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July 31, 2017. 'A.I' (Artificial Intelligence). Ranging from cancer to insect bites, the system diagnosed melanoma's more often than seasoned dermatologists. Deep learning networks have also out-performed doctors at diagnosing diabetic retinopathy (a complication of diabetes that damages blood vessels in the eyes). Can identify cancers from cat-scans or MRIs. Even predict which people may have a heart attack. These tools at present are not used in hospitals except in research studies. But many people think they will be in 5 years. RNIB Connect.  

July 31, 2017. Many of the up to 100 people 'bitten by adders' each year are waiting too long to be treated. Prof Michael Eddleston of Edinburgh University said there was an increase of victims arriving at hospital after 24 hours. This puts them at a risk of painful mobility problems. Metro News 

July 31, 2017. A simple eye test could help solve the biggest global cause of 'irreversible blindness glaucoma'. In clinical trials the pioneering diagnostic developed by researchers at the UCL college of London and the Western Eye Hospital have allowed doctors to see individual nerve cells die in the back of the eye. Glaucoma effect 60 million people in the World with 1 in 10 suffering from total eye loss in both eyes. Early detection means doctors can start treatment before sight loss begins.  People can have the condition without realising it, therefore, up to 50% of glaucoma exists undiagnosed in the community. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.  

July 30, 2017. 1 in 10 medical diagnosis is wrong according to the US institute of medicine. In primary care 1 in 20 patients will get a 'wrong diagnosis'. Such areas contribute to as many as 80.000 unnecessary deaths each year in the US alone. These are worrying figures driven by the complex nature of diagnosis which can encompass incomplete information form  patients, miss handoffs between care providers, biases which cloud doctors judgement, over worked staff and overworked systems and more. The process is riddled with opportunities for human error. This is why many want to use the constant and unflappable power of artificial intelligence to achieve more accurate diagnosis, prompt care and greater efficiency. RNIB Connect Radio. Talking Newspapers 

July 30, 2017. Talk of 'reversing ageing' is premature, but there are reasons for this cautious optimism. Improving the ability for old muscles to repair themselves for instance might not be enough to fend of the reaper for ever, but fragility and the falls it causes are a problem for the elderly. Mitigating the damage from Alzheimer's, even if it cannot be cured will also be a boom. Rather than lengthening life span, it's better to think about lengthening health span. That is not immortality, but it is quite something. RNIB Connect Radio. Talking Newspapers 

July 29, 2017. Up to 80% of the UK population will have a HPV ('Human Papilloma Virus' infection). In most cases the body will clear the infection by itself. However, in some people the infection persists and may cause changes to cells. Occasional infections with certain types of HPV may progress to cancer. There are ways to protect yourself, speak to your nurse. Heart FM. 

July 29, 2017. Festivals across the country are implementing a controversial scheme for people to have  their 'illegal substances' tested. We ask for a small amount of powder, or a pill. We will conduct various tests. We have found contaminates. Boric Acid, malaria medication and even cement found in ecstasy tablets and cocaine.. Criminology Professor Fiona Measham. Sky News. 

July 29, 2017. 'Transgender'. There has been a huge increase in the number of children with gender identity issues being referred for help.2000 were referred to doctors in the last year. Some age just 3 years old. Press Preview. Sky News 

July 28, 2017. A man from Lancashire has suffered cyanide poisoning after biting into three 'Cherry stones'. He said curiosity got the better of him when he decided to bite through a cherry stone to eat the seed in side. He enjoyed the taste so much he decided to break open two more stones and then started to feel unwell and went to hospital for treatment. The stones of cherries contain a compound called Amygdalin which breaks down into hydrogen cyanide when ingested and can theoretically kill. Presenter Jeremy Vine. Radio 2.

July 27, 2017. Canada's health minister Jane Philpot is horrified that across the country, nearly 2.500 people died from 'opioid overdose' last year. The drug addiction problem in Canada is not new, but the emergence of fentanyl as an illicit street drug has been a game changer. It's up to 100 times more powerful than morphine.  Health Check. BBC World Service. 

July 27, 2017. A robot the size of a tiny blood vessel could one day swim through your veins to deliver 'medicines'. The gold and silver micro-bot is five time micrometres long. The device has been built by the Harbin Institute in China. Health Check. BBC World Service. 

July 27, 2017. The message that you must complete the course when taking 'antibiotics' is wrong experts have claimed. Doctors at Brighton and Sussex Medical School said patients are at a risk of antibiotic resistance when treatment is given for longer than necessary, not when it is stopped early. Metro News  

July 26, 2017. Environmental campaigners urge the government to go further to combat 'air pollution' after ministers announced plans to ban new diesel and petrol cars and vans from UK roads after 2040. Sky News.

July 26, 2017. You may live with your significant other but that doesn't mean the two of you actually spend time alone with each other. Due to jobs, kids, TV, the Internet, hobbies and family responsibilities, the 'average married couple' spend just 4 minutes a day alone together, not adding the time in bed  Presenter DJ Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2.  

July 26, 2017. We have to get get rid of 'diesel and petrol cars' of four roads. Dirty air does not kill people directly, but it is thought to contribute to the shortening of about 40.000 lives each year in the UK usually by making people who already have a heart problem more poorly. The government is coming under pressure to improve air quality. BBC Radio 1X   

July 26, 2017. The illegal on-line dark web drug companies 'Hansa and AlphaBay' who sold drugs, guns and other illegal contraband were caught by the Dutch police who found the location of the server. Then the police actually ran the company for one month collecting information of users. Alexandra Cazes, the Alpha Bay suspect who committed suicide made some School boy errors by using his own email address to respond to queries. Jamie Bartlett. Journalist. BBC World Service. Click. 

July 25, 2017. Half of us will be diagnosed with 'cancer' at some point in our lives. the problem with cancer is that our bodies defences does not recognise it as a threat. Our immune systems has evolved to distinguish between our won bodies and those of foreign  invaders such as bacteria and viruses. But cancer is simply a mutated version of our own cells so it doesn't carry the typical characteristics of an invading organism so the immune system doesn't recognise it, attack it and kill it. Horizon: 10 Things You Need To Know. BBC Four.

July 25, 2017. In 2011. The first clinical results showed a dramatic effect in 85% went into a complete remission Karen was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer called 'leukaemia' its caused by the uncontrolled production of normal white blood cells. In 2014 she took a turn for the worse and given two years to live.  But she was offered a lifeline by an experimental new treatment. We were able to hack the immune system and equip it with the ability to fight back. A whole team of scientists  and technicians insert into those T-cells a synthetic gene that provide an instruction to the T-cell which is to recognise a cancer, seek it out and destroy it.  Michel Sadelain. Cancer Research Institute. Horizon: 10 Things You Need To Know. BBC Four 

July 25, 2017. 'Mortality Rates'. The whole history of the average life expectancy used to be around 40 -  45 years, then you hit the start of the twentieth century and it increases to an average of - female 83 and men 79. It's all prevention. It's all about stopping the things that kill you early on in life shortly after you've been born like measles, mumps, rubella. Now we have better lifestyles, better at treating heart diseases and cancers. It's all about stopping the diseases of infection and that is achieved through vaccination and better sanitation. Horizon: 10 Things You Need To Know. BBC Four.

July 25, 2017. At birth, 'the brain' already has about 100 billion neurons, and each one is connected to thousands of others. so the brains wiring diagram is enormously complex. Nevertheless researchers have started to decipher it by mapping the connectome, (the comprehensive map of neural connections). This could be the next big thing in understanding our brain to lead to better treatment when things go wrong. Michael Mosley. Horizon: 10 Things You Need To Know. BBC Four.  

July 25, 2017. 'Dogs' keep old age pensioners fitter. 3000 pensioners over the age of 70 are 20% more active and spend less time sitting about each day. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

July 24, 2016. The parents of the terminally ill patient 'Charlie Gard' have ended their legal battle to bring him to the U.S for treatment. An American doctor who examined him say he's no longer willing to offer the therapy. After a hugely emotional hearing where his parents agreed to let their son go. World News Today. Radio. 

July 24, 2017. Cabinet in split over imports of American 'Chlorine Chicken'. If you visit the United States they wash Chicken with Chlorine. You will eat hormone injected Beef, You will eat hormone washed Chicken and you're fine. The European food safety authority has banned it although the foods safety authority has said it's safe to eat. Press preview. Sky News. 

July 23, 2017. Authorities in the Indian capitol of Delhi have told 'tobacco companies' to remove all advertising from cigarette shops warning of legal action if they don't comply. The order follows reports that the companies are promoting cigarettes heavily at tobacco shops. India is the Worlds second largest consumer of tobacco with 200 million users, and kills nearly a million Indians every year. World Service Radio News room.   

July 23, 2017. The government is setting out plans to allow adults to change their 'gender' legally without a doctors diagnosis. It will begin consultation in the Autumn. News & Sunday papers.BBC Radio 4 

July 22, 2017. The aid agency Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) says it's re-opened a small 'medical clinic' in the Afghan city of Kunda at a new location. It's their first facility there since American air strikes destroyed a Hospital it ran in 2015. World Service radio news. 

July 22, 2017. Campaigners have welcomed the change of heart by Boots. The high street store announced it is looking for a cheaper alternatives to the 'morning after pill'Sky News. 

July 21, 2017. An on-going 'cholera' epidemic which is sweeping war ravaged Yemen is believed to be the largest ever recorded in a single year. In just 3 months since the outbreak started there have been more than 360.000 of suspected cases. Yemen has become a breeding ground for the disease. After 2 years of a devastating civil war that's split the country between a Saudi led coalition, and Iran-backed Houthi rebels.  BBC 1 News

July 21, 2017. 'AlphaBay and Hansa', two of the biggest market places on the dark web where people could sell and buy drugs, malware and weapons anonymously have been shut down.  Press Preview. Open Source. BBC News. 

July 20, 2017. It's the 10th anniversary since the first altruistic kidney donor Kay Mason donated her kidney. There are currently about 5000 people in the UK waiting for a 'kidney donation' and every year 250 people die while waiting for a suitable owner. BBC News. I've had no serious illness. I've had four healthy children and even a grand child. I hope to inspire more people to do the same. Kay Mason. BBC News 

July 20, 2017. By the age of 60, a human being loses almost half of their 'taste buds'. That's why my gran loves a strong mint. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2.  

July 20, 2017. A natural compound found in strawberries can reduce the mental effects of ageing. Strawberries contain the antioxidant 'Anthocyanins' which reduces mental decline and inflammation in the body. Anthocyanins is also found in other plants including cucumber, apples, persimmons and onions. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2 

July 20, 2017.  The Arizona Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with a 'brain tumour' his office has said. BBC News. 

July 19, 2017. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has set a safe limit for 'noise' at 85 decibels (db), the same sound as busy city traffic. Experts agree this is a level of any sound for around 8 hours without risking harm to your hearing.  If you're repeatedly subjected to loud noise, it has a detrimental effect on your health, hearing and all sorts of different stress factors in your body. Poppy (Elliott) Szkiler. Founder and Managing Director at Quiet Mark. Radio 2.

July 20, 2017. I had no idea how extreme and very real the physical pain caused by 'mental distress' and mental ill-health could be. I was in so much agony. I never realised that the physical pain I was suffering was because of the mental torment I was going through  Jeremy Vine Show. Radio 2. 

July 19, 2017. Experts at Harvard University have said putting on less than a stone across your twenties, thirties and forties significantly increases the 'risk of serious health' problems in later life. Every 5 kg that people gain between the ages of 18 and 55 reduces the chance of being disease free by 17%. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2. 

July 19, 2017. According to dental researchers, people who skip breakfast are significantly more likely to suffer from 'bad breath' than people who eat their first meal of the day. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC 2.  

July 18, 2017'Dancing' makes you feel better. Scientists found that people showed improved levels of happiness after just one session of dancing. Even teens reported worrying about their problems after taking just one dance class. Steve Wright. Radio 2. 

July 18, 2017. New statistics out that show that negative 'body image' and low self esteem are a major cause amongst young people when it comes to selfies. This Morning. ITV.  

July 18, 2017. Crosswords can help keep your 'brain' 10 years younger. Press Preview. Sky News.

July 18, 2017. 'Bowel cancer' is the 3rd biggest killer in the World. India has the lowest rate of bowel cancer probably due to their home-made foods and high fibre dietThe Truth About Cancer. BBC World Service 

July 17, A study today has shown up to 1 in 3 stoke victims are refusing to take life-saving 'statins' due to the their fears of side effects. Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2. 

July 16, 2017. The rubbish and debris that finds it's way in our oceans have become so bad,  the RSPCA have become involved launching a mass clean up operation called 'Operation Sweeping Tide' to help save seals, birds, and other marine life. Sky News.

July 16, 2017.  There are many interesting chemicals that plants produce that we think some ways lead to defence. 'Nicotine' is effectively a toxin that evolutionarily was meant to deter insects from eating tobacco plants. John Orrock at University of Wisconsin. Science In Action. BBC World Service. 

July 15, 2017.  There have been protests around the World  against the 'Tampon tax'. India replaced it's numerous federal and state taxes with a 'goods and services tax' commonly known as (GST) Under the new system, good and services are taxed under 4 basic rates. 5, 12 and 28%. But everyone is talking about menstrual sanitary products which now subjected to a 12% tax when items like condoms and contraception are not. Trending. BBC World Service. 

July 15, 2017. A Canadian man who was wanted in the US for running a multi-million dollar website 'selling banned drugs has hanged himself in a jail in Bangkok'. Alexandre Cazes, co-founder of the dark-web market place AlphaBay was accused of trading in illegal drugs. BBC World Service News 

July 15, 2017. There is some research that shows when you have a meeting and you take away all the chairs and stand, meetings becomes more productive and much shorter in time. Global Business. BBC World Service 

July 15, 2017. The World of health and bio tech. A 'DNA test' can tell each of us the best way to keep fit, know what foods to eat and get results. Swipe. Sky News. 

July 15, 2017. Genes are so complicated that just understanding a few of them is just not enough  I'd learn much more about what's good for you on not by actually measuring a poo sample than your 'DNA', because we vary much more in our gut microbes than our DNA. Tim Spector, Professor of Genetics and Author. Swipe. Sky News. 

July 14, 2017. Nearly every Hospital in the capitol of London contains 'asbestos'. Around 2,600 people die from mesothelioma each year in the UK. Since 2011, seven doctors and nurse have died from mesothelioma. A lawyer who has dealt with asbestos cases for 17 years, said the number of people developing mesothelioma as like a 'ticking time bomb' BBC News. 

July 14, 2017. The government says former 'legal highs' are being targeted as part of a crackdown on drug abuse as figures show drug costs the UK £10.7 billion a year in policing, healthcare and crime. Sky News. 

July 14, 2017. Bradley Lowery, the six-year-old football fan and mascot has died. He lost his fight with a rare and debilitating form of cancer. 'Neuroblastoma'. BBC Radio 2 news. 

July 14, 2017. 'Black henna tattoos' - not the natural stuff - can be so dangerous, the NHS specifically warns against it's use because of a chemical in the liquid which can be incredibly harmful to the skin which could leave you scared for life or cause an allergic reaction. Black henna often contains high levels of paraphenylenediamine (PPD). Real henna is generally safe for the skin. Nicola Oakley. Mirror. 

July 14, 2017. The Chinese activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo has died at the age of 61. The country’s most famous political prisoner was being treated for 'terminal liver cancer' in a hospital in north-east China. Sky News. 

July 13, 2017. Vaccinations against 'Chicken Pox' will be offered for the first time. The retailer Superdrug will be offering it at 58 of it's specialist pharmacy stores at a cost of £130 for a 2 doses/courses. The vaccine is only available on the NHS for people at a high risk of spreading the virus to those with weakened immune systems. Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2. 

July 13, 2017. Coco-Cola has pledged that all UK bottles of the soft drink will be made from 50% recycled plastic from 2020 following pressure from the 'environmental' group Greenpeace. Sky News. 

July 13, 2017. 'Gonorrhoea' is rapidly evolving so antibiotics don't work against it. There have been cases in Spain and Japan who cannot be treated with any drug that anybody has, but a lower level of resistance to some of them have been found all over the World. BBC World Service Health Check.

July 13, 2017. Researchers at the University of California hope to find a 'cure for baldness' after experts found individual animal hairs 'talk' to each other. A study on Mice found showed showed they regulate and regenerate hair, allowing for an even covering of the body. Daily Mirror.

July 13, 2017.  The 'flu drug Tamiflu' was found to work no better than paracetamol. It was a nice little earner an expert said generating $18 billion Worldwide. The drug lost it's World Health Organisation (WHO) essential status. Daily mirror.

July 12, 2017. Research led by Professor Giovanni de Gaetano found that 'heart patients' whose diet was rich in fish, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil, cut their risk of a premature death by 37 per cent (compared with 18 per cent for statins) and further evidence suggests that diet can work as well, if not better than medications at treating 'heart disease'Daily Mail.  

July 12, 2017.  People can reduce their their 'carbon footprint'. Public information campaigns are focusing on the wrong initiatives. The Swedish researchers say eating a plant based diet, avoiding air travel, living without a car, and having fewer children all substantially reduced carbon dioxide emissions. BBC Radio News.

July 11, 2017. Study suggests that 'coffee' cuts risk of dying from stroke and heart disease, and liver disease, but experts say it’s unclear whether the health boost is down to the brew itself. Telegraph. 

July 11, 2017. The American heart foundation and the British association of dieticians has said that 'coconut oil' contains the same levels of saturated fats as Beef dripping.It's laden with arteries clogging saturated fat and lard is a better option.  It's not the super-food that the marketeers are telling us. Chris Steele. This Morning.   

July 10, 2017. Jailed Nobel Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo who was jailed in 2009 for inciting subversion of state power. is suffering from late stage 'liver cancer' and due to his condition, it was not appropriate to treat him with radiotherapy. Euro News.  

July 10, 2017.  This is the dark, dingy dungeon of the 'lower colon'. This enormous space which is our large intestine. All these thousands of different microbes species have specific enzymes, chemicals that they release which are targeted just at breaking down food. There be some microbes just digesting it, mining it if you like for particular rare nutrients, and the others that will be looking at that food as a source purely of energy. Waste product of one microbe could be the best form of champagne for another microbe. The Food Programme. BBC Radio 4. 

July 10, 2017.  Our 'gut and microbiome', our community of microbes that live inside us all. Now thought to exert so powerful an influence on our health. It's considered to be an organ in it's own right, and every time we eat, we interact with this organ.The Food Programme. BBC Radio 4.

July 10, 2017. Recent research has raised concerns about the safety of 'chemicals' in soap products. In 2016, the food and drug administration banned 17 chemical additives including triclosan and triclocarban from over the counter antiseptic soaps. Despite being banned, a n umber of these chemicals are still in use in a number of household products. Readers Digest. 

July 10, 2017. The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is battling against 'anorexia and anxiety'. A problem she's been dealing with since being a teenager. Hello magazine. 

July 9, 2017.  One of Russia's most prominent blogger, social activists and journalist Anton Nosik has died aged 51. Friends say he suffered a 'heart attack'. Mr Nosik defended the pussy riot's activists jailed for protesting against President Putin. BBC World Service News. 

July 7, 2017More than a million people have signed up for 'pre-paid funeral plans' hoping to spare their children, or other relatives the stress of planning and paying for a funeral in the midst of their grief. Presenter Jeremy Vine. BBC Radio 2. 

July 7, 2017. 'Hygiene tests' were performed in various hotels. The research found high levels of bacteria on all remote controls. 7 /10 bathroom towels were contaminated with stains and hair. 9/10 mattress's were stained with blood and faecal matter, and 6/10 toilets were stained with dried urine from the splash-back known as the 'Flora Faecal Fountain. BBC Watchdog.

July 6, 2017.  Researchers have said 'Vitamin D' from animal sources is nearly twice as effective as that which comes from plants. Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2. 

July 6, 2017. 'Chlorine' from swimming pools can be damaging to the hair and skin. It strips the skin and hair of their natural oils. Preventative measures include wash off in fresh water as soon as you can. Avoid harsh soaps and shower gels as they only add insult to injury. Then immediately apply a rich soothing moisturiser. Refinery29.

July 6, 2017.  Denmark university estimates that 'air pollution' will be responsible for knocking a decade off your life expectancy.  The UK government id facing legal action from environmental group 'ClientEarth' for failing to properly tackle nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution. The Mirror. 

July 5, 2017. People who like being alone and enjoy 'being single' can be more outgoing, more confident and more open minded than those who are more comfortable in the company of others, according to Psychology Today. Microsoft News. 

July 5, 2017. A new era of 'genome-based' personalized medicine could open up for 'cancer patients' within 5 years under new plans unveiled by the UK's medical officer. The ultimate goal is for every cancer patients to have their whole genome sequenced making the procedure as standard as a blood test. A new's paper. 

July 5, 2017. An 'NHS' trust failed to comply with data protection law when it provided the tech firm DeepMind which is owned by Google with details of 1.6 million patients. DeepMind is the worlds leader in artificial intelligence research. BBC News. 

July 4, 2017. The police have made a number of arrests in connection with the killings of bald men. According to local superstition, 'bald heads' contain gold and, used in rituals, can create wealth. BBC World Service News. 

July 4, 2017. Hospitals should ban 'handshakes' to stop spreading germs. Two hospitals in Los Angeles, U.S have banned handshakes. A firm handshake passes on twice as many bugs as a high five, and 10 times as many bugs as a fist pump. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

July 4, 2017. A study of half a million people over 10 years looked at people with 'Shingles' had a prevalence of a heart attack was increased by 41% and the prevalence of stroke was increased by 35%. They don't know why, but it's an observation they found.You can be vaccinated against shingles Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV

July 4, 2017. Patients taking 'proton pump inhibitors' (Omeprazole and lansoprazole) were 25% more likely to die within the next 6 years of this trial starting than patients taking other drugs that block acid known as H2 blockers. They don't know why as yet, but see your GP if you're worried. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

July 4, 2017. A new portable device can diagnose 'sepsis' from a single drop of blood meaning early diagnosis and early treatment. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

July 3, 2017. Dog owners should consider getting a Dog to help stay fit and active. 'Dog owners' walk an extra 22 minutes a day and spend less time sitting down for prolonged periods. Dog owners also take an extra 2760 steps per day when compared to people who do not own a Dog. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2. 

July 2, 2017.  It's called 'NANOPSIS', the most powerful optical microscope in the World has managed to  increase magnification power 400% beyond what was previously thought possible. For the first time, scientists will be able to study things as small as viruses, under visible light, in real time and in full colour.Swipe. Sky News. 

July 2, 2017. The World heath organization say an outbreak of 'Cholera' in Yemen has killed 1,5000 people and nearly a quarter of a million have now contracted the bacteria infection after the countries sewage  system collapsed as a result of the continuing conflict there between the Saudi led coalition and Houthi rebels war. Sky News.

July 1, 2017. People who speak different 'languages' do think differently. And there's good evidence that they speak differently because of the structures of the languages they speak. Professor of cognitive of science. University of California, U.S. Crowd Science. BBC World Service.

July 1, 2017. 
Bilinguals seem to have better powers of attention than people who speak different just one 'language'Professor Albert Costa (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Crowd Science. BBC World Service. 

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