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Women from Bogota took to the streets as part of International Women's Day to protest against sexual violence and mistreatment of women in Latin America. The women marched through the streets bearing banners reading statements such as: "An alternative society for working women. No to violence. No to exploitation" and "We, whores and non-whores, affirm the victim is not to blame" and chanting slogans rebuking violence and unequal treatment. NerwsFlare.

Tea can lower the risk of osteoporosis. Studies from researchers have looked at worldwide data and found that woman who drank the most tea were facing a 38% lower risk of osteoporosis than woman who drank the least. Dr Chris Steel: ITV This Morning.

English television personality, businesswoman and model Katie Price has revealed that the botched up surgery she had in September has now been fixed. The 39-year-old underwent a facelift procedure last year, and claimed that the surgeons had ‘fucked up her face’. Apparently, she was spotted with a swollen face, sat in a wheelchair with drainage tubes dangling from her as she left the hospital. Now the mother-of-five has had the surgery, it’s likely that she will be taking time off work to recover from the new procedure. Metro.

A sports club in Saudi Arabia has announced it will host the first-ever woman's marathon next month. Local media reported that the club has been given permission to host the run in the city of Mecca. Recent reforms in the kingdom have allowed a woman to drive cars later this year. BBC News.

There are two types of FGM (Female Genital Mutation). Type 1, the clitoris is cut off, or partially cut off. Type 2, involves the removal of the clitoris and the Labia Minora. Type 3 is where everything is cut away (types 1 & 2.) Type 4, covers any other kind of injuries to the genitals which we haven't spoken about in the other types. And type 4 often involves a small cut or injury so it heals quicker and is harder to detect. The FGM Detectives. Channel 4.

Postcode lottery of breast cancer care 'slashes' survival rate. Woman faces a 'stark differences' in breast cancer care across England a report warns. Some are more than twice as likely to die from the disease under the age of 75, depending on where they live, the all-party parliamentary group on breast cancer finds. Just 62 percent of breast cancers are detected early in some areas, compared with 88 percent in others. Baroness Delyth Morgan, of the breast cancer Now charity, called it 'totally unacceptable. Metro News.

Woman in Saudi Arabia have for the first time applied to join the military. But, they're unlikely to be involved in front-line combat. Instead, they'll be able to work in the security division. BBC World Service News.

Mari Lopez who ran the food channel at home in Houston, Texas with her niece Liz Johnson told thousands of viewers she had rejected traditional treatment for breast cancer in favour of a 90-day juice cleanse when she was diagnosed in 2015. Within four months of cutting out animal products, she claimed to be in remission - and insisted the new regime (and God) had 'healed' her of her 'gay lifestyle'. But Liz has now revealed that her aunt passed away in December 2017, after the disease spread to her blood, liver and lungs, and belated attempts to try chemotherapy and radiotherapy failed. Speaking to Babe, Liz blamed her own mother for triggering Mari's relapse by feeding her meat and microwaved food. There is no scientific evidence to support Liz's claims. Mail.

High-flying lawyer, politician and farmer, 52, describes agonizing her battle with lymphedema. Virginia Harrod, 52, developed a recurring infection from a common side effect of breast cancer surgery and treatment. The swelling condition, lymphedema, affects between five and 40 percent of women who have breast surgery for cancer. The resulting infection could have killed her if she had become septic. Harrod had a relatively new procedure to transfer healthy lymph nodes and save her a constant struggle. The trial that gave Harrod new lymph nodes is only about a year old, Harrod says, and there just is not much research or many solutions to the agony of lymphedema for thousands of breast cancer survivors. Mail.

A common side effect of polycystic ovary syndrome is speedy growth of thick, dark hair on your face and body. It’s not something we often see - hair anywhere below the the eyebrows remains a taboo - and so those with more hair than the norm can feel like pressured to shave, wax, or epilate. Metro.body. It’s not something we often see - hair anywhere below the the eyebrows remains a taboo - and so those with more hair than the norm can feel like pressured to shave, wax, or epilate. Metro.

A new study published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association found women are twice as likely to develop fatal heart complications than men. Now, Daily Mail is telling the stories of four women who's suffered various heart complications as experts warn heart disease is harder to spot in women despite it being more common. Heidi Stewart went into cardiac arrest during her senior year in high school after suffering fainting spells, Lilly Rocha had no risk factors when she suffered a heart attack when at just 37 years old, Tamika Quinn suffered two strokes when she was 27 years old, 10 days after giving birth to her third daughter, and Jen Hyde underwent a heart valve replacement at the age of 25 after she was diagnosed with a rare hypertension that affected arteries in her heart and lungs. Mail.

There appears to be no let-up in allegations of misconduct by aid workers. The Sunday Express reports that the UN believes more than 600 women and children have suffered sexual abuse and exploitation by its peacekeepers. Papers.

Several papers, including the Daily Mail, lead with research that eating processed food could significantly increase a person's risk of cancer. The study, in the British Medical Journal, says products such as sugary cereals and fizzy drinks put middle-aged women in particular danger from breast cancer. Papers.

The Daily Mirror reports that the NHS spent £30m in the past five years fixing plastic surgery that had been done abroad. The paper says it found more than 1,000 women a year needed operations to correct surgery. Papers.

Pre-eclampsia is a relatively common and dangerous situation that happens in about 6% of pregnancy where a pregnant woman will develop high blood pressure and protein in the urine from about halfway through the pregnancy. We think that the underlining problem is something going on in the blood vessels of the placenta where the mother and baby's blood supplies are mixing, and it has a serious of consequences for mother and baby. The problem is, you don't really get any symptoms so that's why it's so important during anti-nasal checks during pregnancy that the blood pressure is checked and the urine checked for protein. Health Check: BBC World Service.

The Sunday Telegraph's front page reports that woman given all-clear misdiagnosed by test blunders. Up to 60,000 cancer test results may have to be reviewed after 1,000 woman were found to have been wrongly given the all clear.  Press Preview.

Why do male mammal's have nipples? Men have nipples because by the time the male hormones kick-in in the embryo, the nipples have already formed. At the very earliest stages of development, men and woman are all the same, small symmetrical lumps with nipples. CrowdScience: BBC World Service.

Breast cancer drug 'perjeta' to be made available on the NHS. Perjeta, also known as pertuzumab, previously accessed through the Cancer Drugs Fund, will be given to some women with breast cancer via the health service. Breast Cancer Now, a charity, said it was "delighted" by the news. Nice recommends the drug for women who have HER2-positive breast cancer which has returned to the breast but is inoperable, or where it has spread to other parts of the body, in combination with other medication. ITV News.

The basic squat test is used around the world, as a measure of how fit you are for your age. Woman age 35 should be able to do 10 chair stands (squats) in 12 seconds. If you're under 55, in 15 seconds.The Truth About Getting Fit. BBC 1.

India has 63 million fewer woman than it should have, statistics show as a result of sex-selective abortions and better care for boys. More than 21 million girls are unwanted by their families. Metro.

Scientists discover a new libido treatment for woman called kisspeptin. This brain chemical boosts sexual drive and also enhances better orgasms in woman. This could benefit woman who suffers from a low sex drive. This is currently in the early stages of mice-testing. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

India has the unfortunate distinction of being the "burns capitol" of the world and some of those burns are inflicted deliberately. In the 1990s, there were numerous cases where husbands burnt their wives as part of dowry demands. The country was rocked by estimates that a bride was burned every 8 minutes. Until the law was changed to give woman more protection during the first seven years of marriage, but woman are still being burned and for those who survive, its not just the physical disabilities but the stigma. BBC World Service: Health Check.

A recent survey revealed that woman aged between 25 and 35 avoid having a life-saving smear test due to being 'too embarrassed' to discuss it with a doctor. Radio London.

Up to half a million woman as young as 13 in the UK are abusing anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The Guardian: Press Preview.

Cancer breakthrough: Blood test detects eight types of cancer when they’re ‘more curable'. Cancer could be detected earlier by a new revolutionary blood test that could spot eight different types of common cancer, scientists have revealed. Cancer symptoms could be spotted early with a new blood test. CancerSEEK could detect eight times of cancer earlier. Effective 70 per cent of the time. Blood test could cost about £360. A blood test could detect cancers at a point where they’re more curable, researchers have claimed. The test, known as CancerSEEK, could identify eight common types of cancer; ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, oesophageal, colorectal, lung and breast cancers. It successfully detects the disease 70 per cent of the time, studies have shown. Express.

A woman who believed she had a serious bowel condition for six years had actually just swallowed a sauce sachet wrapper. The 41-year-old patient had been receiving treatment for Crohn’s disease after complaining of acute abdominal pain and bloating. Doctors at Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, eventually decided surgery was the only option when the patient failed to respond to standard treatment. But keyhole surgery found an inflamed mass in the small intestine, revealing two pieces of plastic packaging bearing the famous Heinz branding. Doctors said it was the first case of ingested plastic packaging mimicking the symptoms of Crohn's disease. Standard.

1 in 7 women suffer from anxiety during pregnancy, and 1 in 10 experienced mental health problems while pregnant. ITV News.

Alcohol will be one of the leading causes of death in woman under 50 in the next three years. Its responsible for 3.5 million deaths per-year. That's more than malaria, meningitis and tuberculosis put together. David Nut. Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology . Imperial Collage London: BBC World Service: The Why Factor.

One of the pharmaceuticals companies biggest ever scandal. The drug 'Primodos', made by the German drug manufacturer Schering, which is now owned by pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Primodos was given to women in the 60's as a pregnancy test. Many have waited a lifetime for this story to be told. The victims who are all grown-up are still campaigning for the truth concerning the serious side effects of the drug, and the cover-ups. No testing or toxicology tests were done. Primodos was a powerful hormone drug which caused spinal defects in babies, damaged limbs and blood cells, deformed faces of babies, and babies born with Spina Bifida. Sky News: Primodos: The Secret Drug Scandal.

Stop sleeping with your cell phone: Anything closer than arm's length could cause cancer and infertility, health officials warn. Department of Health released advice to minimize cell phone radiation exposure. Radiation from the devices has been linked to cancer and infertility. Children's developing brains may be particularly vulnerable. Exposure risks are highest when cell phones have fewer bars of service or are downloading or streaming media. Mail.

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