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October 1, 2017. The future of Waste. Some scientists envisage the ultimate recycling solution where just about everything we throw away is re-purposed into another material, useful material, maybe even food. Everything can be used. What's not recycled is turned into a fuel, which gets sent to a power station which generates 25 megawatts of electricity. the spare heat left over is pumped around the Southwark flats where we just collected the waste from. The stones which don't burn is turned into road building materials. To turn rubbish into food we will allow micro-organisms to do that. These will now selectively take from the waste what they like, what they get energy from, and in that process, they will also secrete certain substances that one can use like plastics, and if this is done very safe,  food. The idea being is to turn to substance A into substance B. Another microbe will eat substance C and so on. BBC Radio 4. Inside Science.

October 1, 2017. International Day of Older Persons is an opportunity to highlight the important contributions that older people make to society and raise awareness of the issues and challenges of ageing in today’s world. #InternationalDayOfOlder Persons.

October 1, 2017. World Vegetarian Day. Every year there are thousands of people making the move to a healthier, more socially responsible way of living. These people care about the lives of animals and the life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.

October 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For help and to support women with breast cancer, or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month.#BreastCancerAwarenessMonth.

October 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017. Go Sober for October encourages people to go booze-free for the 31 days of October to help anyone struggling with alcohol addiction, and to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

October 1 - October 31, 2017Stoptober. Stop smoking for 28 days‎. Now is the time to quit. Get free NHS support to help you stop smoking. Free help & support and advice to help you stop smoking for 28 days. #Stoptober.

September 30, 2017Getting diagnosed early with almost any condition the better. With bowel cancer these days, we didn't have them back then, but we've now got this new bowel-scope screening which means we can actually prevent some cases of bowel cancer. as well as most conditions whether its Parkinson's, dementia, anything. Getting diagnosed early means we can put steps in place, getting treatment if you need to, but actually making sure if things do persist, we know exactly where we are.. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Radio 2.

September 30, 2017. There is one other thing apart from piles that can cause bright red bleeding and that's cancer which is sitting right at the edge of the bottom. If it's dark red, and mixed in with the stools, and especially if you've have had any changes in your bowel habit, and they become more loose. not if you get constipated. that's not worrying, but if you get diarrhoea, especially if its got blood in it, especially if the blood is dark, it's not bright red, especially if you have pain in your tummy, loss of weight and loss of appetite. Dr Sarah Jarvis: Radio 2.

September 30, 2017.  A 38-year-old woman has been accused of posing as a medic and giving an injection to a member of the public at last months Blenheim horse trial in Oxfordshire. Cassandra Grant from Bristol has been charged with a number of charges including assault and actual bodily harm. BBC News.

September 30, 2017NHS England has changed its mind about funding a life-changing drug for a 7-year-old boy who has a rare genetic condition which means he cant metabolise protein. He's also severely autistic. The health service has previously refused to pay for the treatment, arguing that its clinical effectiveness has not been proven. A judge ruled that it must reconsider its decision.BBC Radio News. 

September 30, 2017One of the greatest scientific achievements, to one of its greatest threats, those crucial drugs antibiotics are failing, and in a new report by the WHO (World Health Organisation) has just put some worrying figures on the problem, described recently by the chief medical health officer as 'an antibiotic apocalypse from the rise of drug resistance in disease-causing bacteria. As existing drugs fail, only a handful of new ones, 51 in all are in development around the world, and of those, only 8 are truly innovative, but there's no guarantee they will make it to human trials and eventually onto the market. It's been three decades since the last new class of antibiotics. BBC Radio 4: Inside Science. 

September 29, 2017Google Street View recently turned 10, and is being used for way more than just directions. In 2007, Google sent out the first fleet of cars armed with cameras to map the world. Who could have guessed that a decade later, a researcher would use Street View technology to help dementia patients remember? But that’s exactly what bio-mechanical engineer Anne-Christine Hertz is doing. She built a prototype called BikeAround, which pairs a stationary bike with Google Street View to take dementia patients on a virtual ride down memory lane. Patients input a street address of a place that means something to them - a childhood home for instance - and then use the pedals and handlebars to 'bike around' their old neighbourhoods. Google Search Home Page. 

September 29, 2017New research suggests the flu jab is more effective at preventing flu if you were happy when you have the injection. People who were in a good mood had an 8 -14 increase in antibodies. If you turn up in a good happy mood, then your immune system is in a slightly fitter, healthier state. James Gallagher. Health Check: BBC World Service. 

September 29, 2017Workers at a factory which supplies thousands of supermarkets, were found to be changing the date chickens were killed to artificially extend their shelf life. An undercover investigation filmed workers mislabelling the slaughter date on poultry at the food plant - meaning supermarket packaging would carry the wrong sell-by dates. The 2 Sisters Food Group produces a third of all poultry products eaten in the UK and supplies thousands of supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S, Aldi and Lidl. The Guardian. 

September 29, 2017Your yoga mat could give you herpes. Wipe it down and ensure it's clean to avoid a lifetime of cold sores, warns expert. Dirty yoga mats can carry the highly contagious virus. Daily 

September 29, 2017Britain's diabetes epidemic is fuelling an all-time high of 160 amputations a week. More than 8,500 procedures are carried out in England each year as a result. Nine in ten cases of the condition are type 2, which is linked to obesity and inactivity. Diabetes UK warned that soaring obesity rates are behind the trend, with two in three adults now overweight or obese. Amputations are often life-threatening, with up to eight out of 10 diabetic patients dying within five years of surgery. Daily Mail. 

September 29, 2017World Heart Day is is part of an international campaign to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention, and to quit smoking and get fit. #WorldHeartDay.

September 29, 2017Macmillan Coffee Morning. The World's biggest coffee morning is Macmillan's biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer.Change lives with every slice. #MacmillanCoffeeMorning.

September 28, 2017.  New York, 1976, an  American CEO of a large pharmaceutical company does an interview with a large business magazine. In that interview, he made a throw-away comment - he gave a fascinating insight into the business of big pharma His name was Henry Galton, and his candid comment was that he wanted to sell pills to everyone, and make prescription drugs as normal and matter of fact as having a stick of chewing gum. It was this dream, this vision, that would come to drive the marketing machinery of one of the most profitable industries on earth. BBC 2: Billion Dollar Deals.

September 28, 2017Most people are not getting enough sleep which could cut our life expectancy, as well as increasing the risk of ill health and car accidents. I don't want cancer, I don't want Alzheimer's disease and short sleep is significantly related to both of those. as well as linked to your cardiovascular system. We need to start taking sleep more seriously.  When sleep is short, there is low energy and disease, and when sleep is sufficient, there's vitality and health. Short sleep predicts a shorter life.  Insufficient, or not enough sleep costs each country about 2% of their GDP (Gross domestic product). In the spring when we lose an hour of sleep, there is a 24% increase in heart attacks, yet in the autumn when we gain an hours sleep, there's a 21% decrease in heart attacks, that's how fragile your cardiovascular system is. Professor Matthew Walker. Sleep lab at the University of California, Berkeley. BBC World Service Health Check.

September 28, 2017. People have been drinking their own urine for their own medicinal purposes for centuries. But all the evidence and studies we've done have never been shown to be beneficial.  Drinking your own urine could be harmful and could interfere with your medication. I would not advise anyone to do it. The evidence for it is shoddy. Dr Ranj Singh. ITV This Morning.

September 28, 2017World Rabies Day is an international awareness campaign. There aim to raise awareness about the impact of rabies on humans and animals, provide information and advice on how to prevent the disease in at-risk communities, and support advocacy for increased efforts in rabies control. #WorldRabiesDay

September 28, 2017
International Safe Abortion Day. First celebrated as a day of action for decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean in 1990. In support for safe and legal abortion. #InternationalSafeAbortionDay

September 28, 2017The diet that can make you lose weight. Pork shoulder, beef sirloin, steak, chicken, mackerel, avocado, plums, apricots, lentils and almonds.  These foods switch off the little appetite triggers in your brain. Sky News: Telegraph Press Preview.

September 27, 2017Patients who take a placebo, still feel the effect of the real medicine, even if they know they've taken a dummy tablet. Doctors used to think placebos would only work if the patient believed that they'd taken the 'real' thing, according to findings at a Harvard medical school. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2: 

September 27, 2017.  Documents seen by Sky News have revealed that medical regulators have known about the dangers of pregnant woman using an epilepsy drug for decades but kept it from patients. Sky News

September 27, 201733% of global crop-land is used to grow animal feed on. It's the size of half a continent, that's about the size of half America. Four million hectares of Latin American rainforest is being torn down a year to make way for cows to graze, or crops to be grown for other animals and farmed fish to eat. The food system is probably the single biggest cause of environmental damage on the planet. Climate change of between 20% and 30% of global emissions is related to the food system. 70% of global water is used directly by the food system and 60% of global biodiversity is directly lost to food. BBC World Service: World Hacks.

September 27, 2017.  Hundreds of people are now eligible to claim damages from the government over an alleged contaminated blood scandal in the NHS. Victims and their families of people who claim they were infected have won a ruling allowing them to seek compensation. Its alleged thousands of haemophiliacs were given imported blood which carried hepatitis B and HIV in the 70s and 8os.  Magic FM.

September 27, 2017.  There is a diverse community of microbes living in and on every one of us. We even have a name for it - our micro-bio. As we grow, it grows with us. The foods we eat, the places we visit, and the people we interact with, Each new experience shapes our micro-bio. It's as individual to us as our fingerprints. We have thousands of species of bacteria living on our skin, with up to a million individual bacteria per square centimetre. In some places, it's even more than that. One study identified over a thousand bacterial species previously unknown to science simply by swabbing peoples belly buttons. It's not just on our skin, in our digestive tract, we have trillions of bacteria. Studies have shown that an imbalance in our gut bacteria can have a huge effect on the workings of our bodies. Obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease have all been linked to a poor micro-bio. It may even affect our mood causing depression. If we're to grow and thrive, a health micro-bio is essential. The Human Body: Secrets of Our Life. BBC2.

September 27, 2017National Fitness Day. Research shows people who exercise perform better at work, earn more and are happier in their jobs. #NationalFitnessDay.

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