Why Making Thickies First ... Is The Only Way To Make Smoothies -- In Pictures

This is the best way to make smoothies. I have 2 glasses a day, but my secret is to make two weeks supply of mass producing "thickies" in one go. It's the only way.  I'll show you how.

There was a time when the only conversations about a smoothy were when someone was describing someone else by the way they acted, such as being a smoothie, a smooth operator. Cool, just like the late, legendary soul singer Mr Barry White singing Put Me In Your Mix...  

Nowadays, smoothies are very popular. They're considered an ideal way to consume healthy nutrition without all the chewing and cooking. 

  • Make two weeks supply in one go.
  • No need to make smoothies every day. 
  • No washing up the blender each time It's used.  
  • No need to keep shopping for fresh produce.
  • Guaranteed fresh every time.
  • Enjoy a smoothie any time you want one.
All you need is the ingredients of your choice, a blender, enough glasses or containers and freezer space.

We are all human, skin, muscle and bone, but our bodies are totally unique. Our DNA shows this, so we inevitably have different needs. So, whatever your health problems or health worries, find out what nutrition your body needs, then decide what ingredients and flavours you want in yours.  

The type of ingredients I use is not necessarily for the taste alone. Some are foods I can't be bothered to chew or don't like to eat. Other ingredients I hope will be beneficial for my health. You can use entirely what you like.Organic produce is always best.
My Ingredients

Carrots. Kiwi fruits. Apples. Beetroot. Raspberries. Strawberries. Blueberries. Sunflower seeds. Chia seeds. Pumpkin seeds. Cucumber. Limes. Chilli peppers. Sweet red peppers. Almonds. One Large spoon of Spirulina. One T-spoon of Turmeric and Coconut water.
 Prior To Making Thickies

First, blend all the nuts and seeds to ensure they are all fully ground down then wash, peel and chop all ingredients and divide into three separate portions. (as seen in image)

Each portion fits in a 2.L blender and makes three and one=half glasses of thickies which equates to four days worth of smoothies if drinking two a day. 

 When adding the coconut water add it very slowly because it needs to be of a very thick consistency yet just enough to blend everything fully to pour into the containers. Then do the final two portions.

All thickies I make have a different flavour. I do this by adding one bowl of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to each batch.
This Is The Correct Consistency For The Perfect Thickie

Turning Thickies Into Smoothies
Once all the glasses are filled. 
Pour 1/3rd of one thickie into another one and top up with the liquid of your choice. 
Cover and place the rest in the freezer.
Each "thickie" glass  makes 3 - 4 smoothy servings... depending on how smooth you like them. Serve with a fork to stir.

Precaution: Depending on the size and quality of your blender, making so many at once could cause it to overheat or complete failure of your device.

Nutrition And Calorific Information: If only I knew......I do know it's healthy & nutritious.

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