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January 4, 2018. The first successful appendix operation was performed in Iowa, US, by Dr Williams West Grant. DJ Steve Wright: Radio 2.

January 4, 2018Twice as many people die during, or after surgery in Africa than on average globally even though the patients tend to be younger and the surgery is often minor. The problem is human resources. These problems could be prevented with more nurses and doctors in the time where patients are recovering from these operations  BBC World Service: Health Check 

January 4, 2017The vegan diet which can be healthy is often not. Vegans can drink a bottle of vodka, eat a bag of chips, smoke 20 cigarettes and they're still vegan. ITV This Morning Guest.

January 4, 2017Vegans live longer than vegetarians and vegetarians live longer than meat-eatersITV This Morning Guest.

January 4, 2017. Children ages 10 addicted to social media. Happiness dependent on number of 'like' they get reveal major study. Daily Mail: Sky Press Preview.

January 4, 2017Record numbers of patients were forced to wait in the back of ambulances last week as hospitals in England struggled to cope with demand for medical treatment as the NHS’s winter crisis began in earnest. In all 16,900 people - the highest number this winter – were stuck in the back of an ambulance waiting to enter an A&E unit to be assessed and treated in the week from Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve. Guardian.

January 3, 2018Winter crisis cripples the NHS. Up to 55,000 operations postponed. Patients to be put on mixed wards. Senior doctors will man doors at A&E to turn away non-urgent cases. Daily Mail Sky News: Press Preview.

January 3, 2018Woman who flock to Britain to give birth for free could be cheating the NHS out of £16m a year. At least 2,631 ineligible foreigners had their babies delivered on maternity wards last year, leaving the cash-strapped NHS out of pocket, figures reveal. Health Minister James O’Shaughnessy said: “Hospitals must make sure they charge people if they aren't eligible for free care. Express.

January 2, 2018Teenagers as young as 14 are taking a drug in which charity workers say, "could be a hidden epidemic."  Steroid dealers in London and online are selling 'muscle-building substances' without any warning of the serious and potentially deadly side affects which include a heart attack  BBC 1 News.

January 2, 2018According to a growing body of research, microwave ovens are dangerous to our health. During World War II, two scientists invented a tube that produced microwaves called the magnetron. Combining the magnetron's within Britain’s radar system, the microwaves were able to find Nazi war-planes on their mission to bomb the British Isles.  The EPA recommends limited exposure to EMF of .5mg - 2.5mg. If you stand 4 inches from your food cooking in the microwave, you will be exposed to 100 - 500mg. Standing three feet away from the operating microwave will expose you to 1 - 25mg. Swiss scientist, Hans Hertel’s study suggests microwaving food degrades and depletes food of its nutrients. The radiation from the microwave destroys and deforms the molecules in the food, creating dangerous radioactive compounds. In 1992, a study from the Search for Health, researched the effects of participants that consumed microwaved vegetables. They experienced - Rapidly increasing cholesterol levels. Decrease in hemoglobin causing an anemic-like conditions. Decrease in white blood cells. Increase in leukocyte (indicating poisoning and cell damage. Alzheimersmag.

January 2, 2018About 40% of all the deaths, over 60,000 are opioid related or painkiller related deaths in the US in a year, and that's quadrupled since the turn of the century. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Radio 2.

January 2, 2018. Half a million children under the age of 11 are obese. Parents need to be stricter and to encourage their children to eat healthy. Dr Chris Steels: ITV This Morning.

January 2, 2018The range of medicinal marijuana products is ever expanding, and the legalization of the drug n many states has allowed for some ingenious ideas. Dutch scientists claim they can “cure” IBS with marijuana-infused chewing gum! Here’s why cannabis gum could be the solution that millions of people struggling with pain are looking for.The company who have developed the marijuana chewing gum is know as Axim Biotechnologies, they are currently still in the testing stage, but say that the product should be available to buy in 2018. Alzheimers Mag.

January 2, 2018Missed hospital appointments cost the NHS £1bn a year depriving patients of vital careTimes. Sky News Press Preview.

January 2, 2018Tens of thousands of firemen have been dispatched to medical emergencies, says the Daily mail amid a surge in demand due to the ageing population. Daily Mail: Sky News Press Preview

January 2, 2018Parents are being told to limit high calorie snacks in government effort to reduce obesity Sun: Sky News Press  Preview.

January 1, 2018The recipe for leading a long and healthy existence is maintaining a young mindset, being immature from time to time and regularly enjoying a touch of nostalgia, according to a new study. Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found almost three quarters of Britons believe forgetting you are an adult from time to time is important. One in four of those revealed they wanted to stay ‘child-like’ as long as possible. The study found that feeling nostalgic and identifying with those things from our childhood makes us happy. The study, commissioned by Healthspan and carried out via, found unanimously that being a ‘kidult’ is good for your health - from thinking yourself younger, to indulging in some nostalgia and getting in touch with your inner child. Metro news.

January 1, 2018. The charity 'veganuary' has received 120,000 commitments from people around the world to eat vegan in January. Sky News.

January 1, 2018China is to reduce the import tax on Donkey skins for use in traditional medicine despite concerns about the effects on the worlds Donkey population. There is already a shortage of Donkeys in Africa because of increasing Chinese demands for their skins to make gelatin for medicines. BBC World Service: News Hour.

December 31, 2017Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in men under 50. And it will be the leading cause of death in woman under 50 in the next three years. Its responsible for 3.5 million deaths per-year. That's more than malaria, meningitis and tuberculosis put together. David Nut. Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology . Imperial Collage London: BBC World Service: The Why Factor.

December 31, 2017. How to save someone who has had a cardiac arrest. If you can get to someone early and provide them with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation.), you can potentially double their chance of survival. If you can get a defibrillator there too, they're six times more likely to pull through. BBC World Service: World Hacks.

December 31, 2017New flu super-jab breakthrough to replace vaccine that fails the elderly. The injection used this year as part of the £100 million winter vaccine campaign will be scrapped for those over 75 next winter and replaced with a new jab experts hope will prove more effective. The present vaccine is altered each year to protect against the three strains most likely to be circulating. The new vaccine has compounds which make the virus more visible to the immune system, so it is better able to cope. Express.

December 31, 2017The only woman to carry her heart in a backpack. A 39 year-old mother of two carries around a 15 pound backpack around with her heart. It costs £86.000. Its powered by batteries, an electric motor and a pump which then pushes air through tubes to power plastic chambers inside her chest, which then pushes blood around her body. All with the help of the famous Harefield Hospital, the largest specialist heart and lung centre. Sky News: Press Preview.

December 30, 2017. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulates ads across all media. Most are legal, decent, honest and true. Last year the ASA removed thousands that weren't. Smooth Radio.

December 30, 2017Scotland has seen a rise in prescriptions to treat dementia. More than 263,000 drugs for dementia were handed out last year - up by 13,832 from 2015/16, according to official figures. Around 3.8 million was spent on tablets designed to help manage the condition in 2016/17, which is becoming one of the country’s major health and social care challenges.Scotland has an ageing population and campaigners have repeatedly warned about being ill prepared for the rising number of cases. The NHS Information Services Division figures highlighted by the Scottish Tories show that last year, 263,444 items were dispensed - 25,658 more than 2014/15. Express.

December 29, 2017British meat manufacturers Finnebrogue have worked with Spanish chemists to produce the first nitrate-free bacon, called Naked Bacon, which will be available in supermarkets from January. Scientists have managed to produced bacon that does not include nitrites from vegetables or curing agents. The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently warns that bacon cured with nitrites is as dangerous as asbestos and smoking, because the chemicals produce carcinogenic nitrosamines when ingested. 34,000 bowel and colon cancer deaths each year are directly attributable to diets which are high in processed meat. Sky News.

December 29, 2017One person every minute is admitted to hospital in England because of smoking related illnessesSky News.

December 29, 2017When cooking all red meat, don't over-heat or char it. Be careful when barbecuing meat. Cooking meat at a low temperature is very important. Don't cook any meat at a too high temperature. Denis Lynn: Chairman of Finnebrogue. Sky News.

December 29, 2017. 'Drunk tanks' could be rolled out widely across England next year to relieve  the strain on accident and emergency units caused by intoxicated festive revellers, NHS bosses have service would be monitoring how emergency services coped with the spike in alcohol-related admissions over the New Year period with a view to making changes in 2018. i News.

December 29, 2017More than 40 doctors, nurses and fire-fighters from the UK are travelling to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh for a six-week mission to help Rohingya refugees who have contacted Diphtheria. Sky News.

December 28, 2017Consumers have filed a lawsuit in New York and California against the owner of Quaker Oats, alleging that their oatmeal contains traces of the pesticide glyphosate. The lawsuit was filed after the plaintiffs had a test conducted to analyse the contents of Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute oatmeal. The test was conducted in an independent lab in California. The results of the test found traces of glyphosate in the sample that was used, and although the amount that was detected was technically under the allowable legal limits, the lawsuit accused Quaker of “false advertising” due to the claim that their products are “100% Natural.” A statement released by the Quaker Oats Company claimed that they did not add the chemical glyphosate into their oatmeal and that it was likely the result of residue left by pesticides sprayed on the oats by farmers. Alzheimers discoveries.

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