My Invention - The Six-It - It Measures, Marks, And Cuts In One Go

Introducing My Invention
The Six-It
Selling points (it's free :)

After using the Six-It, You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!  The Six-It is not available in shops, or on-line but, It 'can' be made in minutes.

The Six-It - It's SIX inches long and IT sticks to your scissors, saw, knife.
The Six-It uses a magnet which attaches to any pair of scissors, saw, garden shears or knife.
No need for all the 'measuring' and 'marking' before cutting things when you can simply measure and mark in a snip

Makes a great gift.
  • Crafters & DIY'ers: You won't believe how easy it is to cut ribbons, cards, pieces of string to the exact length.
  • Hairdressers: Someone wants three inches off, they've got it.
  • Florists: No more guessing - Cut the exact length of all your flower stems, roots or bushes.
  • Electricians & Mechanics: Cut cables & wires quick and easy. The magnet is also great for picking up dropped objects.
  • Carpenters. The SixIt even works on a saw.
  • Designers: Do it quicker and easier.
  • Tailors: It will suit Tailors and seamstresses to a T.
Ideal For The Young & Old - A Must Have In Every Home - School - workplace & Toolbox.

Basically, this idea/invention takes two previous inventions (a magnet and a ruler) all I did is to place them together and make something new.
What You Need To Make The Six-It
 1. You can use any materiel you prefer - either a straw, a thin strip of wood, or a rolled or folded-up piece of paper.
Use anything you prefer including plastic tubing. The magnet I chose to use were ideal for the materiel I had.
2. A small round magnet. You'll probably have some on the fridge or elsewhere.

3. Measuring tape. I used the tape measure that Ikea gives free. You may have something similar in your home, or print one from the internet.

4. (optional) Coloured tape for decorative purpose. 

How To Make The Six-It
Depending on what type of materiel or magnets you have, will depend on how it's made.
1. The Straw. Using tape and glue I stuck the magnet to the end of the straw. If the magnet is too thick, you can slit the straw with a knife to fit then sticky tape in place.

2. The Wood. I made a small cut into the end of the wood to enable the small magnet I had to fit in. I then glued and taped into place.
3. The Paper. I folded up an A 4 piece of paper. I then forced the blue magnet inside the end and taped into place.

Once the magnet is attached securely to your chosen materiel, add your colour / design to the edges to make it look good.

Next. The 'tape measure' can be stuck into place. I used millimeters for one side and inches on the other. The ikea tape measure I used was very wide, so I trimmed just enough of the measurements, and enough to be able to read when attached.
Now wrap sticky tape around everything. This makes it look good, and adapt it to wet conditions making it semi-ish water proof.

Insert a Pencil Or Pen Inside The Straw
For added novelty, incorporate a pencil inside the straw. It makes it more weighty and a nice added novelty addition. Or use a suitable pen if you prefer. The metal clip is useful to hold it in place.

I used a 'black pen top' which was too narrow to be fitted to the pencil, so I shaved the end to fit. The white top was cut from a Bic 2 four coloured pen. Do a neater job than I did.

How To Attach The Six-It
 Depending on what you're cutting, the Six-It can be placed anywhere along the left, or right hand side of the scissors shaft. Ideal for things from the left or right, and cutting things sticking up, or hanging down.

The Magnet
When Your not using the Six-It, the magnet is perfect for picking up all those metal objects you accidentally dropped.

Let your innovative imagination run wild. 
You can even make a 12" Six-It if you prefer.  This will require sticking two straws together, a longer piece of wood,  paper or plastic. 
Why not make a telescopic Six-It that can extend to 12 inches or even longer depending on your needs by using two straws, paper or anything longer, lighter and thinner..

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