochemical changes that strengthen and renew your brain especially in the areas associated with memory and learning

Another study found that high-intensity interval training (HIT) boosts human growth hormone (HGH) production, which is vital for optimal health, strength and longevity. 

An average patient can consume over 1000.000 pills in their lifetime, and long exposure will make pain worse than better, and cause many other serious side effects including death.

The Truth About Doctors

Dr Chris van Tulleken sat and watched in horror as a Doctor gave 39 of his 40 patients a prescription. Even when I visited my 'former' Doctor about a new pain in my back, It was only until I had left the surgery I realised I'd been given a prescription for painkillers which I never asked for.

When discussing the need to take pills, every Doctor and Rheumatologist said I 'needed' to take my medication. Were they genuinely mistaken, or knowingly lying to me?.

Dr Cathy Stannard (Consultant in Pain Medicine said "we know medications are not the answer. Drugs disrupt the hormones and immune system".

Professor Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP who has held senior positions in public health and information management said, "overuse of medication is one of the most serious problems we face in every developed country. Patients are led to believe that their solution is a prescription. We need to change the way we think, and change the way we do things because many common illnesses can be treated without drugs".

In 2015, The Academy of Medical Royal Collages produced a report saying that exercise can be the 'miracle cure'.

The Truth About Drugs
Scientists say that drugs don't work very well, don't work at all and can kill people  - Common side effects can be worse than the original symptoms. Drugs can cause massive amounts of harm, and prescription rates have increased by 50%.- Long term exposure to drugs will make the problem worse.

The Truth About Pharmaceutical Companies
Gwen Olsen is a former Pharmaceutical Industry Rep, and whistle blower wrote the book 'Confessions of an ex Drug Pusher' speaks out about Pharmaceutical companies and their real motivations saying that "pharmaceutical companies are in the business of 'disease maintenance' and 'symptoms management'. They are not in the business to 'cure cancer', 'Alzheimer's', or 'heart disease' because if they were, they would be in the business of putting themselves 'out of business' which does not make sense. They 'don't' want to cure people". 

Pharmaceutical Companies have had multi-billion pound lawsuits filed against them for unethical activities including bribing Doctors and Physicians - Failure to disclose safety data about the risk of heart attacks,  strokes and bladder cancer from taking some drugs - Making false and misleading claims - Poor manufacturing practices - Medicare fraud.

Drugs like 'psychiatric drugs' in particular encourage people to remain customers of the pharmaceutical industry. If you're given a drug such as an 'anxiolytic', or an 'antidepressant' or an 'antipsychotic' drug, you may be on the drug for the rest of your life because they are often impossible to get off them, and most can have very serious withdraw symptoms.
Even drugs such as Cholesterol-lowing drugs are lowing cholesterol excessively and causing 'other' disease states as a consequence.  Pharmaceutical companies have known for decades that anti depressants are no more effective than placebos/sugar pills. A recent study was released showed that exercise was more effective than either placebo or the antidepressant drug they we're compared too 

Gwen Olsen continued saying "people need to understand the pharmaceutical industry makes six times the amount of money as any of the top fortune companies in the USA and they are not going to easily or readily give up that income, and we the people are in fact considered a human commodity - our loved ones - our children and our elderly are considered 'cash cows' that are 'preyed upon' by pharmaceutical reps".

"They need to become accountable for their actions and their defective products they are putting on the market. We need to be aware of the differences between 'diseases', between 'disorders' and between 'syndromes'. Instead, look into the nutritional aspect of your diet and lifestyle aspect such as exercising and taking care of yourself, because once you start going down the road from taking one prescription drug on top of the other, you will be a 'life long customer' for the pharmaceutical industry to cure the space in their pockets not yet filled with your cash.

With exercise and eating healthier, these patients mood improved - they slept better, lost weight, felt better and fitter. If they, and I can do it, I hope it inspires you too. 
Take control of your body because it's the only one you've got.

Disclaimer: Certain drugs do save lives and must be taken - Please seek your own independent advice from your Doctor before stopping or reducing any of your medication.

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January 22, 2018. The shocking truth behind the epilepsy drug "Sodium Valproate" which the government tried to hide.. Its a medication widely used as a treatment for epilepsy, but for pregnant woman, there can be dangerous side affects. In the past, many mums-to-be who were taking it were totally completely unaware of the mental and physical damage it was doing to their unborn children. The authorities were fully aware of the dangers the drug presented, but deliberately chose not to inform pregnant patients and new evidence suggest, the drugs harmful affects can transmitted through to three generations of the same family - deformed, disabled and damaged babies. Thousands of babies genetically harmed in the womb by one drug, Sodium Valproate. BBC1: Inside Out.

January 30, 2018. Mixing herbal remedies and conventional drugs can be harmful. We've known this for quite some time. St Johns Wart, Ginseng and Ginko Biloba can have harmful interactions with conventional drugs. They can dilute the effects of the medication you're taking from your doctor. They can increase the power of the medication from your doctor, or act together to cause adverse reactions. They found they suffered complications from Sage, flax-seeds, grapefruit juice, St Johns wart and Ginseng energy drink. Speak to your GP or pharmacist. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

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December 24, 2017. Scientists have, for the first time, successfully freed embryos of a piece of faulty DNA that causes deadly heart disease to run in families, potentially opens the door to preventing 10,000 disorders that are passed down the generations. BBC News.

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Three Merseyside mums given a controversial hormone pregnancy test told of the terrible health problems their children are forced to live with. Our special report tells the emotional stories of Marjorie, Jane and Andrea - whose children’s afflictions range from severe mental illness, incurable heart problems and serious organ malformations. All three women were given the Primodos hormone pregnancy test - an oral tablet prescribed to women in the UK between 1958 and 1978. It was later withdrawn amid fears it was linked to cleft palates, limb defects and heart problems in babies. The drug - produced by German pharmaceutical firm Schering - has been at the centre of cover-up claims for years. Last year the Government ordered medical chiefs to investigate the Hormone Pregnancy Test scandal. That was after it was revealed research carried out by the Drug Research Safety unit in 1975 - which highlighted the risks of the drug - was only passed to the manufacturer and not made public. Echo.