The Stand-Up Crutch Trick - Helping To Make Life Easier For People Using Crutches

I discovered this simple unique, useful, must have "Crutch Tip" because I was so frustrated with them being more of a hindrance than a help at the best of times.

This is for anyone who uses a crutch or crutches, My Youtube Crutch Hack Video has all the instructions of how to implement it. This post is additional information not mentioned in the video

 Ref video. As you saw in the video, I could have balanced them by the handles on the table, but this can only be done if the handle is made of rubber like one of my crutches is.  If it's plastic, it will just slide off, so placing an elastic band around it works perfectly. (as seen in above image). 

Below is instructions to fine tune your crutch for perfect balancing.

I assume you've watched the video and have cut off the small square piece of plastic as seen in video. When I cut off mine, one 
of the crutches was balancing, but very precariously.  To make it perfectly balanced and stable, add whatever you have.  

You can use a small thin piece of cardboard with sticky tape or plaster or Blue-Tac, or tape and paper. Start thin and keep making it a little thicker until it balances perfectly. I used those small round sticky things used to put on the base of furniture (above image +) It may take a couple of times to fine tune them as it all  depends on the height of your crutches. It's best to use a table top or high surface instead of the floor to easily see how much fine tuning is needed.
If crutches don't have anything to lean on, they can be just as disabled as us...until they can stand up on for themselves.

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