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Cigarette smoking raises heart failure risk in African Americans. Cigarette smoking sharply increases the risk of heart failure in black men and women in the U.S., according to a new study."These findings suggest if you have heart failure or you have risk factors for heart failure such as early markers for heart damage like a thicker heart or a weak heart, you should specifically be targeted for smoking cessation strategies," said the study's senior author, Dr. Michael E. Hall, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. In future research, he and his colleagues plan to examine whether newer nicotine delivery devices, like e-cigarettes, have similar effects on the heart. Reuters

Flavoured e-cigarettes ‘contain more cancer-causing toxins’ -  and these flavours are the worst offenders. The worst offenders were citrus flavours like orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime and floral flavours like eucalyptus and ginger - We know that e-cigarettes do produce free radicals, and the amount is affected by the flavourants added." Some of the chemicals in different flavours produce free radicals, toxins associated with cancer,. New research suggests, free radicals can cause damage to healthy cells and have been linked to inflammation, heart disease and cancer. But the team did find some flavours actually decreased the levels of free radicals. The flavourant ethyl vanillin, used to create vanilla flavours, decreased free radicals by 42 per cent which raises the possibility that maybe there are things you can add to these liquids that could reduce radical production and might make them safer, John Richie, professor of public health sciences and pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine: Sun.

The NHS is blocking access to free IVF treatment for couples who use e-cigarettes or nicotine patches.The move is being increasingly adopted by health authorities despite there being little evidence that vaping harms infertility or unborn children. At least 16 authorities in the UK introduced a policy of refusing couples access to free IVF treatment if they use e-cigarettes or nicotine patches, an investigation has revealed. At least 16 NHS authorities in England, known as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), now refuse to fund IVF for users of e-cigarettes. Sun.

E-cigarettes still banned in Australia despite support from some MPs. The parliamentary committee charged with reviewing the nation’s e-cigarette laws, which bans personal vaping devices and the nicotine liquid which accompanies it, remains split. “Governments should continue to follow the advice of the independent experts on nicotine e-cigarettes.” Liquid nicotine is classified as a poison in Australia and is banned, meaning it and nicotine e-cigarettes cannot be legally sold. Guardian.

A study has found that sprightly Sardinian's are up to two times more likely to reach their 100 birthdays than Britain's. Bad diets, smoking, sun exposure and alcohol can increase how old your looks by 20 years. Alcohol, stress and a lack of intellectual activity can all affect the age of your brain. 100 Years Younger In 21 Days. ITV.

Austria's junior partners in the coalition government, in power since late last year, claimed "freedom of choice" was paramount when they demanded the scrapping of a smoking ban due to come into force in May.The battle to regulate smoking in public began 13 years ago, and Austria remains one of the last EU nations to allow people to light up in bars and restaurants. Liveleak.

Scientists say, smoking just one cigarette a-day nearly doubles the risk of having a stroke or heart attack in middle age. Researchers at the University Collage London say, people should try and give up altogether rather than cut down. Radio 2 News.

Everyday habits that may be secretly ageing you. Most people are aware of the main causes of ageing such as sun damage and smoking. Too much TV - When enjoying your favourite programme keep your body moving by getting up every half hour. Rubbing the eyes - Stop pulling and tugging at the skin around your eyes. Be gentle when cleansing and if eyes are irritated, resist the urge to rub them. Sleeping in the wrong position - Try changing sides or better still, train yourself to sleep on your back. This position will help prevent facial wrinkles and breakouts from rubbing your skin on pillowcase. Too much coffee -  It is recommended that you don’t exceed 400mg per day - a cup of tea contains around 75mg, an espresso around 70mg, a large black coffee around 300mg. Eating late at night; The timing of meals can make a huge difference to your weight. Have a small meal or snack every three to four hours throughout the day to keep your metabolism fired up. Screen overload - Take regular screen breaks. Go for a walk outside to top up vitamin D levels which will boost collagen and elastin, and don’t use technology for two hours before bed to give your brain a chance to wind down. The wrong fats - When preparing meals pick good fats - monounsaturated and polyunsaturated – found in oily fish, avocados, soya and nuts. Use virgin cold-pressed olive oil but be careful not to heat it to smoking point as it will release toxic chemicals. Over-heated homes - Invest in a humidifier to help counteract dry air. Express.

One person every minute is admitted to hospital in England because of smoking related illnesses. Sky News.

Eating three apples or two tomatoes each day can repair the damage caused by smoking and also slow down the natural ageing of the lungs, reveals study, but only if they are fresh. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health scientists made the findings. They showed two tomatoes each day or three apples can slow down the ageing. The diet was also found to repair damage caused by smoking over 10 years. Mail.

We're being warned there is a global epidemic this Christmas thanks to social media. A charity said, a third of 18 - 24 year old's feel lonely on the big day. Being lonely can be as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Heat Radio.

Family pets are equally, if not more at risk of being affected by passive smoking, as humans, research suggested today. Radio 2 News.

MPs will carry out a major inquiry in to E-Cigs. There is concerns about significant gaps in what is known about them. The government wants to clear up any confusion about their impact on health, and how they should be regulated. A recent survey found nearly 3 million people use E-Cigs, and half have given up smoking conventional ones altogether. Ch 5 News.

Bad lifestyle crippling the NHS. Were living longer but much more unhealthily.  Were eating terrible food and too much of it. Smoking, drinking, obesity And heart disease is a big problem and the NHS cannot carry on like this. Sky News Press Preview. Daily Mirror.

The WHO (World Health Organisation)  is running a new campaign to encourage people to try E-cigarettes to quit smoking. It's despite new guidance that doesn't list the devices to helping people ditch the habit.  RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

Staying at a healthy weight slashes the risk of high blood pressure by almost half. Results from  25 years of research confirm that putting on weight poses one of the most significant threats to health. They said, shedding pounds was more important in lowering blood pressure than giving up smoking. News Reporter. Giles Sheldrick.

Despite the health risk nicotine in E-Cigs may triple the risk of heart damage. 15 volunteers who were actually smoking 10 cigarettes a month were given E cigs with nicotine and E-cigs without nicotine and they found that E cigs with the nicotine increased arterial stiffness, three times greater than the non-nicotine. Caffeine and stimulants also causes arterial stiffness. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

 Life expectancy in the UK has fallen over the years compared to other countries because we are smoking, we eat a terrible diet, and no-one likes to get off the sofa all day.  Austerity is another candidate with health and social care underspending. The Times. Sky News: Press Preview.

September 7, 2017.  Evolution is stubbing out our smoking habits. We are evolving into a race of non-smokers. The gene CHRNA3, which is linked with heavier smoking in those with the habit, is estimated to have declined by one per cent comparing the over 80's with those over 60. A variant of the APOE4 gene that raises the risk of Alzheimer's may also be getting rarer, as a study of 200,000 genomes by Columbia university in New York finds. Daily Mail.

Researchers say 'teenagers who use E Cigarettes are far more likely to start smoking'. A recent study of 14 and 15 year olds from 20 English Schools found a robust association between the two. E-cigarettes makers say smoking rates among children are actually coming down. RNIB Connect. Early Edition.

'It would be lovely to think you can be fat and fit', but it appears that no matter what you think, excess fat is not just extra padding, it's active inflammatory tissue, and as such, it can cause damage to organs. If you're fat and fit, and exercise regular and eating a good diet, that's better than being fat and unfit. Smoking, not eating healthily or exercising is not good. One thing we should not do is elude ourself that being fat is fine. It would be better all round to stay as lean as possible, or at least try to not get even fatter. Dr Ann Robinson. BBC World Service Health Check.

A study has found that heavy use of the 'cigarette substitute E-cigs' could lead to high levels of chemicals which exceed set exposure limits. The study also found vapers would lose far fewer years from their life than tobacco smoking. Dr Hugo Destaillat's. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

1 in 5 people around the World aged 15 and over now use 'tobacco'. That's down from 1 in 4 in 2007. Dozens of countries have introduced measures to discourage people from smoking over the last decade such as introducing higher taxes, advertising bans and smoke-free zones. But the WHO has criticised the tobacco industry saying companies are now increasingly putting pressure on governments in countries in the middle east, Africa and Asia not to bring in these interventions. BBC World Service News.

Risk factors for 'dementia' are similar to heart disease which is not smoking, healthy diet, not being over weight, being physically active, and being mentally and socially active are all likely to reduce the incidence and prevalence of dementia People of high education have the same cognitive decline 12 or 15 years later than people of a lower education. Professor Michael Marmot, of Epidemiology at University College London. BBC2 Radio Jeremy Vine Show.

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