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October 17, 2017. A third of obese patients who were sent to weight-watchers by a GP to prevent diabetes, saw their blood sugar levels return to normal. In some of the first evidence from the NHS, that such schemes can prevent serous illness. A key is good diet and exercise. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.

October 17, 2017Woman who dye there hair more than six times a year face a 14% increase risk of breast cancer. The advice is to change to natural products that use henna, rose hips or beetroot. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

October 17 2017International Day for the Eradication of PovertyA Call to Action by Father Joseph Wresinski who inspired the observance of October 17 as the World Day for the Eradication of Poverty. #InternationalDayForTheEradicationOfPoverty.

October 16, 2017Hundreds of people who received allegedly false hip replacement joints are suing manufacture. The claimants say they were forced to have surgery after the joint, made by DePuy, failed earlier than expected. This is thought to be one of the largest product liabilities claims ever heard in the UK. 312 people who were fitted with the Pinnacle ultimate hip joint say they were forced to have remedial surgery after it failed prematurely. The court heard that after 10 years, the metal joint involved has a failure rate of up to six times higher. than alternatives made from other materials. The joint was withdrawn from the market in  2013, but DePuy insists that their products were not defective The case is expected to take up to 3 months. Radio 2 News.

October 16, 2017Pregnant woman and cows milk. Alternative milk is being bought more and more. Cows milk is a very good all round food, and obviously, lots of adults get back without drinking it, but they need to take a bit of attention they are getting the calcium and iodine and other elements which are very easily accessible if you just drink milk. This latest study analysed many milk alternative and they found that some of them, many of them had only about 2% of the amount of iodine than cows milk has. That a bit of a worry, because Iodine is a very important trace element that we need to make out thyroid hormone, and thyroid hormone is very important for our metabolism and is also important if you're pregnant or breastfeeding for the development and growth of the babies Neural system.  If you don't drink cows milk, buy fortified supplements, or take products which do have iodine in them. like white oily fish, yoghurt and seaweed. Ann Robinson. BBC World Service Health Check

October 16, 2017NHS England has announced a ban on selling super-sized chocolates in hospitals. It's part of their drive against obesity. It set a 250 calories limit on sweets sold in canteen, shops and vending machines. Hospitals will get extra funding if they comply. BBC Radio London News,

October 16, 2017. World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world dedicated to tackling global hunger. #WorldFoodDay

October 15, 2017.. Global Hand Washing Day was founded by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Hand Washing and is an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing. #GlobalHandwashingDay.

October 14, 2017Stop overusing antibiotics or more people will die, that's the warning from England's Chief medical officer. ITV News.

October 14, 2017. The older people who feel isolated. The age UK, the charity in the UK did a survey and found that half of the people over 55 said, they have experienced depression and anxiety. The vast majority had never sought any help at all, or had access to any. They might feel they want to keep a stiff-upper-lip in that British way, but that's not unique to British culture. A lot of elderly people feel they mustn't bother anyone, they mustn't speak up, they don't want to be any trouble, they should be encouraged to seek help. We actually know in general terms that 65  to 79 year-olds are of the age of peak happiness that people often report. Family Doctor. Ann Robinson. BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 14, 2017We know 90% of obese children will become obese as adults. It's not because you've been a bad parent, but its pretty important to recognise it - to try and nip it in the bud by portion control by healthy eating, stopping the snacks and making sure they get out and exercise every day, much as you would do a family pet. When you've fed your pet dog for the day, with the amount recommended for that day, and they start barking, you don't automatically give them food. But we think if a baby cries we must feed them, but it's not necessarily the case. There's no doubt that the solution relies on the parents and the caregivers because we can't wait with our own children until governments and our society get there act together. Look online or ask a health professional to see if your child's in the right range or not. Family Doctor: Ann Robinson. BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 14, 2017. On average, we smile on 11 occasions each day or more than 232,000 times a lifetime. A compliment from a  stranger, flicking through old photos and summer sunshine is the most likely to trigger a grin, researchers found/. Smiling is as important as the five-a-day rule for fruit and veg - the benefits on positive mental health are immense. Psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd. Metro News.

October 14, 2917
.  The largest NHS mental health trust in the country, Southern Health has been fined £125,000 after a patient suffered life-changing neck injuries when he plummeted from a roof. They admitted failing to stop patients accessing the rooftop at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester, even after a serious accident in 2015. Metro News.

October 13, 2017The mental health trust, Norfolk and Suffolk has been put into special measures for a second time because concerns about patients safety. In a report, inspectors said, the number of serious incidents remained high, and staff had failed to learn from patients deaths. Norfolk and Suffolk are the only health mental health trusts in England who have been put in special measures.  Today's damning report by inspectors said, the Norfolk and Suffolk trust was still not learning from patients deaths - the number of serious incidents was high - it was continually putting patients at risk -   services we re unsafe due to staff shortages - some patients struggled to access crisis care, and since 2013, the number of unexpected or avoidable deaths has more than doubled.  The trusts said, its now begun urgent work to address the inspectors concerns. ITV News.

October 13, 2017There have been more warnings about the NHS who are facing another winter crisis. The health secretary made a startling admission that family doctors 'were knackered' because of over-work. He tells experts, he feared hospitals could be overwhelmed by an outbreak of flu. ITV News. 

October 13, 2017. World Thrombosis Day focuses attention on the often overlooked and misunderstood condition of thrombosis, and place a global spotlight on thrombosis as an urgent and growing health problem. #WorldThrombosisDay. 

October 13, 2017.
 The International Day for Disaster Reduction was started in 1989, after a call by the United Nations General Assembly for a day to celebrate the way that people and communities around the world reduce their exposure to disasters and raise awareness about the risks. #TheInternationalDayForDisasterReduction.

October 13, 2017Loneliness is as dangerous as high blood pressure, diabetes and depression, Britain’s top GP will warn today. isolation is prompting millions of OAPs to turn up at doctors’ surgeries simply for someone to talk to. Social isolation and loneliness are related to a chronic long-term condition, in terms of the impact on our patients health and well-being. Express.

October 12, 2017The southern health NHS trust has been fined 125.000 pounds for failing to provide safe care at Melbury Lodge in Winchester. it admitted failing to stop vulnerable patients climbing onto a roof in which one man fell two years ago and another absconded to France. The trust said, lack of money had prevented it from carrying out a proper risk assessment. BBC Radio 2 News.

October 12, 2017For most of the last century when it came to nutrition, the main problem around the world was people not having enough food. Now there's another issue, while some still suffer from under nutrition, others are eating too much of the wrong sorts of food, and not getting enough exercise, The result is obesity. We've known for a while the problem  is getting worse. Now the largest analysis ever conducted, covering 200 countries and just published in the Lancet shows that 124 million boys and girls around the globe are now classified as obese. Claudia Hammond. BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 12, 2017. There are lots of reasons for female pattern baldness.  It could be anything from a vitamin deficiency, anaemia, certain medical disorders or skin conditions on the scalp. Look at potential treatments if there is not an underlying cause. The only real treatment available is minoxidil which you rub into the scalp. For male pattern baldness, there is another hormone base treatment called finasteride alopecia, but you have to be careful with that. Look at all the side effects because it can have potentially serious side effects. Dr Ranj. ITV This Morning.

October 12, 2017. The flu jab is such a good thing to have. You may get some common side effects like a headache, runny nose, loss of appetite, general tiredness but it should settle within a couple of days. There is nearly a million percent chance of getting a severe reaction is so low, and the risk of getting the flu and getting pneumonia or bronchitis is worse. Dr Sara. ITV This Morning.

October 12, 2017World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. #WorldSightDay.

October 12, 2017The only people now who have to be careful with eggs are under a medically supervised diet. If you go back 30 years there was an epidemic issue around salmonella worldwide. Since then lots of measures have been taken. Vaccinations of hens, better control on farms. Keeping eggs cool from the point at which there collected and sold. All of these things have come together and reduced the risk of salmonella and were now confident to say eggs are safe to eat. We've not been able to give the same advice for all eggs from other sources such as ducks or hens egg. So if you're in a vulnerable group, cook the egg well.  RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

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