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Why is it that so many people have IVF, then suddenly they fall pregnant when they stop? Because they didn't need IVF in the first place. But the problem is, you get shunted into IVF by general practitioners who don't take fertility seriously. Also, while you're doing IVF, you're making yourself infertile. If you're an older woman, you're better off having frequent sex than IVF. Guest Doctor: ITV. This Morning. 

Ireland has voted by a landslide to legalise abortion in a stunning outcome that marks a dramatic defeat for the Catholic church’s one-time domination of the Republic. The Irish electorate voted by 1,429,981 votes to 723,632 in favour of abolishing a controversial constitutional amendment that gave equal legal status to the lives of a foetus and the woman carrying it. The result was a two-thirds majority: 66.4% yes to 33.6% no. By voting yes in unexpectedly large numbers to abolish the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution, the country has enabled the government in Dublin to introduce abortion in Ireland’s health service up to 12 weeks into pregnancy. Guardian.

A mum who went through the agony of 18 miscarriages to give her son the baby sibling he was so desperate for has welcomed a baby boy. News.

Up to 40 per cent of children born while their mothers are taking valproate have a physical or behavioural disability. A drug for epilepsy and mental health conditions that can cause serious birth defects has been banned for women unless they agree a plan to avoid getting pregnant. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has withdrawn the licence for valproate medicines in women and girls who have the potential to get pregnant. Under the new requirements, women taking Epilim, Depakote or generic versions of sodium valproate who could become pregnant will have to be enrolled on a “pregnancy prevention programme”. This will include an annual medication risk review with a specialist to ensure they understand the need to maintain use of contraception while on the drug, as well as having to undergo pregnancy testing. Independent.

The lingering shame and silence around periods has consequences bigger than the need to hide your tampon up your sleeve on the way to the loos. A new survey by Plan International UK reveals that period shame is preventing young women and girls from seeking help for serious health issues. 79% of girls and young women have experienced symptoms linked to their period that concerned them, but haven’t seen a doctor or health professional to get help. These issues include heavy bleeding, severe period pain, depression around periods, and missed periods. All of these are symptoms that signal someone should talk to their GP. So why aren't women seeking help when they experience them? 27% said they hadn’t seen a doctor because they felt embarrassed, with nearly one in ten (8%) saying there was only a male doctor available and they didn't feel comfortable talking to them. Metro.

When mother-of-five Laura Linkson, then 35, was offered a new form of sterilisation on the NHS that didn't involve surgery, she didn't hesitate. The procedure involved having an Essure device - essentially tiny metal and plastic springs - inserted into her fallopian tubes to stop eggs moving from the ovaries to the womb. The implant can be inserted via the vagina and into the tubes in as little as ten minutes. Laura was one of thousands of women in Britain given Essure. Nine years later, she bitterly regrets having the procedure, which has effectively crippled her, she says. Mail.

In the western world woman are meant to be perfect and accountable for everything, yet the more I looked in to it, the more it seemed to me they were being punished, and hated, and the objects of what I call a licensed to sadism, so for example 54.000 woman a year lose their jobs because they're pregnant. 77% of woman in the workplace report negative treatment, abuse and bad behaviour when they're pregnant, and/or young mothers. In fact, there was an article in the New York Times just a while ago which said, if Americans love their mothers why do they let them die because infant mortality rate is the highest in the industrial world. Jacqueline Rose: Professor of humanities, Birkbeck University: Weekend Woman's Hour: BBC Radio 4.

IVF babies: Miracle twins born using yolk of a hen's egg. Sarah Elder thought she would never become a mother after trying for seven years to fall pregnant. Archie and Scarlett were born after their parents spent more than £25,000 on failed fertility treatment. They underwent their first course of IVF in 2010 but that failed and the couple were devastated. Doctors then recommended trying a different technique. So for the seventh course of fertility treatment, Mrs Elder had an intravenous treatment called intralipid infusion, which involves using yolk from a hen's egg. It works by fatty acids in the egg reducing the number of killer cells in the immune system. Express.

A seriously ill Doncaster toddler has had the UK's first ever transplant using pig skin in a pioneering operation. Eve was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) while still in the womb. The condition, which affects one in every 10,000 new-born babies, occurs when there is a hole in the muscle that separates the chest from the stomach. Little Eve Phillipson underwent the surgery to create her an artificial diaphragm with medics carefully inserting the animal skin inside her body after she was born with a life threatening condition. To find out more about this research project and others funded by The Children’s Hospital Charity, visit theworldnews.

Infertility should be treated like any other illness with everyone given equal access on the NHS, according to a Labour MP who will introduce a bill in Parliament on Wednesday calling for an end to the IVF postcode lottery across the UK. Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, described the rationing of IVF treatment, which means some women can access fertility treatment on the health service worth up to £20,000 and others none at all, as “totally unfair and arbitrary”. Fertility problems are estimated to affect around one in six seven couples in the UK - approximately 3.5 million people.  National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines state that women under 40 who have failed to get pregnant after two years of trying should be offered three full cycles of IVF on the NHS. However, the recommendations are not binding and it is up to local NHS providers - clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) - to decide what to offer. As just one full cycle of IVF treatment costs around £7,000 many CCGs are deciding to restrict fertility treatment, or cut it altogether. A 2017 audit of England’s 208 CCGs by Fertility Fairness shows only 12 per cent now offer three full cycles - known as “gold standard” areas - a figure which has halved since 2013. inews.

 Amanda Sawyer, 37, died from a ruptured brain aneurysm shortly after giving birth to twins in Fresno, California, leaving husband Nick Reeder as a single father to their five children. The US has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world with five to 12 percent of deaths caused by ruptured aneurysms. Mail.

Lack of sleep blamed for child obesity. If you take infants of up to one-year of age, and if they're having less than 12 hours sleep per night there's a 40% risk of increase in weight. Children aged 3 - 9 who get less than 9 - 10 hours sleep per night, 57% increase in weight. The biggest risk, 9 - 13 years old's who get less than 9 hours of sleep per night double their risk of increasing weight. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning. 

Are you harming your baby by taking painkillers? If your pregnant, avoid ibuprofen. If your going to take paracetamol, take the smallest dose for the shortest period of time. Aspirin is OK. The growing body of evidence is that pregnant woman should be wary of taking any medication. Dr Chris Steel: ITV This Morning.

Does vaginal seeding boost health? Should Caesarean-section babies be smeared with a sample of their mother's vaginal fluids as soon as they are born? "Vaginal seeding" is not mainstream medicine, but it is growing in popularity. The idea is to give these newborns something they missed when they emerged into the world - the good bacteria that live in their mother's vagina. A swab is taken of mum's vaginal fluid, which is then rubbed on to her child's skin and mouth. The hope is this microbial gift will boost their child's long-term health - particularly by reducing their risk of immune disorders.James Gallagher Presenter, The Second Genome, BBC Radio 4.

12-year-old girls given the contraceptive implant. This implant is a little device that sits under the skin in the top of the arm. Its a simple procedure, totally painless and takes a few minutes.  Dr Sara. ITV This Morning.

Taking common painkillers including paracetamol during pregnancy could make their grandchildren infertile, research suggests. Previous studies have found that the drug ibuprofen could harm the fertility of girls. Women are advised to avoid the medication during pregnancy, and told that if pain relief is needed, they should take paracetamol for as little time as possible. But the new study found that both drugs could harm future fertility of subsequent offspring - with an impact on boys as well as girls.Ovaries exposed to paracetamol for one week had more than 40 per cent fewer egg-producing cells. After ibuprofen exposure, the number of cells was almost halved. Telegraph.

More than 10,500 under-age girls - some as young as 12 - have been given contraceptive implants on the NHS (and medics are banned from telling parents). More than 10,500 under-age girls have been given contraceptive implants . Some were just 12 or younger and four years below the legal age of consent of 16. Doctors are not allowed to tell parents because of patient confidentiality laws. But critics say the NHS is giving girls a ‘licence’ to have illegal, under-age sex without their parents’ knowledge. Mail.

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