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How To Be Prepared For Life's Unexpected... FireThe only thing I learned as a member of the Cub scouts. It was "To Be Prepared".

How To Cook & Eat Meat Safely, & What To Eat Instead. Meat has been getting a lot of bad press becoming the public health enemy number one.

How To Make A Wall Bracket For Your Television - Simple & Cheap. Simple to make. A bespoke, cheap bracket / stand.

How To Make My Invention - Makes marking and measuring things before cutting a snip.

The Benefits Of Home Made Calcium - Using Egg Shells. Calcium, the most abundant mineral in our body. Essential for strong bone and teeth, and necessary for life.
How To Make Bone Broth - The Healthiest Nutritious Soup / Stock. After years of researching, I discovered what my body needed for good health.
How To Watch Freeview TV "Without" An Indoor or Ourdoor Aerial Or Dish. Don't let anyone tell you that you need to buy an aerial to watch freeview TV.
How To Secure Your Bikes Accessories Using Blue Tac, Washers, Stickers & A Jubilee Clip. As a former cyclist, I've been a victim of bike theft many times.

To App Or Not To App - How You Can Use Apps.... Without The Apps.  So many people feel the need to install every given app available thinking they need it to use websites services.

My Secret Trick To Getting Free Things On Gumtree... Before Anyone Else! Always works.

The Only Way To Make Smoothies - Thickies. Why making 'thickies' is best, before making a smoothie.

Toilet Hack: How To Use Your Toilet To Speak To People In The Same Building Yes, it's fun and actually works.

The Stand-Up Crutch Hack - Helping To Make Life Easier For People Using Crutches. Simple unique, useful, must have "Crutch Hack" because I was so frustrated with them being more of a hindrance...

How To Make A Fuel Free Re-Usable Lighter With A Mop Head. ow to make a re-usable fuel free lighter using a Mop Head.  If you have already seen ...

Ear Plug Hack - Making Life Easier For People Who Wear Ear Plugs. Are you always dropping or losing your ear plugs (for sleeping) this clever idea will make life much easier.

How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plug & Screw Without A Drill. How to make a hole in a concrete wall to add a wall plug and screw , this extra inf...

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