Ear Plug Tip - Making Life Easier For People Who Wear Ear Plugs

If you're always dropping or losing your ear plugs (for sleeping) this clever idea will make life much easier. Watch my Ear Plug Tips Youtube Video which has tips to make it work perfectly as well as safety instructions. 

If you have seen the video, I would recommend attaching one ear plug to the string first, then check that the string is long enough to reach your other ear comfortably without any slack. 
Then you can attach the other ear plug, because we all have different size heads and necks. 

 Note: Wear the ear plugs WITH the string attached around the back of the head. It's not just to keep them together. Now you will never drop or lose them anymore, and will always be together.

Try This Idea, If Not, At Least.....Sleep On It.

Watch On Youtube Ear Plug Hack - Making Life Easier For People Who Wear Ear Plugs

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