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A ‘one-stop’ service to revolutionise prostate cancer treatment has been launched by the NHS. The programme slashes the time taken for a diagnosis from six weeks to days. Patients will have all tests in one day using MRI techniques with more accuracy. Doctors hope to test 5,000 men over the next two years in the £1.6million trial. Has been called biggest leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis for decades Mail.

 The Daily Mail has hailed a "prostate revolution". It says a "one-stop service to revolutionise prostate cancer treatment" is to be launched by the NHS. The new programme will slash the time it takes to diagnose prostate cancer - cutting it from about six weeks to "just days", the paper adds. Papers.

The Daily Mail claims men are missing out on prostate examinations because they are "too embarrassed" to visit a doctor. It reports on research suggesting men see the discussions of intimate problems being a "violation" of privacy and masculinity.  Papers.

According to the Daily Mail, if prostate cancer received the same funding as breast cancer 7,000 lives would be saved. It says £290,000 a week would make funding for each disease the same. The paper adds charity Prostate Cancer UK estimates £15m extra a year could mean a national screening programme could be available within five years. Sky News: Press Preview.

Why do male mammal's have nipples? Men have nipples because by the time the male hormones kick-in in the embryo, the nipples have already formed. At the very earliest stages of development, men and woman are all the same, small symmetrical lumps with nipples. CrowdScience: BBC World Service.

Prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the third deadliest cancer in the UK. New figures show that nearly 12,000 men die from the disease every year. Its the equivalent of one man dying every 45 minutes from prostrate cancer. Lung cancer and bowel cancer remain the two most common forms of the disease to die from. Presenter Jeremy Vine: Radio 2.

The Daily Mail reports figures indicating prostate cancer has become a bigger killer than breast cancer in the UK for the first time. The Mail says the disease receives less than half the research funding of breast cancer, with its headline asking: "Is this a case of bias against men? Sky News: Press Preview.

The basic squat test is used around the world, as a measure of how fit you are for your age. Men under 35 should be able to do 10 chair stands (squats) in 10 seconds or less, woman, its 12 seconds. If you're under 55, men should do it in 13 seconds, woman in 15 seconds. And men over 55 should take less than 18 seconds. 19 seconds if you're a woman. The Truth About Getting Fit. BBC 1.

Up to half a million men as young as 13 in the UK are abusing anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The Guardian: Press Preview.

New Viagra. Sex Bomb. Gel containing explosive hailed as impotence cure. Men suffering with erectile dysfunction were found to have had remarkable success with the rub-on-gel by using a pea-size amount. It works up to 12 times faster than Viagra - used by nearly three million Brits. Studies look promising. Safety testing is essential but thus far all looks good. Sun.

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in men under 50. And it will be the leading cause of death in woman under 50 in the next three years. Its responsible for 3.5 million deaths per-year. That's more than malaria, meningitis and tuberculosis put together. David Nut. Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology . Imperial Collage London: BBC World Service: The Why Factor.

Men who delay starting a family are more likely to have geekier sons. + What really happens when we make and store memories has been unravelled in a discovery that surprised even the scientists who made it. BBC News.

Men can now test their 'sperm quality' at home in 20 minutes with a £56.00 mobile home scanner. The 'YO home Sperm Test Kit' turns the camera into a microscope to video a sample on a dish. An app then analyses the footage and gives a rating of 'normal/moderate' or 'low' based on the number and swim strength of the sperm. The device made by US firm Medical Electronic Systems and sold on Amazon, claims to be 97% accurate. Videos can be shared with doctors or kept for private viewing. Metro.

First 'male contraceptive gel' that can dramatically reduce sperm count is to be trialled on men, and the patch test isn't where you might expect it to be. After more than a decade of research, a trial on the gel will be carried out in April. The method has already been shown to be effective in an initial 6-month study. The sperm count for 89% of men was reduced to just one million sperm per ml. This involved 2 types of gels so researchers will test a lotion that combines them. Trial testing out birth control injection for men was halted due to side-effects. Mail.

1 in 4 people are affected by mental health. The most common are depressive disorders, anxiety led conditions. Eating disorders. Mens mental health has been a big topic this year particularly talking about things like suicide which is extremely important. Ask them if they're OK, speak to them. Dr Ranj Singh. ITV: This Morning.

Men burn fat faster than a woman by a rate of about 50 calories a day. Men get hiccups more often than woman. A man has approximately 6.8 litres of blood in the body, while a woman has approximately, 5 litres. Presenter Steve Wright Radio 2.

British scientists have made a landmark discovery that could help slow or even stop the spread of prostate cancer to the bones. Once prostate cancer has formed tumour outposts in bone marrow, the disease is usually considered incurable. But scientists at York University have found that a protein in bone marrow acts like a ‘magnetic docking station’ for prostate cancer cells in the blood. They found that it appears to stop the cancer growing once embedded in bone. Once it has spread to other organs, 70 per cent die within five years. Prof Maitland said clinical trials of AS1517499 were ‘some way off’ and that, when they did start, they would almost certainly involve men in the advanced stages of the illness. Prostate cancer kills more than 11,000 men a year in Britain - or one every 45 minutes. Daily Mail.

The hops in beers can give you man boobs, aka 'Maneries', official terminology, 'gynaecomastia'. They found that the IPAs, (India Pale Ales) contain more hops and more varieties of hops which contain phytoestrogen which is oestrogen hormones in plant form. Women going through the menopause will use Soy which contains phytoestrogens to help with their withdraw from oestrogens. The effect on oestrogens on men is to increase breast size. The more hops, the more likelihood of man-boobs developing. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

'Steroid use' has quadrupled amongst young people in the last year because boys and men want to get a six-pack. Steroid use can cause infertility in men, behavioural problems and all sorts of nasty side effects. Press Preview. Sky News.

 'Sperm counts' for men living in the west has dropped by more than half in 40 years. That's according to new studies carried out by scientists in Israel. They looked at the average amount of sperm produced by men living in North America, Europe and Australia from the early 70s until 2011. They found that sperm levels have plunged by 59% The author suggest that plastics, pesticides, diets, stress, obesity could all be to blame for the downward spiral but their not sure which is to blame. Presenter Jeremy Vine. BBC Radio 2.

Prostate cancer' right now is the leading cancer in Trinidad and Tobago. It's ahead of breast cancer. It accounts for 20% of the cancers. Prostate cancers is also the leading cause of death from cancer in Trinidad. Cancer being the second most common cause of death in Trinidad led by cardiovascular disease. The Truth About Cancer. BBC World Service.

 Caribbean countries have rates of 'prostate cancer' that are among the highest in the World, and the largest single reason for this is genetics. The genetic make-up of men of African heritage makes them more likely to develop prostate cancer than men of other ethnic groups. Genetic factors also make the cancer more aggressive in Afro Caribbean men, than in Asian and Caucasian males, and faster to spread beyond the prostate gland. The Truth About Cancer. BBC World Service.

 Half a million people were studied over the age of 35, spread over 16 years in 10 European countries found that those who drank 3 cups of 'coffee' a day lived longer. It does not matter if it's decaf, espresso or latte. Men are 12% less likely to die and woman 7%. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning.

Researchers in Rotterdam have apparently found that men's 'average IQ' is 4 points above woman's because they typically have bigger brains. It notes that in the 19th century, the view that woman's smaller brains made them less intelligent was used to justify denying them rights such as voting. News and Sunday papers. BBC Radio 4.

Regular sex, seven times a week is good for the heart, only if you're a man. The reason being is regular sex reduces levels of a chemical called homocysteine which is damaging to the coronary arteries. If you reduce the homocysteine, you reduce the risk of 'heart disease'. Woman benefit less because  sexual arousal is less dependent on increase blood flow in blood vessels. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

Research from the Birmingham University said if you have a particular kind of hormone therapy called Abiraterone a little bit earlier than is recommended at the moment, then you might save more lives from 'prostate cancer'. BBC World Service Health Check.

75% of all suicides are men. It's also the biggest killer of men under 45. Jonny Benjamin. Suicide campaigner.

Having an especially stressful job raises the chance of men getting cancer. Prolonged exposure increases the risk of lung, rectal, colon and stomach cancer. A Canadian Study.

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