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I cant stop going to the toilet what can I do? It could be something like your pelvic floor is weakened through childbirth. It could be a mild infection that could be treated. A simple blood tests to check for diabetes. If nothing shows up there, ask to see a urologist. Using a camera to look into the bladder and taking some cells from there to find out what it is. Dr Zoe Williams. ITV This Morning.

New measures to try to reduce the number of babies who die or are seriously injured through childbirth in England are being announced by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. He wants to have independent investigation and give coroners the power to look into still-births. An NHS review found that in 80% of still-birth cases where the babies were 'seemingly healthy' as labour began. Improvements in care could have prevented the death. The Health Care Safety Investigations Branch was set up earlier this year will carry out the reviews. At the moment, still-births are investigated by hospitals which maybe the fault. Mr Hunt said, he hoped this would help the NHS learn from mistakes as the health service works to half the overall risk of still-births, deaths and brain injuries to babies by 2025. Presenter Jeremy Vine: Radio 2.

Women are being conned by private IVF clinics. The field is being driven by profits often at the expense of patients. National statistics show egg freezing is extremely unsuccessful and has an overall success rate less than 10% which can leave to a lot of disappointment, especially in woman in their 40s. In 2001, only 60 babies were born from frozen eggs. Professor Robert Winston. Britain's Leading Fertility Expert: ITV This Morning.

Egg freezing is available on the NHS for very limited reasons. In terms of funding, it costs thousands of pounds to do this, and not every woman in their twenties and thirties are in the position to do this. Initially, it was developed for patients who had cancer who want to ensure they have children later on in life. That's where the NHS will step in and quite often fund that. However, if you choose to freeze your eggs for social reasons, you have to do that with your own fund. Women under the age of 36, provided we get around 12 eggs or so, we can have a success rate of up to 50%, however that rapidly declines after the age of 36. Dr Larisa Corda. Fertility Expert. ITV This Morning.

Woman are advised to sleep on their side to help prevent still birth. The research looked at a thousand woman and looked at those pregnant woman who slept on their back face double the risk of still birth. Its actually the last three months of pregnancy is very important. Go to sleep on your side if you're in the last three months of pregnancy. If your lying on your back, the way the uterus and the baby compresses the blood vessels which decreases the blood supply and oxygen to the baby. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

If you have any of the eye conditions such as glaucoma, lazy eyes, or squinting which can run in the family. Get your children an eye test if there's a family history of any of these conditions. People of Asian or African Caribbean decent are more at risk of developing eye disease. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

From baby-sitting in the evening, to looking after the kids when you're at work. Grandparents are playing an ever greater role in family life, and children love it. There are all those treats from granny and grand dad. but that's where the problem starts. Researchers at the University of Glasgow claim, over indulging with grandparents could be harming children's health. Many youngsters all over the world are being over-indulged by grandparents giving them too much sugar and fatty foods. The study says, grandparents have a key role to play in encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and must give children clear messages. ITV News.

From physicist in the Nobel prize winning team that discovered the Higgs Boson particle, to health-care entrepreneur. Dr Elina Berglund has received 30 million dollars of funding for a smart-phone app that guides woman through a natural form of birth control. It works by measuring their mouth temperatures in the morning, and entering into an app. The algorithm runs in the background and it tells woman is she's at risk of pregnancy that day or. World Service: Tech Tent.

A baby has been born in the amniotic sac. Fewer than one in 80,000 babies are born 'en caul', when the bubble of protective membranes which encases a baby in the womb does not break during birth. Normally, the sac, which protects the baby from movement during gestation, breaks and at the start of labour. Daily Mail.

Arthritis symptoms include joint pain and inflammation, and the condition affects about 10 million people in the UK. But, adding a household favourite spice to your dinner could relieve signs of arthritis.The charity recommended taking between 400mg and 600mg of turmeric three times a day. Avoid the spice if you’re already taking blood thinners, if you’re pregnant, have gallbladder disease, or about to have surgery. Express.

A pregnant woman who smokes should be encouraged to smoke E-Cigarettes which are 95% safer than regular smoking. Arthritis Foundation warned. Avoid the spice if you’re already taking blood thinners, if you’re pregnant, have gallbladder disease, or about to have surgery. Express.

More US mothers and babies are dying: Underlying conditions like diabetes and opioid addiction now cause more childbirth deaths and complications than delivery issues Historically, maternal deaths in America have been caused by delivery complications like haemorrhages. Now, for the first time ever, chronic underlying conditions cause most deaths. Data reveal that, for the first time ever, underlying conditions like obesity-linked diabetes, asthma or opioid addiction now cause the most deaths. The increase has been particularly dramatic in poor and rural areas of the US. Daily Mail.

Research from Action For Children suggests more than half of parents say parenthood left them feeling lonely.  Lack of money and inability to leave the house when caring for children leaves parents feeling isolated. Sky News.

Pregnant woman and cows milk. Alternative milk is being bought more and more. Cows milk is a very good all round food, and obviously, lots of adults get back without drinking it, but they need to take a bit of attention they are getting the calcium and iodine and other elements which are very easily accessible if you just drink milk. This latest study analysed many milk alternative and they found that some of them, many of them had only about 2% of the amount of iodine than cows milk has. That a bit of a worry, because Iodine is a very important trace element that  we need to make out thyroid hormone, and thyroid hormone is very important for our metabolism and is also important if you're pregnant or breastfeeding for the development and growth of the babies Neural system.  If you don't drink cows milk, buy fortified supplements, or take products which do have iodine in them. like white oily fish, yoghurt and seaweed. Ann Robinson. BBC World Service Health Check.

Documents seen by Sky News have revealed that medical regulators have known about the dangers of pregnant woman using an epilepsy drug for decades but kept it from patients. Sky News.

The UK's leading pregnancy doctors say abortions should be treated as a medical issue, not a crime. It's currently illegal to have a termination without approval from Two doctors in England, Scotland and Wales. Abortions are only allowed in Northern Ireland or where mental health is at risk. Radio R1X Jana Supernova.

Women whose children were harmed in the womb by the powerful epilepsy drug sodium valproate have called for a public inquiry. Its estimated 20.000 children in Britain were left with physical and learning disabilities after being exposed to the medication. The drug's manufacturer Sanofi said patents health is its primary concern, adding that sodium valproate is an important medication which some people reply on. BBC World Service: News.

More than 600 doctors are in revolt over moves by one of the country's top medical colleges to back abortion on demand. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) will today hold a secret vote to relax the laws governing procedure. Their president, professor Lesley Regan believes terminations should be treated the same as any other medical procedure. Daily Mail.

Drinking during pregnancy. There is good evidence that heavy drinking increases risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and affects the developing child. It's called 'fetal alcohol syndrome' where the amount of alcohol in the blood stream, crosses the placenta and affects the babies development so they both get physical and mental development problems. James Gallagher. BBC World Service: Health Check.

Light drinking does no harm in pregnancy. There has been strict government guidelines concerning drinking while pregnant.  Two glasses per week were quite safe. They looked at all the evidence and looked at miscarriages, premature birth delays some evidence that light drinking may be linked to premature birth in small babies. If you're having a couple of glasses a week, is really nothing to worry about.  Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

Last year the World Health Organisation, (WHO) declared it a global emergency, but could the Zika virus, the mosquito-borne disease which causes babies to be born with tiny misshapen heads actually help with the treatment of brain cancer. A team of doctors in the US have published its research into the effects of Zika on glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer in the journal of experimental medicine. About 3 in every 100,000 people get a diagnosis of glioblastoma every year, and fewer than 5% of them go on to live for another 5 years. BBC World Service: News Hour.

Interacting with food could be the best way for children to develop healthy eating habits from an early age is letting kids play with food, and they'll get to like there veg. Letting them make patterns with their food will make them more inclined to eat fruit and vegetables and avoid food phobias later. Exposing children to fruit and veg, touching, smelling and looking at the food they say they don't like will get them encouraged to eat them. Professor Charles Spence. Food Scientist. Radio 2. 

British children between the age of 5 and 12 are eating 1.4 billion packets of crisps a year. We should swap crisps for nuts when it comes to snacks for children. It follows new research which suggests around 90% of parents would pick the higher fat option. Nut allergies have been one reason parents were worried about giving their children nuts. but for most children, they are thankfully rare. Nuts are a safe good snack, healthy, full of good nutrients, fibre, protein and vitamin and minerals. A packet of crisps for an occasional treat is OK, but if you're giving your kids crisps everyday, you're going to run into trouble. London Live news. Dr Dawn Harper.

Woman who suffer a common pregnancy complication are in greater danger of having a stroke three decades after giving birth. Pre-eclampsia, which affects 50,000 woman in Britain every year has been found by scientists to triple the risk of having hardened arteries in middle age. A study has found the arteries of women with a history of pre-eclampsia are 0.2 millimetres thicker in later life. That raises the danger of a blockage or burst blood vessel leading to a stroke. Pre-eclampsia is already known to double the risk of heart disease and also vulnerable to high blood pressure later in life. Daily Mail.

There's been a 'new warning from obstetricians against a practice known as vaginal seeding. If you have a vaginal delivery, then you're new-born baby will be coated with natural bacteria that naturally lives inside a women's vagina during the process of labour. When you have a C section, then the child doesn't get that coating of bacteria. If you look at children who were born by C section, they do have or seem to have a high risk of some immune related diseases. The excitement has growing around the benefits of good bacteria, or maybe we should do virginal seeding where you take bacteria in a swap, and then rub it on the face, eyes, and skin of new born babies. James Gallagher. BBC Health journalist. BBC World Service: Health Check.

A 'teacher has given birth to a healthy girl despite having ten chemotherapy sessions' during her pregnancy. Lindsay Robinson was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer when 14 weeks pregnant. After an agonising two-week wait, specialists told her she could go ahead with the pregnancy. Her daughter was born four weeks early and is doing fine. Metro news.

Why egg vitrification is superior to traditional egg freezing. There are loads of healthy women in their 30s who want children, but aren't in a position to have them. Freezing eggs, and using them when they want has become such a common phenomenon, it's been given its own name, 'social infertility'. In 2013, only 14% of women who defrosted their eggs had a baby, so I can see how for many, even with the risk and cost involved, it's a chance they're prepared to take. There are 3 things I'd recommend, 1, make sure their specialist, or fertility expert is doing NHS practice and private practice. 2, go for a clinic that uses this vitrification fast-freeze technique because its better technology and better success rate. 3.Nothing is better than a recommendation by someone whose been through the process.  Dr Zoe Williams. BBC 1. The One Show.

Today, the 'trial of a preventative treatment, so successful that the trial had to be called off' half way through because it was not right to deprive people of such an effective treatment. Sepsis occurs  when the body is overwhelmed by an infection and turns against itself, and this trial was trying to stop cases in new-born babies before they start.  Claudia Hammond. BBC World Service: Health. August 24, 2017. The treatment consists of a probiotic, and a prebiotic. A probiotic is a good bacteria that has some health benefits, and prebiotic are sugars which are non-absorbable in the small intestine, but they go down to the colon where it is available for the bacteria to chew on, food for the bacteria. We studied more than 4500 babies over 20 years to see if this would work. We are really excited. We will discover more ways to fight infection and save babies from a very simple infection, that has so far not been addressed as it should be. Professor of epidemiology and Paediatrics at University Of Nebraska Medical Centre. U.S. BBC World Service: Health Check.

We're looking at School leavers are not taking up this vaccine that's being offered. The vaccine is against 4 strains of meningitis A, C, W and Y. 'Meningitis W is very dangerous indeed and has increased tenfold in the last few years'. If you don't have the vaccination against these strains, then you're going to be at risk. Adults are less at risk. It tends to be teenagers, children and young adults who are more at risk. Get to your GP and get a meningitis jab. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

 A lot of premature births are quite common. Nearly 11% of all births take place before 37 weeks of pregnancy which is the definition of prematurity. Woman who've had a previous premature birth are those most at risk. Woman who've got uncontrolled pother health conditions such as diabetes, or high blood pressure, kidney or heart disease are also at risk. Woman with poor nutritional status, who are starved, or had many pregnancies close together and haven't had time to recover physically. Woman should be reassured. Babies are robust and can withstand quite a lot of trauma. Dr Ann.Robinson. BBC World Service: Health Check.

Its fallen under the radar, but the risk is still there. Zika is a virus, its transmitted by Mosquito bites mainly  Prevalent in Central South America, Africa and pother places. Most people will have a flu-like illness and you'll be fine. 'If your pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant', it could be associated with birth defects in babies particularity microcephaly. If you're going abroad, the advice is go online and see what the advice is. Try not to get bitten by using protection for the next 6 months. Dr Ranj. This Morning. ITV.

20% of parents don't know that 'ALL children should be having their eyes checked regularly' by an optician. Radio RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

We give 'whooping cough immunisation' to babies, because its babies who are brain damaged and killed. Adults get whooping cough and its utterly miserable. Sometimes called the cough of a 100 days as it can go on for 3 months. Before we had immunisation, we had 150.000 cases a year and about 300 children were dying. In 2011, there were 5 deaths, but that has been enough to prompt public health England to introduce a new whooping cough immunisation for 'pregnant woman'. We actively encourage woman to get immunisation while their pregnant. A nasal swap or blood test can confirm if you have whooping cough. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Jeremy Vine Show. BBC Radio 2.

At least 60 children have died at a hospital in northern India over the past week amid an 'outbreak of encephalitis', a disease causing inflammation of the brain, common during India’s monsoon season and which is often caused by contaminated food, water or mosquito bites, and disputed reports of disrupted supplies. The hospital has reportedly treated nearly 370 cases in the past two months, of which 129 have resulted in deaths  Those who died at the Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh ranged from babies to 12-year-olds. However, a district magistrate said on Saturday that the children’s deaths were due to natural causes and denied that a lack of oxygen led to their deaths. Euro News.

The Royal college of midwives say woman will no longer be told they should 'have babies' without medical intervention. Sky News.  There was a danger that if you just talk about normal births, and particularly if you call it a campaign, it kind of sounds as if you're only interested in woman who have a vaginal birth without intervention....What we don't want to do is in any way contribute to any sense that a woman has failed because she hasn't had a normal birth. Unfortunately that seems to be how some woman feel. Professor Cathy. Warwick Royal College of Midwives. Sky News.

A fertility charity is warning that couples struggling to conceive, face a post-code lottery when trying to get 'IVF treatment' on the NHS in 'England Infertility Network' UK says, there's been a drop of almost 50% in the number of clinical commissary groups to offer free full cycles to woman under 40. BBC Radio 2 News.

India's supreme court has rejected a plea to allow an 'abortion' by a 10 year old girl allegedly raped by her uncle. The courts review is based on a report by a medical panel which said that at 32 weeks, termination of her pregnancy would be too risky for her health. BBC World Service News.

The advice for 'pregnant woman'. The first 6 months you don't need any extra calories per day. Last 6 months all you need is an extra 200 calories a day. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is where there is a blood clot in the deep vein usually the lower leg, and it's caused by stagnation of the blood where the blood clots. This is more likely to happen if you're on a long haul flight, sitting or laying down for too long, in pregnancy, or if you're on certain tablets. The serious thing about this is the blood clot can travel up that deep vein, go through the heart into the lungs causing a pulmonary-embolism. Dr Hillary Jones. Steve Wright Radio 2.

Pregnant women' who believe in 'eating for two' risk harming the health of themselves and their babies. Women only need extra calories in the last six months of pregnancy. Channel 5 News.

Labour MP's are asking people to boycott the high street store Boots. This is over the 'morning after pill'. They are maintaining their high prices when most other pharmacists like Super-drug and Tesco have cut the price by half. The British pregnancy advisory service has asked Boots to half the price to make it around 13 - 14 pounds. Boots said no because they don't want to facilitate casual sex. Press Preview. Sky News.

More than a quarter of babies born in England and Wales last year have foreign-born mothers. The figure announced is the highest level in records. Also, for the second year running, a higher rate of woman over the age of 40 'having babies' than those under 20. BBC Radio 2 News.

If there is no 'contraception' and have a pregnancy you don't want. It means that the access to safe abortion will be limited. More woman will die from child birth and see more abortions as well as many young people not being able to choose their paths in their lives.  Health Check. BBC World Service.

Last year, women fell pregnant while using reliable 'contraception', with many spotting their pregnancies late because they had expected their contraception to work. Long term contraceptive methods are expected to be reliable, and typically have a effectiveness rate of above 91%. Metro

For progression of confidence and helping a 'child to learn to swim', we encourage parents to take their babies to the pool and take part in organised programs and learning to swim lessons.  Michael Dunn. Deputy Director of Education and Research at Royal Life Saving Society. BBC Radio 2.

A 'super cot' has been created with Formula One technology to transport babies safely. The unit, which can withstand a g-force of 20 in a crash was made with the same technology, materiel's and design that protects racing drivers.  Reporter John Dunne.

The time after child birth is usually one of joy, but it can take a massive toll on the mothers mental health. 'Post-natal depression' is one of the biggest and most common worries, but one illness which slips under the radar is Post-partum psychosis. Every year it effects 1 in 1000 mothers. It comes out of no-where causing all manor of psychotic symptoms like intense mania, hallucinations and delusional thinking. Presenter Jeremy Vine. Radio 2.

The babies known as the 'hunger winter babies.'  who we're conceived in the Netherlands during the 1945 'famine' and whose mother we're undernourished during the very first stages of pregnancy provide science with a rare group to study. Now in their 70s, the results found they had more heart disease, more type 2 diabetes, higher cholesterol levels and they generally feel less healthy. An MRI scan of the brain shows differences in the structure of the brain. They we're worse on cognitive tasks, and had accelerated ageing of their brains. Tessa Roseboom, professor of Early Development and Health. BBC Crowd Science.

Doctors have backed decriminalising abortion, as momentum gathers to overhaul the 1967 'Abortion' Act. The British Medical Association has supported removing abortion from criminal law. BBC News.

A report by the NHS along with the Met police found that 1 in 14 parents have never put 'sun screen' on their skin.  1 in 8 parents has allowed children, and encouraged them to get tanned and 1 in 8 with kids under 8. Dr Sarah Jarvis. The One Show. BBC1.

NHS hospitals are charging desperate couples up to 40 per cent over the odds for private 'IVF' treatment. Many would-be parents are opting to pay in order to cut long cues. One IVF consultant said he was always under pressure from managers to raise fees. Daily Mail

Only a 3rd of all Schools are providing 'swimming lessons' and only half of primary School children can swim which is very dangerous and a very important life skill given how many people go to the seaside, walk around canals, and go on boats. Press preview. Sky News.

 Chicken Pox. Although might be worse for the second child, the younger children get 'Chicken Pox' usually, the milder the symptoms. And at least once you've had it, it's extremely rare to catch it again. GP Helen Lawal. CH 4. How To Stay Well.

Doctor are to vote on whether to abolish the time limit on 'abortions'. Up to 500 GPs and hospital doctors will debate decriminalisation during a major conference at the end of the month. It could lead to a call for woman to be allowed to terminate their pregnancy right up until the due date - and for any reason. Sophie Borland. Health Editor. Daily Mail.

Dried fruit is often suggested as a healthy alternative to snacking on biscuits and crisps but dentists have warned that eating raisins may be worse for 'children's teeth' as they are packed with sugar and eating raisins is like gluing sugar to the teeth. Colin Fernandez. Science Correspondent.

One of my main interests is how the epigenetics of someone can change because of environmental influences, and of course especially if those environmental influences appear very early in our life, and then determine our health decades later.  Epigentic information is laid down in the womb during our early development, and actually, we start without any epigenetic information. Not only the people who suffered from severe 'famine' had babies with more health problems, but their children, and children's children also suffered from health problems in later life. BBC World Service. Crowd Science.

In vitro fertilisation ('IVF') is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a clinical guideline. It's not compulsory, therefore a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has the option to say yes or no. The first thing to ask if your infertile and can't have children is to look  at adoption. There's lots of kids out there looking for adoption. Professor Alan Maynard. Lay Chair. Vale of York CCG. NHS 2 Billion a Week. London Live.

Venezuela was one of the richest nations in Latin America. Today the country is in turmoil. Inflation rates of more than 700%. A collapsing infrastructure and the biggest unrest in  a decade. This is taking it's toll on the health of it's citizens with a sharp rise in infant mortality and the number of woman dying in childbirth and pregnancy is up by 65%. Claudia Hammond. BBC Health Check.

Children who had higher levels of exposure to lead we're much more likely to have 'autism' and children who we're exposed to lower levels of zinc and manganese were less likely to have autism. Toxins from the environment and our diet have an influence on autism a small study has shown. BBC World Service Health Check.

80% of children including under 2 year do not visit the dentist even though it's free resulting in too many children having rotten teeth extracted. Sky News.

The idea that older woman are more likely to give birth to a premature baby because of their age is a myth. The higher risk may be related to fertility problems, being under more stress and unhealthy habits like smoking, as well as individual circumstances. Dr Alice Goisis. London School of Economics.

 'Cannabis' could help treat 'epilepsy' in children. Cannabidiol should not be viewed as a panacea for epilepsy, but for patients with especially severe forms who have not responded to numerous medications, these results provide hope that we may soon have another treatment option. Professor Orrin Devinsky.  NYU Langone Medical Centre. US

A rise in potential 'food poisoning' has been found in 80% of European Pig products like sausages, hams and salamis. In extreme cases it can paralyse and kill and is extremely dangerous for your liver, nerves, the elderly, pregnant, and those with suppressed immune systems. Dr Harry Dalton. Gastroenterologist. Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.

The chief medical officer recommended that during pregnancy woman don't drink any alcohol at all which is sensible advice because if anyone followed that rule, we wouldn't have any problems. but having 'a' drink occasionally, the chances of doing any harm are minimal, but to be 100% safe don't drink alcohol during pregnancy. Dr Zoe Williams. This Morning ITV.

In the U.S children as young as 13 are checking into treatment centres to beat their addiction to their mobile devices which could cause permanent damage from early exposure to electronic screens. Sky News.

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