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January 12, 2018. The surprising health benefits of staying in bed. Those of us partial to a lie in woke up to good news this week, as a new study showed that a good night's sleep can help with weight loss. Research by scientists at King's College London, simply spending an extra 90 minutes in bed could also be a solution. Lack of sleep was already known to be a risk factor for obesity, because it alters levels of hormones which control appetite. The new research discovered that lifestyle factors are also at play. Participants in the study who get more sleep choose healthier foods within a week, eating on average 10 grams less sugar each day. They were less likely to pick sugary treats, or reach for comforting carbohydrates. Telegraph.

December 20, 2017. What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?. A headache is a pain in the head. A migraine is a pain in the head with other symptoms like sight sensitivity, sound sensitivity, smell sensitivity and throwing up. Not being able to concentrate or sleep or think properly. Headaches is the third most prevalent disease in the world. A new pioneering injection called blockers which stop migraine. These blockers will be available next year. Botox injections can also be used in the treatment of persistent headaches. Professor Peter Goadsby of Neurology, King's College London, ITV This Morning.

December 10, 2017. More than 8,000 people slept rough overnight in sub-zero conditions to raise money to tackle homelessness. Dubbed the "world's biggest sleep-out'. The 'Sleep in the Park' event in Edinburgh hopes to raise £4m to tackle rough sleeping and homelessness in Scotland.Among those taking part were Liam Gallagher, Deacon Blue, Frightened Rabbit, Rob Brydon, and Amy Macdonald. Sky News.

November 19, 2017. Pupils at Eton College, UK have been banned from using their mobile phones in the bedroom to stop pupils losing sleep.  In a survey, ten percent of 11 to 18 year old's admitted to checking their phones at least ten times a night. SKY News.

October 25, 2017. Are you vitamin D deficient? 6 signs even your doctor might miss. A simple test and supplement could help. People who cover up for religious purposes. People who work night shifts and sleep during the day. Anyone whose lifestyle prevents them from getting outside regularly. Daily Mail.

October 5, 2017. How to get a good nights sleep. Good sleep is essential to our health, and how lack of sleep raises your risk of various diseases. Tips, 1, regularity, wake up and go to bed at the same time each day. 2, keep it cool in the bedroom, about 18 and a half Celsius is ideal. 3, keep it dark. 4, if you cant speak, don't stay in bed awake.If you've been awake for about 15 or 20 minutes, get out of bed and read a book or do something else. Don t eat, don't open your laptop. Only when you're tired, go back to bed. 5  Stay away from alcohol in the evening, and caffeine or tea after 1 pm. Even if you can fall sleep, the depth of that sleep will not be as deep if there's caffeine percolating in the brain. We should all use the alarm clock to also tell us when to sleep. Neuroscientis, Mathew Walker: BBC World Service: Health check.

October 19, 2017. Sleep terror, sleepwalking and sleep talking are all forms of the body naturally dealing of what's going on with the body during the day.  If you someone has one, leave them alone, don't wake them unless you feel its an emergency.  Stressed is the reasons why, so stop being stressed. BBC Radio 2.

September 28, 2017. Most people are not getting enough sleep which could cut our life expectancy, as well as increasing the risk of ill health and car accidents. I don't want cancer, I don't want Alzheimer's disease and short sleep is significantly related to both of those. as well as linked to your cardiovascular system. We need to start taking sleep more seriously.  When sleep is short, there is low energy and disease, and when sleep is sufficient, there's vitality and health. Short sleep predicts a shorter life.  Insufficient, or not enough sleep costs each country about 2% of their GDP (Gross domestic product). In the spring when we lose an hour of sleep, there is a 24% increase in heart attacks, yet in the autumn when we gain an hours sleep, there's a 21% decrease in heart attacks, that's how fragile your cardiovascular system is. Professor Matthew Walker. Sleep lab at the University of California, Berkeley. BBC World Service Health Check.

September 23, 2017. Look after your contact lenses. People are putting their eye health at risk by falling asleep in their lenses, swimming with lenses on, washing lenses in tap water instead of a solution, and also wearing single wear lenses more than once. A combination of these or even one of these could actually lead to complications as a result of not following the proper guidelines. Smokers are 4 times more at risk of developing Macular Degeneration.Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 20, 2017. Chocolate can make you cleverer. A new report analysing 14 studies found that brain function gets a jump from ingredients from cocoa  In one study It actually helps fight brain fog from a lack of sleep. Another study found chocolate helps your memory. Stick to one and a half ounces of dark chocolate, that's at least 70% cocoa to get the most benefit. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2.

September 14, 2017. Signs of intelligence. According to a number of scientific papers out today in the British journal of psychiatry. You are smart if you worry, you're a loner, you sleep late, and your trusting. Another side of intelligence is your lazy, because lazy people enjoy thinking, while busy people hide away from their thoughts. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2.

August 31, 2017. Britain is becoming a nation of addicts. Four times as many sleeping pills, antidepressants and pain killers are taking now than in the 90s. Advice an support is available at Or call 08000 155 947. BBC 1.The One Show.

August 29, 2017. A recent poll revealed that  67% of new mums say becoming a new mum has been harder than they thought it would be and 40% said their birth was worse than expected. 43% said they only get about 4 hours sleep a night. ITV. This Morning.

August 21, 2017. 'Lavender: natures secret beauty weapon'.  A number of clinical studies have shown that lavender can help to promote relaxation and sleep. Sleeping well can help speed up our skin cell renewal, plus the sleep hormone melatonin increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes to help protect against free radical damage and skin ageing. It can also be a great skin soother to treat minor grazes and stings. Its also good for sunburn, and after-sun skin soother. British writer, TV presenter. Liz Earle. ITV This Morning.

July 26, 2017. Top 10 ageing tips. 1, Start everyday with 15 minutes of yoga. 2, drink 8 glasses of water a day. 3, correct your posture will make you instantly look younger. 4, calm and cool stress with tense slow deep breaths. 5, count your blessings and attitude of gratitude is beautiful. 6, sleep flat. IE without a pillow. 7, lose weight by eating less and keeping out the kitchen. 8, enjoy fresh air daily. 9, get a good an easy to manage hair-do. 10, Trust your gut feelings. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2.

July 21, 2017. To 'help sleep' in this hot weather, use  oils or eucalyptus oil A fan to keep cool. Breathing methods. Avoid puzzles and over stimulating the brain. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. Don't drink caffeine after 3 pm and drink lots of water. Yoga and meditation to help with breathing and keep calm. Dr Nerina Ramlakhan sleep and energy expert, and motivational speaker  This Morning. ITV.

July 17, 2017. 'Sleep' is linked to body rhythms which take a dip after eating. If UK workers napped instead of struggling through, productivity will benefit. Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2.

July 12, 2017. Scientists at Stanford University, USA have worked out which are the 'least fittest countries' - by using mobile phone data collected from the 'Argus app'. Users record their daily activity, food, sleep, and heart rate. Hong Kong came top of the list with an average of 6,880 steps per day.  Spain, 5,936. The UK 5,444 and Indonesia was at the bottom end with 3,513 steps. Huffington Post.

July 11, 2017. Research suggests prolonged periods of  poor sleep increase levels of proteins involved in 'Alzheimer’s disease', although quality, not quantity of sleep is at the root of the issue. Guardian.

July 3, 2017. 19 million adults in the UK are not getting enough 'sleep'. It not only effects our health, but new research suggests it's costing the economy 40 billion pounds a year in lost productivity. How To Stay Well. Channel 4.

June 25, 2017.  'Sativex'  is the first cannabis-based medicine to be licensed in the UK. The drug can prescribed for the treatment for 'MS sufferer's. Here is something which we've shown works. Some patients have described it as life changing. particularly when it relieves their spasticity so they can move about more and sleep at night, I can't see why we should not be having it available to patients. Dr William NotCutt. Sativex Patient Trials. NHS. 2 Billion a Week.

June 17, 2017.  A Los Angeles County coroner says Star Wars actress 'Carrie Fisher' died from 'sleep apnoea', a common condition in which a person stops breathing during sleep, as well as other factors. Her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, died the following day. BBC News.

May 22, 2017. High levels of 'air pollution' is ruining peoples sleep.People in high pollution areas were 60% more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation. Graeme Paton. Transport Correspondent.

April 26, 2017. Adults between the ages of 26 and 64 should have between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night. Older adults above 65 should get between 7 and 8 hours sleep. National Sleep Foundation.

April 24, 2017. Sleep deprivation is the greatest cognitive enhancer there is. It is the greatest thing in terms of memory. It's really important to get the right amounts of sleep otherwise it will mess around with your memory and has a real effect on every day life. Dr Michael Mosley.

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