Avocados - Scientifically Proven To Protect The Body From Cancers - In Pictures

Avocados. whether you apply them to your face or eat them regularly, science continues to prove that this fruit (single seeded berry) is still one of the natures most valuable, and healthiest foods for overall good health.

A Super foods documentary research showed that eating 'bad-fats' slows the blood-flow to the most important parts of our body. Eating avocados which contain Lutein and other antioxidants relax the blood vessels making them more flexible and increases vital blood flow around the body.

Scientists at Tufts University in Boston are among the many who have found that specific foods high in 'antioxidants' and 'omega 3 fatty acids' help improve brain power, slow down cognitive decline, and can improve overall health due to their micro-nutrients.

How Do They Work - Eating Avocados
When bad FATS enter the blood, (along with Lutein) (in red) they're thought to cause inflammation..

This inflammation causes stiffening and narrowing of the BLOOD VESSEL.

This slows the blood flow to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys limiting their supply of oxygen and essential nutrients.

When we eat Avocados, the research suggest that LUTEIN (above) and other antioxidants relax our blood vessels, and increase vital blood flow around our bodies (below)


Scientists in California performed tests on two individuals to see how wide and flexible their blood vessels were prior to eating a hamburger 'with' avocados, and compared them to those who ate the burger 'without'.

It revealed that Phil who ate the burger 'without' any avocados showed there was a stiffening in his blood vessels. He went from 2.72 down to 2.15. This number measures how flexible his blood vessel is. Kate, who ate the burger 'with' avocado showed an 'increase' in flexibility of about 27% on average in those who ate the burger on it's own. Her blood test measurements went 'up' from 2.15 to 2.64 which shows how more flexible her vessel is which was the total opposite of those who ate the burger alone

Avocados are so popular in California, they've been voted the state fruit. http://www.californiaavocadogrowers.com/publications/greensheet/article/california-avocados-proclaimed-official-state-fruit.  Avocado Face Mask Recipes. http://naturalbeautytips.co/homemade-avocado-face-mask-recipe/  
  • If you're a meat-eater of any kind, eating avocados, Omega 3-rich fish. Whole grains / Oatmeal and nuts can all help to combat and counteract some of the bad fats we consume. (cut down your meat intake)
  • The scientists concluded that no amount of food can act as a 'complete eraser' for all the bad fats we consume.
  • Increase your Lutien intake by eating dark leafy vegetables such a kale and spinach.
  • Lutein can be found in eggs, but not eggs which have been coloured synthetically. Under EU organic regulations, you can't use synthetic colourings in organic eggs.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” Fran├žois de La Rochefoucauld  

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