Tomatoes - Scientifically Proven To Protect The Body From Cancers - In Pictures
Tomatoes. A wonder of nature - Key Component - Lycopene, a pigment and phytochemical found in Tomatoes and other specific foods including herbs & spicesDiets rich in Lycopene' can help prevent heart disease, cancers, combat anti-ageing, and great for overall health. People who consume foods containing Lycopene are at a lower risk of suffering from serious health related problems.  The latest research...

 How Tomatoes (LYCOPENE) Protects The Human Body
 A recent analysis of the health benefits of eating Tomatoes concluded that our bodies contain unstable molecules called FREE RADICALS which can disrupt healthy cells, and cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA. Free radicals are associated with human disease.
These FREE RADICALS can be neutralised by ANTIOXIDANTS. One of the most common antioxidant is vitamin C.
If we can eat 'antioxidant rich foods', we can help to fight against these harmful radicals.

Red is Best - Red Tomatoes Contain More Lycopene Than Green
Scientific tests showed that 'red' tomatoes have more Lycopene then 'green' ones.
Samples of the red and green extracts were added to a blue solution  containing harmful free radicals. The more free radical busting Lycopene there is, the clearer the liquid becomes. Green Tomatoes have absolute minimal, or no amounts of Lycopene.
Recent evidence has also showed that Lycopene can block inflammation, and block some factors influencing the growth of the prostate. Eating tomatoes high in Lycopene can prevent the blood supply from reaching the Tumour, slowing down and in some cases, stopping the cancer entirely. 

How Tomatoes (Lycopene) Can Help Cure Prostate Cancer
 In men, the prostate (in red) sits under the bladder, and is slightly bigger than a Walnut.
Cancerous TUMOURS can start to grow inside the prostate and spread.
The research has evidence that Lycopene prevents the blood supply feeding the TUMOUR, (circled) Slowing down and in some cases, stopping the cancer entirely. In order to have this beneficial effect, up to 15 Tomatoes may have to be eaten.

Tomatoe Facts. 
Did you know there are over 15.000 variety's. 
60 million tonnes produced every year. 
It's the world's most popular fruit.

  • Tomatoes can reduce the risk for various cancer types including breast, cervical, colorectal, esophageal, lung, stomach and pancreatic cancer according to Harvard School of Public Health.
  • A BBC Science & Nature documentary experimented on the effects of Tomatoes and concluded that 'Lycopene' can protect the skin from UV damage by blocking UV penetration and prevent damage to the delicate skin tissues. 
  • Extensive studies have showed that consuming Tomatoes with 'olive oil' can improve the quality, and help the nutrients work better in the body.
  • Raw is not always best - the amount of Lycopene can be 'doubled' when cooked.  
  • Keep your Lycopene topped up with dark red tomatoes, Ketchup. soup,  Tomato paste & puree. 
  • Other foods high in Lycopene foods - Asparagus (Cooked). Cabbage (Purple or red). Carrots. Grapefruit. Guavas. Mango. Papaya. Sweet Red Peppers & Red Carrots. (cooked), watermelon and other healthy foods which have the red pigmentation.
  • The bad. Tomatoes are highly acidic and eating too many can lead to reflux which can cause Barrett's Esophagus. Avoid eating tomatoes altogether if you already have symptoms of reflux, stomach ulcers and other stomach issues.
 “No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.” Maimonides  

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