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Scientists are doing research that could revolutionise medical treatment for Britain's third biggest killer, a 'stroke'. Particularly after the 'menopause', woman are much more likely to have a stroke than men and the outcomes tend to be worse. Hormonal factors may be a part.  Strokes happen when a clot or haemorrhage cuts of blood to parts of the brain. Cells die and some bodily functions are lost and the pattern of which these cells die are different in men and woman.  This is why sex difference research really matters helping us find more accurate and effective ways of tackling diseases. BBC Four. Horizon: Is You're Brain male or Female? 

The court of appeal has ruled that a 15 year jail term given to a surgeon who carried out unnecessary breast operations was too lenient and has extended his sentence to 20 years. 'Ian Patterson's' offending was so exceptional a higher jail term was required. BBC 1 News.

Women who are 'pear-shaped' have a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes says a study. They found that thin people have a higher risk of killer diseases than fat people, since their fat goes straight to their heart and liver. However, researchers said that women who are pear-shaped tend to escape this group, as the bottom and thighs are safer places to store fat on the body. It means the fat is not transported to the essential organs, where it could lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and a greater risk of illness in later life. Daily mail.

There should be 'breast feeding lessons' from 11 because only 0.5 percent of British woman are still breast feeding after 1 year. That's the lowest rate in the World, and if you began to talk to girls and boys about it, it might become more acceptable. Press Preview. Sky News.

Is one sex more vulnerable to 'depression and anxiety' than the other? Statistically, woman appear to suffer more, featuring more regularly in figures for consultations, diagnosis and prescriptions for psychotropic medications. This has been consistently the case since data emerged in the 1950s with current statistics suggesting woman are around twice as likely to suffer from mood disorders than men, But statistics tell only part of the story. We know that three quarters of all suicides are men. Homelessness, alcohol abuse and drug addiction are more common in men. RNIB Connect Radio. Talking Newspapers.

Other possible symptoms of 'breast cancer' include a lump or area of thickened tissue in a breast. A change in the size of one or both breasts. Discharge from the nipple. A lump or swelling in an armpit. Dimpling on the skin of the breast. A rash on a nipple, or a change in the appearance such as a sunken nipple. NetDoctor.

There's a lady that had 'Multiple myeloma' a type of blood cancer. She's had it for 5 years. She's had 3 rounds of chemotherapy, 4 stem cell transplants and nothing was having an effect until she started taking 2 tea spoons of curcumin. Now the tumour has gone and no evidence of the cancer cells. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

'Life expectancy for woman' is dropping. Lifestyle - following men's habits, drinking and smoking leading to an increased risk of obesity and alcohol. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

Sky news has learned up to 2,000 woman who say they suffered complications from 'vaginal mesh' implants are planning to take legal action against the manufacturers. Sky News.

The World renowned Iranian mathematician 'Maryam Mirzakhani, has died of cancer' in Hospital in the US at the age of 40. She was the first ever female winner of the prestigious  fields medal which is regarded as the Nobel prize of mathematics. The award was in recognition of her work on complex geometry. BBC News.

Experts from around the World have been in London, UK for the 'Family Planning Summit'. - Globally, 214 million woman can't get hold of 'contraception' and there are worries this could get worse. Health Check. BBC World Service.

There is a condition called 'Takotsubo cardiomyopathy' which is known as the 'broken heart syndrome'. It can be deadly. It's an abnormality of the heart. The heart muscle becomes week, the whole heart balloons up because the heart muscle has become weakened. Tends to effect woman more than men. Not genetic.  Does not run in families. Most common in woman over 50 and 95% of people fully recover from it. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Radio 2.

The Sun on Sunday calls on the government to act urgently to warn of the health risks associated with some types of 'breast implant', The paper cites data from the medicines and health care products regulatory agency showing that 2 woman have died, and more than 20 others have required surgery after receiving textured surface implants which can damage the immune system. Sunday Papers. BBC Radio 4.

A new study says woman athletes born with high levels of the 'male hormone testosterone' enjoy a significant competitive advantage. The report is based on hundreds of blood samples taken from athletes over a 2 year period. It has been published just weeks before the court of arbitration for sports issues a final ruling on a decision by the governing body of the World of athletics to ban female competitors with high testosterone. BBC World Service News.

The United States is the richest country in the World, yet 'black woman' are dying of breast cancer at a far higher rate than white woman. Black woman are 75% more likely to die than white woman. The Truth About Cancer. BBC World Service.

'Out-of-date cosmetics' and cosmetics that are not cleaned properly could cause serious health risks. A test on 5 woman's make-up found were found to contained high levels of bacteria similar to the amounts in a river bed. It has the potential to cause serious organ infections if they get into open wounds. How To Stay Well. Channel 4.

Researchers in Rotterdam have apparently found that men's 'average IQ' is 4 points above woman's because they typically have bigger brains. It notes that in the 19th century, the view that woman's smaller brains made them less intelligent was used to justify denying them rights such as voting. News and Sunday papers. BBC Radio 4.

'Ovarian cancer' is very difficult to treat. It's not often picked up in woman until it's quite far advanced and symptoms quite vague. A new study of just 15 woman found that in 7 of those treated with a new type of drug the tumours shrank. We still have a long way to go. Philippa Roxby. Health reporter at BBC News.

'Cellulite' is a skin problem not a fat problem. 90% of woman have it. Practically no men. Bad fats and sugar is not good. More foods that contain good protein and collagen like beans , seeds, water melon, cucumbers, pomegranates helps to treat them. This Morning. ITV.

Being a  woman in Tanzania is a double edge sword. East Africa has the highest rate of 'cancer of the cervix' in the entire World. That's the opening to the womb. Tanzania is the worst hit. 80% die within 5 years of diagnosis. Breast cancer is the 2nd biggest killer. BBC World Service. The Truth About Cancer.

Woman in Tanzania get 'cervix cancer'. The culprit is the human pathaloma virus HPV. Two strains in particular, 16 and 18. The virus is transmitted through sex. For some woman, HPV clears up by its self. But for those whose immune systems don't clear it, HPV gradually changes the genetic structure of cervical cells. BBC World Service. The Truth About Cancer.

In November 'dementia' overtook heart disease as the most common cause of death amongst woman in England and Wales. That's behind cancer which is the biggest killer of them all, for both sexes. Food Journalist Sheila Dillon. Radio 4. The Food Programme.

Studies have shown that in most countries 'woman smile more than men' and men are ore likely to frown than woman. Marianne LaFrance, Professor of Psychology. BBC World Service. Health check.

Simply seeing 'plus-size models' can boost women’s psychological health. Plus-size-models have a positive effect on women's mental health. Florida State University.

11.000 woman die every year from breast cancer. 1 in 10 woman never check their breasts for breast cancer. 15.000 lives could be saved if they all checked. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

A study of over 200.000 patients with breast cancer who also take 'statins' are significantly less likely to die from their cancer in the short term. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning ITV.

Breast surgeon 'Ian Patterson' has been sentenced to 15 years for 17 counts of wounding with intent and 3 counts of unlawful wounding against 10 patients at private hospitals in West Midlands, UK. Radio 2 news. He lied to his patients. Exaggerated or invented the risk of cancer believing himself to be untouchable. Judge Jeremy Baker.

Breast surgeon Ian Patterson has been convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent, and 3 counts of unlawful wounding after being accused of carrying out a series of unnecessary operations. Sky News.

Over the next 20 years, it's estimated that 135.000 people will die from cancer caused by alcohol costing the NHS £2 billion. By 2036 the UK could see up to 8,000 oesophageal, bowel and breast cancer every year due to drinking. NHS.

Mail-order cancer tests deliver false positives 40% of the time, new analysis claims. DNA testing firm 23andMe has recently been approved to screen for BRCA gene mutations associated with increased breast and ovarian cancer risk. An analysis found that nearly half of results from similar firms supplied in the last month were false positives. The report by researchers at Ambry Genetics, a company that interprets data from consumer DNA tests, was published last week. Angelina Jolie famously revealed she'd had a double mastectomy after testing positive for BRCA1. Mail.

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