Parliament Square in London finally contains a statue of a woman - suffragettes leader, Millicent Fawcett who was heavily involved in campaigning for women to get the right to vote. It was designed by the Turner prize-winner Gillian Wearing. Some of the most influential figures in history are there including Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandella and Abraham Lincoln. BBC World Service.

A complaint made against a doctor Ali Lechi from the Bedford Hill Family Practice,120 Bedford Hill Balham was over-turned by NHS England even though there was overwhelming evidence proving Doctor Lechi's guilt and lies - including video and audio evidence which was inadmissible because it was "recorded illegally". Chinese Dr Lechi was accused of deliberate malpractice, deliberate provocation, and serious negligence regarding the health and well-being of one of his patients when he should have been protecting, promoting and maintaining the health and safety of all the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine, as set out in the code-of-conduct Medical Act 1983. After the hearing, the patients solicitor said, "it's like David trying to beat Goliath". A separate complaint against Dr Akbar was dropped even though she was implicated in encouraging Dr Ali Lechi's actions. They refused to comment. TOWP Health.

Research shows that people who watch lots of TV are more likely to fear for their safety, and people who watch crime dramas are even more likely to be afraid. The Why Factor: BBC World Service.

Why you should get dressed if you're ill. Get out of bed, put your make-up on, have a shave will make you feel better much quicker. Dr Chris Steel: ITV This Morning.

The Daily Star reports the death of former MasterChef contestant Matt Campbell, who collapsed during Sunday's London Marathon. Papers. 

A seven-year-old boy has undergone a five-organ transplant at Birmingham Children's Hospital. Jay Crouch is the first child in nearly 20 years to undergo the complex procedure at the hospital, receiving two new kidneys, a liver, pancreas and small bowel. It means that for the first time in his life, Jay, from Market Harborough, is now able to swallow food. BBC news. 

The Daily Mirror has an interview with a man claiming his 82-year-old mother has been "rescued from the ravages of Alzheimer's" because of a diet high in blueberries and walnuts. The paper says Sylvia Hatzer had been unable to recognise her 50-year-old son Mark, but her memory has gradually returned. 

Doctors are calling for a ban on fast food outlets opening within 400 metres of UK schools, says the Daily Telegraph. The Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health told the paper it is calling for the measure to help tackle the obesity epidemic in the country. Knives are being sold to children as young as 14 despite a nationwide ban, according to a special investigation by the Daily Express. The paper says that more than a quarter of shops it visited were ready to sell blades to youngsters, even though the law dictates that buyers must be 18 or older. Papers.

For the first time in a decade, the case of malaria across the world are no longer falling. This week commonwealth leaders from some of the countries most affected by the disease pledged an extra 1.5 billion to eradicate it. Sky News.

Academics from the University of Stirling and AARHUS in Denmark say introducing a points-based system, to punish athletes caught doping could improve the approach to tackling drugs in sports. Sky News. 

The most bizarre connections between public health, and global terrorism. President Obama announcing the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in 2011. As part of the long man-hunt for Bin Laden. the CIA had launched a 'fake vaccination program' to get access to the house where they thought he might be hiding, and even to get DNA from family members to possible give a positive Identification. There was already fear in Pakistan that polio vaccination schemes were a western plot to sterilise the population, and the ruse by the CIA only fuelled this conspiracy theory. The Taliban banned the vaccination campaign because they were worried that it was being used as a front for spying. This specific anti-western, anti-vaccine ideology has spread outside of Pakistan. In Nigeria, 2013, nine polio health workers were shot to death, again prompted by suspicions that the vaccination program is actually a cover story to sterilise Nigerian woman. Twenty years on, this medical scandal continues, its reach is global, and has tapped in to deeper fear of authorities, expertise and of science. The results of this suspicion are truly tragic. In 2017, Pakistan had 36% of the world's cases of polio, a disease that's otherwise going extinct. Health Check: BBC World Service.

The chemicals that are put into foods to replace them. All these chemical are artificial and very unknown to our bodies, so there have been experiments showing that artificial sweeteners for example, which the government tells are totally healthy have a major effect on gut microbes. Another example, emulsifiers act like a glue to your microbes, again causing major damage. All those chemical are passed as safe because, when you do them in the standard test which has been done for the last 60 years, they don't cause those animals to get cancer. Continually over-eating processed foods will cause permanent damage to your gut microbes which will cause permanent damage to yourself. Professor Tim Spector: Author, The Diet Myth. Processed food: What Are We Eating. ITV.

A black-magic doctor in the Philippines cures patients by using melted candle wax. Filipino medicine man Angelito Oreta, 54, has become one of the most sought-after conjurers in his home country. The spell caster is visited at his home in at his home in Muntinlupa, Philippines, by sick families who believe their illnesses are caused by supernatural forces including elves, demons and evil spirits. Angelito recites prayers in Latin and local dialects, before melting candles over a flame and dropping the wax into water - a form of pseudomedicine known as Pagtatawas. newsflare.

Londoner Albert Thompson, a member of the Windrush generation who was denied NHS cancer treatment, has spoken of his anguish to the Guardian. He says he remains uncertain about whether he will receive treatment, a day after Theresa May said he would get the right care. Papers.

The Daily Express leads with what it calls a postcode lottery in the cost of social care. It quotes care campaigner Baroness Altmann as saying the social care system is "not fit for purpose". Papers.

 How do you know if you've got hey fever? The time of year might give you a clue. As pollen counts rise and depending on which plant, flower or grass you may reacting. It binds to the lining of the nose and the mouth and actually sticks to the lining of the eyes. It also causes specialised cells to release lots of chemicals. One of the classic ones being histamine for example, and that's what causes things like swelling, the redness, the itching, watering of the eyes, running of the nose, sneezing, sore throat and cough - and if you've especially got asthma, it can make your asthma worse, so people who have got asthma, whose wheezing gets worse during the summer need to be extra careful and step-up their treatment. How can you treat it? Salty water in your nose - you can buy saline sprays which are very effective as it washes away the pollen's which are great also for small children as it washed away the pollen. Antihistamines, but always go for a non-sedating one.  For more severe cases, a nasal steroid spray. A natural way is putting Vaseline in your nose as it traps pollen. When you get indoors, wash your clothes. Dr Ravi: ITV This Morning.

Incredible trash collecting robot that can be driven from anywhere in the world. An amazing little robot could be the solution to rubbish collecting in water. It’s designed to capture rubbish and clean up rivers by making driving the robot into an on-line game. Players from anywhere in the world will be able to control the little robot and drive it around the Chicago river. CatersNews.

Dame Tessa Jowell wearing pioneering £240,000-a-year skull cap to treat her brain cancer. The skull cap carries an array of electrodes that fire minute electrical currents into the tumour to halt the growth of cancer cells. Now it has been established she herself is testing a new treatment, Optune, in an attempt to defeat her condition, a malignant glioblastoma multiforme tumour or GBM. The high-grade tumour - which caused her to have powerful seizures - has since been removed and she has received the standard treatment of chemo, and radiotherapy which typically has a poor prognosis. Papers.

"Britain's war on plastic," is the headline on the i front page. The paper says plastic straws will be banned in England to stop 8.5 billion being thrown away every year. The Sun also reports on the unveiling of a planned ban on plastic straws, saying it is "The Last Straw". The Guardian says Theresa May has promised that a London man who was denied free NHS cancer treatment despite living in the UK for 44 years would now get the care, but his lawyers say they have not been informed. Papers.

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