The Good, Bad, & Dangers Of Fakes Goods

 I'm often called a cynic when checking and double checking everything I purchase, but if only they knew what I do. Fake news, fake pranks and fake products are rife. Anything someone can make, the fakers will fake, and they don't care who they sell to.  Dangerous and very worrying, but it's not all bad.

Fake Definition
 Imitation - Counterfeit - Forgery. An inferior cheaper, harmful, non-regulated part used, made or sold under another brand name without the brand owners knowledge or authorisation. Stolen trade marks, patents or copyright - Not just illegal but dangerous and unethical.

The Bad
Fake Alcohol. Counterfeit wine and spirits are available in local shops, off-licenses and pubs around the country who are passing off these spirits to boost profits with no concern for their customers health. The black market industry for fake alcohol is estimated at over 1 billion pounds. Ingredients can include antifreeze, auto mobile screen wash, cleaning fluids, nail polish remover,  isopropanol, solvent paint, and high levels of methanol. Poisoning by counterfeit alcohol Kills 42,000 Russians every year. Fakers are even buying 'empty antique bottles', then re-filling them. To check a fake bottle of Whiskey, shake it. If fake, it will leave a froth at the top, known as beading. Be cautious and vigilant at parties and check the quality of labels on empty bottles.
Fake Art. From a Banksy to a Picasso, fake art has been around almost as long as art itself. In the early years, fakers had to deceive art and antiques experts to sell on fakes, but with the Internet and Online auction sites, it's evolved to become a massive industry and many people around the World are buying fake 'imitation' pieces, from sculptors, pottery to historical paperwork, even fake certificates of authenticity.
Fake Charities. Crowd funding, and fundraising websites are exploited by criminals to extort your money you hoped would go to good causes. Sarah Atkinson from the Harity Commissions said, "giving money to a charity which is not registered, you may as well give the money to a complete stranger". Keep safe when donating Online.

Fake Cigarettes. It's enough t make you quit. Even real cigs contain potentially deadly chemicals, but fakes are even worse. Ingredients can include waste products, deadly chemicals, mould, human faeces, dead flies, asbestos and traces of lead and arsenic.
Fake Claims. We're forced to pay extra premiums for insurance because fraudster lie about being ill, or had possessions stolen from abroad to claim compensation. * Fake car and motorbike crash claims. Accidentally slipping on purpose in a shop or public space. * TV and radio commercials making fake claims about products they're promoting and are often fined. * The Internet is full of scammers pretending to be hit by a car in insurance scam fails.

Fake Clothing. Buying a fake Gucci or Coco Channel item is one thing, but buying fake 'thermal clothing' you'd expect was designed to keep you warm in some of the Worlds coldest of climates is another. They could leave you with more than just chills. * Buying a fake wedding dress online can leave the bride-to-be not just heartbroken, but out of pocket. Made with cheap fabric, poor quality workmanship and probably cause skin irritations, rashes and potentially highly flammable.
Fake Cosmetics. From perfumes, to any well-known brand names made from toxic substances. Fake Teeth whitening products containing poisonous ingredients.
Fake Deaths. People each year faking their deaths to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in insurance.

Reputable and legitimate companies spend millions of pounds researching and testing the safety of their products. Fakers have no regard for health and safety, making products cheap and basic.

Fake Documents. From birth certificate, gun licences, driving licenses, passports, to fake ID cards, fake documents can cause a world of problems. Not knowing the true identity of someone you either live or work with can be alarming. What are they hiding.? * Fake planning notices used to dupe neighbours to carry out unlawful or unregulated planning work for customers. * Fake Corgi gas engineers and electricians who are unqualified to install or repair appliances. * Dog certificates used to authenticate a dogs pedigree are fake that don't match the puppies for sale, including fake medical reports used to hide the dogs true health which could leave you with expensive vet bills. Even unregulated dog breeders use fake licenses to assure customers they're official.
Fake "Real" Documents. Scrupulous employers giving 'real' certificates and documents to clients and customers who have not officially earned them, but pay for a high price for them.
Fake Electronics. Mobiles - Cameras - Heaters - Hair dryers - Headphones - E-cigs. Badly made. Poor safety features. Will  not perform like an original. Poor quality soldering and welding with positives soldered too close to the negatives which can easily cause a short circuit leaving nothing to break that circuit if both two connect leading to a fire or explosion. Youtube is littered with videos of exploding devices.
Fake Fire Safety EquipmentFake fire blankets being sold online. When tested, the flames instantly broke through the blanket adding fuel to the fire. Very dangerous and hard to find out if it works until you're in need of it.
Fake Foods. Fake Kebabs & Restaurant dishes. County Council Trading Standards Officer Susan Harvey is always catching shop owners selling kebabs advertised as containing Lamb, yet swap the expensive lamb for cheaper Chicken or Pork meat. * Horse meat has been sold as Beef. * Companies labelling their Almond power as almonds, when in fact they're a cheaper quality nut. * Fake rice, as well as genuine cheap low quality rice added to premium quality rice. 
Fake Fuses, Chargers and Batteries. For something so small, fuses are one of the most important safety devices for electronics. Fuses, as well as batteries and chargers are sold separately or pre-installed in fake goods. They could over-heat, short-circuit, cause electric shock, explode and catch fire. .
Fake Fur. This was a bizarre story. Clothing, hats, bags and boots made from 'real' fur was being unwittingly sold at reputable high street stores. After examination, the goods which claimed to have 'fake fur' (Faux fur) contained the hair of raccoons, cats, and angora rabbits which is cheaper and easier to acquire in certain countries than faux fur is. Not good if you're a strict vegetarian or animal lover.
Fake Glass. Standard cheap glass sold and installed as expensive fire resistant glass.
Fake Heirlooms. Expensive heirlooms purchased yesterday or today, or probably decades ago. It's only until they are valued, or being sold will the truth be revealed.
Fake Olive Oil. Be cautious of your suppliers. 'Operation Golden Oil'. Police arrested a number of people after an investigation exposed them for 'relabelling' oils from other Mediterranean nations as Italian. Others were arrested for adding chlorophyll to sunflower and soybean oil, and selling it as extra virgin olive oil in Italy and abroad.
Fake Land Mine Detectors. James McCormick who was jailed for selling over 50 million pounds worth of fake landmine detectors to the Iraqi government and other agencies. Each unit cost £10,000, which were actually cheap novelty golf ball finders.
Fake Lasers Pens (pointers). Lasers used for teaching and giving presentations are becoming more powerful and dangerous. That's why the law has become stricter. Due to strict regulations about the power, some are being sold that are actually 'more' powerful and dangerous than the product claims to be.on the label. The legal limit for a laser pen to be sold in the UK is one milewot but the genuine 55 milewots claims are reduced. Steve Landell The British Airlines Pilot Association said "Airline and helicopter pilots have been temporarily blinded by increasingly powerful lasers shone into their cabins. Potentially, the lives of everyone on that plane is in danger which can cause serious eyesight damage".
Fake Lighters: Prone to exploding.
Fake Mattresses. Scammers are buying old, second-hand mattresses, some up to 10 years old, recovering them, adding reputable companies logos, then selling on as new.  Not only that, they don't conform to any fire safety standards.The health implications for that are people breathing during their sleep. * Companies also sell brand new mattresses claiming they contain 'more spring coils' than they contain. Or lie or exaggerate the memory foam features. A problem we can't see.
Fake Medication/Pharmaceuticals. Fake pharmaceutical drugs not fit for purpose, made in unsterile and unregulated environments with added harmful ingredients. Road paint added to give the pills colour. * Slimming products claiming to be a 100% herbal product yet contain high uncontrolled doses of a banned drug called 'Sibutramine'. Danny Lee Frost at the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said "using these products increased the risk of serious medical problems, stroke and heart attacks".
Fake Medical Devices. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 8% of all medical devices in circulation are counterfeit.

Before I buy anything, I ask myself, can I afford it? Do I really need it? Will it make my life easier? Can I live happily without it? Is there anything more important to buy instead?. If not, its only then I will check the authenticity and quality before buying/haggling.

Fake Money. Money has a distinctive look, feel and sound. When I check notes given in change, I look, listen and feel each note and coins before leaving the cashier.
Fake Memorabilia. Cheap sports and movie memorabilia and items made more expensive by adding fake celebrity signatures.
Fake MOT Tests. For a fee, scrupulous garages will give you a real M.O.T certificate without doing any mechanical work. This leaves potentially dangerous cars on our roads. How to check a used cars paperwork is genuine.
Fake Online Dating / Profiles. Far too many people are being fleeced each day by fakers pretending to be soldiers or other professionals lying about their desperate situation and need of help. Stay safe when dating, or chatting online.

Fake Road Emissions Tests. Car manufacturers Audi, Skoda and have all been caught using software hidden in the car's system to fiddle road emissions tests to claim their vehicles had reduced emissions.
Fake Reviews & Celebrity Endorsements. Online auction sites and other websites who use fake reviews and celebrity reviews to convince and influence consumers to buy a product, or lie about a particular service being great when It may not even exist.

Fake Remote Controls, including Sky remote's being popular. Check the colour on buttons are correct.
Fake Scooters - Skateboards - Drones - Hover boards = Cheap, inferior and dangerous. Hazardous materials and design. Unsafe parts. Not fit for purpose. Check the quality by spinning the wheels, fake ones will not swivel as smoothly and easily as fakes.  Check the quality of each component, parts, and workmanship.
Fake Stores.  Fake Apple stores have been uncovered in China selling fake iPhones. The stores are so convincing that even its staff are fooled. Fake stores can pop-up anywhere.
Fake Tattoo inks. Don't be tattooed by anyone without checking they're approved and highly recommended.
Fake Tans. Self-tanning lotions, creams, and sunbeds have all had bad press due to possible skin irritation, redness, itching and discomfort. Inhaling tanning solutions can cause even further health problems.including genetic mutations.from the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in suntan products which ranges from 1% to 15% concentration, and can cause cancer.
Fake Taxi Cabs. Unlicensed, unmonitored drivers working illegally. Others tout for business for more sinister reasons.
Fake Tickets. From concert to sports events, con artists fake them so professionally, you'll only find out it's fake when you try to enter an event.
Fake Toiletries. From teeth-whitening kits, shampoos to toothpaste, all have been faked. The bizarre thing is, even legitimate products are toxic and unsafe to use.

It's Not all Bad - The Good
Fake Guns. I would be happy knowing that the gun someone had against my head was fake, either during a robbery or any other situation.
Fake Bombs. When the terrorists armed with knives intent on killing had bombs strapped to them. Luckily for everyone, they were fake.
Fake Candles. Candles have never had good press, Other than looking good, I'd feel safe in a room with fakes. Less chance of something catching fire, and less harmful.
Fake Fish. Using 'cell culture techniques', they can take a small sample of cells from a real Fish,  cultivate and structured in a brewery-like environment to produce a fish fillet Mike Seldon, co-founder & CEO at Finless Foods said "Fish consumption and demand is rising, but the production cannot keep up with this higher demand. If we want to continue eating fish, we have to do this".
Fake Letters. When I received a letter from the Ministry of Defence telling me to prepare for the Iraq war by watching certain war movies, it did leave me worried. luckily for me, it was just a friend playing a prank.
Fake Meat.  Labs all over Silicone Valley, California, USA are perfecting foods of the future which can be eaten today in many burger bars and restaurants across the U.S. Chris David, the R&D Director of Impossible Foods who makes meat-free-meat made entirely of plants extracts said "the challenge is to make the aroma, flavour and texture as authentic as possible". Good news for anyone worried about eating meat.
Fake Thoughts.  When the bodies under stress, and dealing with things we don't like or fear, Professor Ian Roberson recommends, you "trick the mind by saying, I feel good, I feel excited. You fake it until you make it".

Fake Orgasms. Hmm, where do I start, well one thing for sure, for Woman, it can finish when they I've heard.

Just like drugs and guns. it's impossible to 'stop' the production, and / or importation of fake goods. 

                                                              Final Round Up
  • Before throwing items away, be-it a mattress, clothing, pillow, or other, rip it apart. break it, how strong is it. Look inside and see the quality, strength and flammability (with caution). Is it worth buying again?
  • Check packaging and labels. Are the words printed clearly with the correct spelling and aligned correctly? Are the stitches neat and tidy on bags, boots and clothing? Do the zips on items move up & down smoothly? Are the colours exactly the same as an original? Turn inside-out any garments and observe the quality. 
  • Mothers-to-be should be extra vigilant when buying or receiving baby products such as baby clothes, car seats, nursery furniture, prams, pushchairs, maternity clothes, toys & gifts.
  • Contact the credentials of anyone, or find out how and where to buy something by contacting your local government or council, city's department, or county clerk's office for details of approved retailers and dealers.
  • All fake goods are waiting to be bought on-line, at car boot sales, at market stalls and probably, at well-known high street stores near you, all being sold with, or without the sellers knowledge that they're fake. Always be on your guard before parting with your money on, and off-line.
  • As for fake promises and con-artists, that's another story.

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The Only Way Productions said...

November 2, 2017. Worlds most expensive dram of Scotch was a fake. A dram of vintage scotch bought by a Chinese millionaire at a swish hotel bar for £7,600 was a fake lab test concluded.

February 28, 2018. Fake Products - up to 35% of products in TOP US on-line retail stores are fake. Many Americans are using and buying fake products (mostly made in china) without even knowing, new studies by offices working for the government showed that up to 35% of products sold at TOP US on-line retail stores are fake. Many fake cosmetics American women buy (without knowing) even contains large amounts of urine, American women are literally smearing Chinese urine into their faces believing its a high quality European product. Liveleak.

TOWP Health said...

April 6, 2018. Brits lost an average £1,500 on scam holiday bookings last year, police figures show. There were 4,700 cases worth £6.7million in all - up by a quarter on the year before., Nearly half of victims said the fraud had a significant impact on their health and finances. It was so bad for 575 they had to get medical treatment or were put at the risk of bankruptcy. Sun.