How To Make Floating Shelves - That Actually Float.

I like to be different, original. To have something unique. 

Unfortunately, this idea came long after I'd already attached my shelves. So this is for you to add real floating shelves to your home. 

An original floating shelf in the shops
Above is a "floating" shelf you can purchase. These don't float. They stick to the wall via a bracket (not exactly floating) - Compared to mine, I think my shelves "float" more, if that makes sense!

You have to bear with me. I had this idea long after I installed/my shelving, but with Blue Peter ideas using cardboard, paper and stick-back plastic for you to make yourself.  

What You Need
Wood for the shelves, and three 2 inch nails or panel pins per shelf. The wood used should be at least one centimetre to an inch smaller than usually needed to enable a gap all the way around to make it look like they're floating. Let me explain...

Marking the alcove walls
1. Mark the walls depending on how many shelves you want. 2. Make three holes. One to the left, right and centre of wall. 3. Insert a thin long nail or panel pin in each hole leaving tho thirds sticking out. 4. Then place/balance the shelves on top. 

5. On the "underside" of shelving, "mark" with a pen around the nail, and cut a groove to allow the nail to settle in place.

Once the shelves are in place, use some silicone or poly filler to hide the nails, and to hold in place. Then paint.

Another option is to make three small holes and insert the shelves this way. Doing it this way will require the three holes in the wall to be deeper. Then when you're placing the shelves, simply pull out the nails into the holes. Use glue, poly filler or even blue-tac to hold in place.

Once all the shelves are in place, you can paint them if you desire. Paint the nails to blend-in, or leave them as they are.

Once they're all installed, they'll look fabulous especially when using carefully placed lighting. Note: I never had enough nails or pins for this tutorial, so I used cotton-buds instead of nails, and small wooden blocks, hence the bending and uneven parts in image above.

Send me your pictures of your home-made floating shelf's and I'll publish them here.

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