How To Use a Website Without Installing Their App
So many people feel the need to install every given app available thinking they need it to use websites services. This article will show you the way without the app.
Apps installed unnecessarily will automatically start-up when the phone is switched on. Plus, apps have the capability to access every contact in your phone - access to your microphone and camera... unless you go into the settings and disable them.

I asked someone why they needed the Youtube app..They replied, "it saves me having to search for Youtube every time".

I asked my bank "do I really need your app to bank online", after some discussion the banker said "No, you don't need a browser to bank with us online" which I knew already because I bank with Halifax without their app with no problems sending and transferring funds.

       The Reasons Why You Don't Need To Install Mobile Apps
  • I visit Youtube and upload videos but I don't have the Youtube app.
  • I use Twitter without an app,
  • Apps that have sounds l. Install a "voice recorder" app to record all the various app sounds like the bicycle or doorbell bell app. Animal and bird sounds and car horn app sounds can be recorded by using one "voice-recorder" app, instead of installing all the apps. 
  • Apps that have a virtual fireplace, a candle or virtual sounds can be recorded yourself and then played back in a loop which is much better than an app. Just visit Youtube for any sound or visual you like - or make it yourself.
  • Online radio stations. I listen to so many, but I have never needed their apps.
  • Image, video converters or language translators, I use the various services that do it all Online without an app.

The Benefits Of Not Installing Apps
  • Save on mobile storage space. Each phone has a limited amount of storage space. Most taken up by apps not needed.
  • No need to buy a memory card. When you multiply the size each app takes. It's no wonder the memory-card businesses are doing so well.
  • Be more discreet and secure. Don't allow apps to have access to your contacts, camera, microphone, and more which they are legally and allowed to do.
  • Save on mobile resources. Each app installed will take up valuable system resources. Running in the background even when you're not using the app. Too many background Apps will slow down any smart phone. Not smart.
Here's How To Use The Websites Easily Without An App

First method - (image below) - using Opera browser.
Any Website you visit regularly just bookmark the page and it will appear on your browser home page screen for quick access without the need to install an app.

 Second method  - (image below) - Using Internet Explorer - Pinning the Website to my desktop.

When you're at a Website (via a browser), go in to the browser settings and select pin this page to start. As you can see in the image below, I have pinned all my quick-links to the websites I visit. Each icon is about 1kb in size and ideally, placed in alphabetical order for quicker access  - unfortunately, my phone does not show the actual website logo.

Final thoughts:
Whenever a company says "install their app",  first visit their Website. If you can do everything you need to do there, don't bother installing their app.
If you're still in any doubt, install the app and compare with a browser. If you can still do everything online with the browser, then uninstall the app It's the only way.... Unless you don't feel 100% safe banking online via a web browser, then I would suggest and recommend installing their app for ultimate peace of mind.

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