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June 28, 2017. The Arsenic act and other acts that follow finally bought arsenic and the whole range of dangerous chemicals under some sort of control. I do think it was gloriously ironic that it was from all these 'poisonings', accidents and murders that the modern legitimate business of pharmacy emerged. Dr Michael Mosley. Pain, Pus & Poisons. BBC Four BBC four  

June 28, 2017. Cancer 'Immunotherapy' can be a little bit funny. Because it takes the breaks off your immune system and your immune system kicks off, it can give you problems with your lungs, kidney, heart, eye and skin. Dr Matthew Williams Consultant clinical oncologist. Hospital. BBC2.

June 28, 2017. The 'NHS' is in an impossible situation. Were completely screwed. The NHS is caught between some demographic pressures. We have a bigger and older population, but were also caught in a really nasty wedge. Patients expectations are going up, but increasingly were no longer able to meet them. This country has skimped on health care for a long time. Dr Matthew Williams Consultant clinical oncologist. Hospital BBC2. 

June 28, 2017. Smart phones and tablets can be bad for the skin. Blue-rays in computers and cell phones are damaging rays. Using a 'sunscreen' containing Lutein helps. This Morning. ITV. 

June 28, 2017. Internal sun care like water melon's, grapefruit and goji berries help prevent 'sun damage'.  Using UVA 'and' UVB sunscreen protection also helps protect the skin from sun rays.This Morning. ITV.

June 28, 2017. 'Cellulite' is a skin problem not a fat problem. 90% of woman have it. Practically no men. Bad fats and sugar is not good. More foods that contain good protein and collagen like beans , seeds, water melon, cucumbers, pomegranates helps to treat them. This Morning. ITV.

June 28, 2017. Doctors have backed decriminalising abortion, as momentum gathers to overhaul the 1967 'Abortion' Act. The British Medical Association has supported removing abortion from criminal law. BBC News 

June 28, 2017.  Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiabo has been released from a North Korean prison hospital after being diagnosed with terminal 'liver cancer.' He was sent to prison for attempting to subverse state power. Outside Source. BBC News. 

June 27, 2017. A report by the NHS along with the Met police found that 1 in 14 parents have never put 'sun screen' on their skin.  1 in 8 parents has allowed children, and encouraged them to get tanned and 1 in 8 with kids under 8. Dr Sarah Jarvis. The One Show. BBC1.

June 27, 2017. Check your 'Moles' with A.B.C.D.E. = Asymmetry/ irregular shape.  = Borders / ragged edges. C = Colour / irregular colour. D =  Diameter / increase in size especially if large already. E = Elevation / raised surface. Dr Sarah Jarvis. The One Show. BBC1. 

June 27, 2017. In general, men seek professional 'psychological help' less than than woman do, and black men are less likely to seek psychological help than white men. In addition, black men are more likely to suffer from mental health problems and more likely to be sectioned, and are at a higher risk of suicide.  Microsoft News. 

June 27, 2017. Being a  woman in Tanzania is a double edge sword. East Africa has the highest rate of 'cancer of the cervix' in the entire World. That's the opening to the womb. Tanzania is the worst hit. 80% die within 5 years of diagnosis. Breast cancer is thy 2nd biggest killer. BBC World Service. The Truth About Cancer.

June 27, 2017. 
Woman in Tanzania get 'cervix cancer'. The culprit is the human pathaloma virus HPV. Two strains in particular, 16 and 18. The virus is transmitted through sex. For some woman, HPV clears up by its self. But for those whose immune systems don't clear it, HPV gradually changes the genetic structure of cervical cells. BBC World Service. The Truth About Cancer.

June 27, 2017. A daily dose of tofu can protect against early 'menopause' and maybe prolong fertile years. In tofu and other vegetable proteins, chemicals called phytoestrogen and eating 3 - 4 servings of 'vegetable proteins', tofu, soya, brown pasta, brown bread and cereals lowers the risk of early menopause by 60%. Animal proteins have no effect. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

June 27, 2017.  6 studies have shown that the active ingredient of Turmeric called cucumin can help with symptoms of 'depression' and ease arthritis. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

June 27, 2017. Being sun burnt as child or a teenager will cause long term damage to the skin. It damages the DNA deep in the skin cells, and 30 years later you can develop 'skin cancer' so it's extremely important to apply sunscreen factor 15 minimum. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

June 27, 2017.  Regular sex, 7 times a week is good for the heart, only if you're a man. The reason being is regular sex reduces levels of a chemical called homocysteine which is damaging to the coronary arteries. If you reduce the homocysteine, you reduce the risk of 'heart disease'. Woman benefit less because  sexual arousal is less dependent on increase blood flow in blood vessels. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning. ITV.

June 27, 2017. We tend to have this yuck about 'microbes'. We have got to change our perception of this. There as vital as our liver and kidneys to sustaining our health. Professor Sally Bloomfield.  London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. How To Stay Well. Ch 4. 

June 27, 2017.  Exposure to as many friendly 'microbes or bacteria' as possible is crucial in helping our immune system to work properly as it learns not to attack them. If we don't get this exposure, our immune system starts to react to things it should not such as dust and pollen. How To Stay Well. Ch 

June 26, 2017. Every day in the UK, 7 teenagers find out they have 'cancer'. Growing Up With Cancer. BBC 1#GrowingUpwithCancer. 

June 26, 2017. 'Dementia'. If you eat one or more fish meal a week it seems to be significantly protective. Practically every study seems to have shown that. And the likely-hood is that its one of the long chain omega 3 fatty acids DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) that is driving that. Berries and strawberry's, there's quite nice evidence which seem quite important as well. Professor Margaret Rayman - University of Surrey. Radio 4. The Food Programme.

June 26, 2017. A colleague I know has just been given $18 million to run a trial on the 'mind diet'. Professor Margaret Rayman. University of Surrey. Radio 4. The Food Programme.  

June 26, 2017. In November 'dementia' overtook heart disease as the most common cause of death amongst woman in England and Wales. That's behind cancer which is the biggest killer of them all, for both sexes. Food Journalist Sheila Dillon. Radio 4. The Food Programme. 

June 26, Age is still the biggest risk factor, but there are 45.000 people under 65 with 'dementia'. Sheila Dillon. Radio 4. The Food Programme.  

June 26, 2017. By 2050, the 'plastic' that ends up in our ocean will weigh more than all the fish a report warns. Sky News

June 26, 2017. Scientists in Britain say they found that 'sunlight' releases a compound from the skin nitric oxide which can help alleviate the symptoms of 'Eczema'. Researchers say the findings could lead to new therapies to treat the condition which causes itchy skin. BBC News. 

June 26, 2017. NHS hospitals are charging desperate couples up to 40 per cent over the odds for private 'IVF' treatment. Many would-be parents are opting to pay in order to cut long cues. One IVF consultant said he was always under pressure from managers to raise fees. Daily Mail. 

June 25, 2017. The boss of one of Britain's NHS trusts has told the Sunday Times that 'patients who are dying' should be told to go on holiday with their family for a better end to their life rather than being subjected to grueling treatments. BBC Radio 4, News & Sunday Papers 

June 25, 2017. The United Nations says the suspected cases of 'cholera in Yemen' has risen to over 300.000 people and is facing the worse outbreak in the World. BBC Radio 4, News & Sunday Papers. 

June 25, 20127. The Sunday People is warning that scientists fear a 'bird flu' epidemic could be heading our way (UK). The virus called H7N9 is thought to be only 2 mutations away from widespread human to human transmission. More than 1300 cases have been identified mostly in china. Of those effected, 476 have died. BBC Radio 4. News & Sunday Papers. 

June 25, 2917.  'Sativex'  is the first cannabis-based medicine to be licensed in the UK. The drug can prescribed for the treatment for 'MS sufferer's. Here is something which we've shown works. Some patients have described it as life changing. particularly when it relieves their spasticity so they can move about more, and sleep at night, I can't see why we should not be having it available to patients. Dr William NotCutt. Sativex Patient Trials. NHS. 2 Billion a Week. 

June 25, 2017.  'Sativex' used in the treatment of people with 'multiple sclerosis' took 12 years and 200 million pounds to develop - were not seeking to make an outside return on that money, but it's not unreasonable for us to recoup the cost associated with that. Justin Gover. CEO GW Pharmaceuticals. NHS 2 Billion Pounds a Week. 

June 25, 2017. If  the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. (N.I.C.E) agree that the NHS should make 'Sativex' available, it will cost £49 million pounds a year. This could pay for the purchase of 472 ambulances, or treat 5,5000 patients with eating disorders, or pay for 9 million antidepressant drug prescription.Narrator. NHS 2 Billion a Week 

June 25, 2017. 'Sativex' is a cannabis related treatment and yes, we acknowledge that we might have some benefits with Sativex, but that's at a substantial cost and we feel that money could be spent in different ways. Paul Cooper. National Institute for Health and Care ExcellenceNHS 2 Billion a Week

June 25, 2017. I think the 'cancer drugs fund' makes no sense. It's an illogical phenomena. Fundamentally I'm against it. They've set aside this money for cancer drugs, but why can't we have experimental drugs being funded for people with multiple sclerosis or with heart failure. Why are we not pouring money into that. The  reason is those diseases do not evoke the same kind of passions in people as cancer. does   Dr Max Pemberton. Psychiatrist and Journalist. NHS 2 Billion a Week. 

June 25, 2017. The UK government set up the the NHS 'cancer drug fund', a ring-fence pot of money just for cancer drugs. In the last full year it has spent £280 million which payed for 55,000 people to get cancer drugs previously deemed too expensive for the NHS. Narrator. NHS 2 Billion a Week 

June 25, 2017. 20 years ago, the highest cost for cancer drugs was £500 compared to today's cost of about £30.000. That's for a single injection. The 'drug companies' charge prices that the market will bear. It's based on American pricing because of the nature of the globalisation of the pharmaceutical industry. They can't have different prices for different countries, so we have to pay the American price. Even the U.S health care system is fighting back against high cost prices. Professor Karol Sikara. Consultant Psychologist. NHS 2 Billion a Week

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