How To... Tips

How To Make Floating Shelves - That Actually Float. I like to be different, original. To have something unique. Unfortunately, this idea came long after I'd already attached my shelves.

How To Clean Your Home - The Wind Direction & Sunlight Way. It's the things we can't see, the hidden dangers of dirt, dust and grime.

How To Repair The Gaps In Laminated Flooring. if you have any small or large gaps in your floorboards, using my technique will solve the problem

How To Use Public Toilets -Hygienically. Simple. Don't use them. Unfortunately,  for many of us, they're hard to avoid.

How To Be Prepared For Life's Unexpected... Fires. The only thing I learned as a member of the Cub scouts. It was "To Be Prepared"

How To Make A Wall Bracket For Your TV. Make it future proof, strong, customisable and free

How To Make My Invention - The SixIt - Makes Measuring & Cutting Things A Snip. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. A must have in every home. 

How To Make Home Made Calcium - Using Egg Shells. Save money on expensive supplements + Nutritional Value and everything you need to know.

How To Watch FreeView TV "without" The Need Of An Indoor or External  Aeriel, or Dish. Simple tip to watch Freeview without the need for expensive cables and aerial plug sockets.
How To Secure Your Bikes Accessories. Unique tips to make sure your bikes accessories don't get stolen.

Simple Remote Control Tricks. How to be more in control of your remote controls.

To App Or Not To App - How You Can Use Apps Without An App. Forget installing all those 3rd party apps you think you need.

Secret Trick To Getting Free Things Online...First. How to get free things on Gumtree before anyone else. 

Why You Need To Make Thickies Before Making Smoothies. How to make the best and only way to make smoothies.
JWS Workout Session. How to turn an old jumper or shirt into a weight training, weight bearing exercises outfit.

How I Have Almost Cured My Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis & Other Joint Injury's. Revealing my story of curing A.S Arthritic and joint injury symptoms. 

How To Make A Hole In Concrete Wall For A Wall Plugs & Screws Without A Drill. Very useful if you do not have a drill.

How To Make A Fuel Free Lighter With A Mop Head. Make a re-usable, fuel free lighter with an old mop head. 

Ear Plug Tip - Making Life Easier For People Who Wear Ear Plugs. No more losing or dropping your sleeping earplugs with this simple tip.  

The Stand-Up Crutch Tip - Helping To Make Life Easier For People Using Crutches. How to make your crutches stand up on their own using this simple trick.  

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