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200 clinical studies along with hundreds of observational studies has shown we can change our 'personality traits'.  With the right therapy we can change how we think, change impulsive and aggressive behaviour. Emotional stability, anxiety and depression. Professor of Psychology. Brent Roberts. All In The Mind. BBC Radio 4.

A Narcolepsy drug has been found to improve the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD) Mazindol was used in a trial by French researchers who noticed that ADHD sufferers struggle to sleep The drug tested on 85 adults between 18 and 65 with ADHD.  Within 2 weeks, symptoms had reduced by more than 50% in just over half of those on the drug at Robert-Debre Hospital. France. The Metro Newspaper.

Long urged caution for the class of 'anti-depressants' known as SSRI. (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) They're thought to work by boosting serotonin levels in the brain. Though helpful to many, for some he said, they can do more harm than good. The drugs which have been prescribed for the last three decades can cause withdrawal problems and in rare cases, suicide, violence, state of mental turmoil, and also prompt people to kill. BBC 1. Prescription For Murder.

By 2050, 2 million people in the UK are expected to be living with dementia. To lower the risk of getting 'dementia' avoid smoking, high blood pressure, inactivity, depression, obesity. To help, engage in social activities such as a hobby, sports events, regular exercising and an active social life. Press Preview.

I have seen so many patients who just give up the will to live, and they don't have 'Takotsubo cardiomyopathy'. the (broken heart syndrome) Some perhaps is because when a loved one dies, they give up the will to live. Stop taking medications. We know depression can have a long term impact on life expectancy. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Radio 2.

Six studies have shown that the active ingredient of Turmeric called cucumin can help with symptoms of 'depression' and ease arthritis. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

In general, men seek professional 'psychological help' less than than woman do, and black men are less likely to seek psychological help than white men. In addition, black men are more likely to suffer from mental health problems and more likely to be sectioned, and are at a higher risk of suicide.  Microsoft News.

The Grenfell tower block fire. The Prime Minister has announced 1.5 million pounds to help the 'mental health' of emergency services. Smooth Radio News.

TV presenter Ant McPartlin, (Ant & Dec) faces two months of rehabilitation after revealing he's addicted to drugs and alcohol following 'depression' over fertility struggles and knee surgery. Daily Mail.

50% of people, despite good care are not getting any better. That's one of the key areas of mental health at the moment. Stephen Buckley. Head of Information at Mind. BBC Radio 4.

The 'MYRIAD Project' is a very large new study which will trial involve 25.000 young people over 5 years to understand whether giving mindfulness as a program to all kids will lead to benefits down the line good quality social and emotional learning. Programme leader, Emotion group. Tim Dalgleish. BBC Radio 4. All In The Mind.

In the past 6 months there have been three big studies into mindfulness which have pulled together all the results from Schools. The headline for  mindfulness may be helpful in improving cognitive outcomes in young people and social emotional outcomes but there is no evidence to suggest it's effective for improving behaviour or academic achievements. Andre Tomlin. National Elf Service. BBC Radio 4. All In The Mind.

The evidence for mindfulness is flimsy. We don't know the side effects or the safety of mindfulness. Anything powerful enough to have a positive impact on you is also going to be powerful enough to have a negative impact whether it's a talking, or natural therapy. Andre Tomlin. BBC Radio 4. All In The Mind.

Turmeric can defend off anything from allergens to depression even cancer. The countries which cook with Turmeric, rates of cancer are surprisingly low. Biology and medicine journalist. Michael Mosely. The Food programme. Radio 4.

'Beta-blockers' prescribed to patients following Cardiac surgery may do more harm than good. Depression, mood swings has prompted a re-evaluation of the merits of beta-blockers. Daily Telegraph.

Recent research has shown that 'Post Natal Depression can effect 'men' as well as woman suffering from the common symptoms. Dr Sushma Sundaresh. ITV News.

People with 'mental health problems' are more likely to get into debt, take out credit and make impulse buys. Polly Mackenzie. Money and Mental Health Policy Institute.

Studies have shown that heart failure patients with depression are 4 times more likely to die within 2 years compared to those classified as not being depressed. Dr John Sharpe. Clinical Psychologist. BBC Health Check.

Children as young as 4 are showing signs of mental health problems. 91% of teachers have seen pupils have anxiety or panic attacks. 79% have seen pupils with depression. 64% knows a child who self harms. 49% of children with eating disorders and 18% of teachers have been in contact with 4 - 7 year old's with mental health issues. National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT.

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