How To Secure Your Bikes Accessories Using Blue Tac, Washers, Stickers & A Jubilee Clip

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As a former cyclist, I've been a victim of bike theft many times. Bike's, wheels and accessories have all been stolen over the years.

I've started cycling again and thought I'd take extra precautions this time. After all, accessories are not cheap.

The obvious solution to bike security is proper bike locks, but that's not enough for me. The items below will help you secure your wheels and bicycle accessories even more. These tips could also be used to secure motorbike and moped accessories / parts with imagination.

Two Jubilee clips. Sticky Pads, Blue-Tac - Two Washers & Bolts.
Jubilee Clips To Secure The Wheels
 Quick release bolts which take two seconds to remove are only designed for two things. 1. For cyclists involved in bike races, because of the obvious need to remove the wheel, and repair a puncture or broken wheel quickly.
2. They're a thief's best friend. It can take two seconds to remove a wheel.
Using Jubilee clips will secure the wheels without the need for locking both wheels. Great for popping in shops.

As you can see, a would be thief would need time to unscrew the clip.

Tip - Attach the clips while the bike is upside down. It makes it even harder for anyone to remove.
Two Washers & 3 Nuts - To Secure The Seat
 My bike seat initially had a quick release system which I removed and changed to three different sized nuts and a bolt, and two old washers, because If I came back to my bike and saw my seat had been stolen, it could be a very expensive and painful experience...  if you get my drift.

See how hard it would be to remove. It will require two types of spanners, and time.
If you're wheels has nuts and bolts instead of a quick release, then use this washer and nuts tip for extra security.
Using Stickers To Secure Brake Levers (Before)
I ordered my brake levers from Amazon and they took three weeks to arrive from China. A thief could steal them in seconds. My solution (Below)
I stuck two stickers over the screws and colored them in with a black pen.
To secure the bolt on the underside, I used Blue-Tac (example below)
Using Blue-Tac for Alum key Style Bolts-  (Before)

I saw a bike that looked like someone had cut all the gears and brake cables, and then removed the handlebars which had the brake levers, Gear changers still attached.

Using two small bits of Blue-Tac. (preferably neater than I did it), and a permanent black marker or paint which will hopefully baffle a would be thief.

I used this same technique for other Alum Key bolts including the brakes pads
Securing Gear Levers Using a Sticker (Before)
I left this white. The bolt which secures it is underneath. This has Blue-Tac and is painted. It's simple and can be very effective.
The above information is not designed to be a "Fort Knox" solution. It's about making sure you don't lose any part of your bike... "easily".  
Last Tip: Be careful WHAT you attach your bike to!


With A Hand-Saw It's Gone in 60 seconds

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