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Toilet Trick: How To Use Your Toilet To Speak To Your Neighbors

15, July, 2016
Welcome to another unique tip from the Only Way Productions.

This is such a simple idea. I actually used this method all the time many years ago talking to the neighbours (within the same building) as well as other people in the same house.

Now we have the Internet and smart phones to communicate with,  not many people may need to do this, but if do, then this technique will really help and can be fun and useful. 

First: Remove the water from the toilet.
You need to push the water with perfect timing down and over the siphon (above image). Push firmly up and down with a toilet brush to enable the water to go over the bendy part of pipe. A wet face will tell you your not pushing correctly or pushing too hard. If the water in stays in the bowl, your not pushing hard enough! If you're unable to push enough or any water round the bend, you can use something to take it out. The person you wish to speak to must also remove the water from their toilet.

                                       How Does It Work?
As you can see in the image above, all the pipes are connected to other parts of the building. Once the water has been removed it's pretty much an open line.

It works on the same principle used not so long ago on large ships, and warplanes called voice pipes or speaking tubes. These are used to communicate to each other via a series of long pipes.

Warning: During a conversation which may be private, you may hear someone else trying to hack into your conversation. If so, you will hear them removing their water from the bowl.....unless, they have already removed all their water prior to the two people wanting to converse. If that has happened they have an open line (pipe) to your conversation. 

It's the Best Place In The World For Toilet Humour.

Note: I'm not a plumber and unfortunately, I had no-one to ask to do an actual demonstration...

Universal Names for a "Toilet". Toilet. Lavatory. Loo. Crapper. lavatory. Bathroom. Bog. John. Ladies & Gents. Powder & Washroom.

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