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"Just one alcoholic drink a day could shorten your life," reports BBC News. A huge study of almost 600,000 drinkers showed that people who drank more than 12.5 units (100g) of alcohol a week were likely to die sooner than those who drank no more than this amount. The results applied equally to women and men. The current UK guidelines advise limiting alcohol intake to 14 units a week for women and men. This is equivalent to drinking no more than 6 pints of average-strength beer (4% ABV) or 7 medium-sized glasses of wine (175ml, 12% ABV) a week. NHS.

Regular drinking more than recommended limits is as bad for you as smoking research has found. A global study, published today in the Lancet, shows it was associated with a higher risk of stroke, fatal aneurysm and heart failure. The shocking findings challenge the widely held belief that moderate drinking is beneficial to the heart. Mail.

Indonesian police have vowed to crackdown on the distribution of bootleg alcohol, as deaths this month connected to the consumption of illegally produced toxic liquor exceeded 86. The majority of the deaths were in the province of West Java, but have also been reported in the capital Jakarta, and South Kalimantan, said national police spokesman Inspector General Setyo Wasisto. "They (bootleggers and their distributors) are part of a close knit community. Sometimes, when police come to check on a tip they have already put the bootleg alcohol away. They know who their customers are when they come. It's much like a clandestine narcotics network," Setyo said. CNN.

All alcohol bought at airport shops could be placed in sealed bags in a crackdown on disruption by drunken passengers. Scotsman.

The Valentines day killer Nikolas Cruz, 19, who was adopted as an orphaned child, opened fire a year after he was expelled from school for allegedly getting in a fight. In the hours since, many have speculated that the boy may have fetal alcohol syndrome given his facial features - a low nasal bridge, small eyes and thin upper lip - and behaviour. Nathalie Brassard, a program director at the non-profit organization FASCETS, which works with parents of FASD children, told Daily Mail On-line the association has merit. Mail.

Metro carries a Cambridge University study into the marketing of low-alcohol drinks. The beers and wines could add to health problems because they are being sold as healthy and replacements for soft drinks, the experts say. Papers.

Baby boomer's are ruining their health with heavy home drinking, according to a study reported in the Daily Mail. Researchers at King's College London attribute the problem to people in their 50s and 60s growing up at a time when there were more liberal attitudes to alcohol, says the Mail. Sky News: Press Preview.

Warnings should now be placed on alcoholic drink bottles to warn people of the potential dangers of drinking alcohol. ITV News.

People who start drinking alcohol in their early teens raise the risk of liver damage over the following 40 years, a retrospective study of 49,000 Swedish conscripts has found. Metro News.

No-One under 16 should drink energy drinks because they are very high in caffeine and sugar. They should be drinking Drink unsweetened squash, water and milk. Energy can be obtained from a good diet. Dr Ravi: ITV This Morning.

The word 'alcohol' first appeared in the 16th century. Originally it meant any very fine powder  The word comes from the Arabic 'Kohl' which was a black powder used as an eye cosmetic. Steve Wright: Radio 2.

Research carried out by YOUGOV for the charity 'drink-ware' suggests 58% of 18 to 75 year-old's reward themselves with alcohol to help relive day-to-day pressures. Sky News.

'Drunk tanks' could be rolled out widely across England next year to relieve  the strain on accident and emergency units caused by intoxicated festive revellers, NHS bosses have service would be monitoring how emergency services coped with the spike in alcohol-related admissions over the New Year period with a view to making changes in 2018. i News.

£500 to help children with alcoholic parents. Councillors who read a bed time stories for parents who are too drunk will receive £500. Sky News Press Preview: Guardian.

We all know that caffeine is actually a drug and stimulant that we readily give to our children. There were young teenagers drinking large drinks of caffeine. It strikes me as interesting that we don't feel any discomfort in dispensing coffee to the youth of today. Professor Walker. BBC World Service: Health Check.

Jeremy Hunt to lead charge against alcoholic parenting crisis. Children of alcoholic parents have been thrown a lifeline after Jeremy Hunt told campaigners he wants to help them. Children as young as five are phoning a helpline to be read bedtime stories because their parents are too drunk. Councillors at the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) are being called so often by some children that they keep a stack of their favourite books by their telephones. Express.

Gin maybe good for your liver. Gin and the 'light coloured' drinks such as gin, vodka, white wine, etc. They've got the alcohol there, but they contain less of a certain substance called congeners.(substances, other than the desired type of alcohol, ethanol, produced during fermentation) They are not on the label, they're higher in darker drinks like red wine, rum and brandy and the congeners are quite toxic to the brain causing severe headaches and muscle aches. There is one gin that this article highlights, it's the only gin that contains milk thistle is a herb that is reputed to protect the liver and reduce toxicity in the liver. Milk thistle goes back to the Romans, and they would use milk thistle to protect their livers. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

An investigation has found that an increasing number of men are using blue pills like Viagra to counter the effects of alcohol or other drugs. The number of unlicensed erectile dysfunctional drugs seized in the UK has increase seven-fold in five years. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

The children's Society has warned that the lives of hundreds and thousands of children are being damaged by their parents alcohol abuse. Sky News. There will be many people out there who will want something to be done to support these people, but don't feel they can speak out.  Shadow health secretary Jonathan Swift.

Cutting back on alcohol can prevent cancers: experts. The new review of past studies on the link between alcohol and cancer, published Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that approximately 3.5 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to alcohol consumption. In addition, researchers said that in 2012, approximately 5.5 percent of all new cancer occurrences and 5.8 percent of all cancer deaths globally could be attributed to drinking alcohol. ABC News.

Nearly half of all GP's (doctors) are struggling to cope with the pressures of the job which is affecting the care they deliver. One in six have turned to drugs or alcohol to help them cope, and some in London are leaving the profession altogether because of an increase in work-load, and under-resourcing. ITV News.

Research by Magnet.ME claims 1 in 4 students are damaging their job prospects by drinking too much alcohol. Sky News.

The industry that produces alcohol has made health information about drinking available to the rest of us. There are a lot of different websites doing this around the world. When it comes to the risk of cancer, an international team of public health experts has reviewed the information available and is concerned it doesn't tell the whole story, and that sometimes, key facts are distorted, or left out altogether. Their announcement has just been published in the journal drug and alcohol review revealing findings the industry is not happy with. BBC World Service: Health Check.

We know drinking alcohol is risky particularly for breast cancer, mouth cancer and oesophageal cancer. An important thing to say, is that for people drinking within the guidelines, your average drinker, the risk is actually quite low, but there is a risk and its well documented the negative effects of drinking alcohol  Mark Petiecrew. Department from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine. BBC World Service: Health Check.

Experts claim the alcohol industry is misleading us about drinking and the risk of cancer. Researchers say, distorted and distracting messages that down-plays the health risks are being used. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

Dentists in the country are saying that a growing alcohol obsession is posing a new threat to the nations smiles. A growing alcohol obsession with prosecco, a fizzy and very sugary. Last year a 3rd or the Worlds prosecco was consumed in the UK. The trend, however, is worrying the nations dentist. Sugar, acid and alcohol is a damaging cocktail. Reporter Jonathan Savage. BBC World Service. News Room. You have all the items that cause decay. You start forming little white lines at the gum margins where the enamel is weakest and becomes softer, and if that continues, the white areas become dark and you start getting proper decay. Do not brush your teeth straight after a glass of alcohol. Wait after an hour or so, and let the enamel re-mineralise and then brush your teeth then. Mervin Druen. London centre of cosmetic dentistry. BBC World Service. News Room.

A student nearly went into cardiac arrest after drinking eight 'energy drinks' mixed with Vodka at a party.  After spending a night in hospital, she s now calling for the government to raise the legal age limit to 18 for purchasing energy drinks. Mirror.

People who were given a 'word-learning test' and allowed to drink alcohol recalled more words the next day compared with a non drinking group, and easier University found. Metro News.

A study of 80.000 Chinese adults found that those who drink 1 to 2 pints a day had a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes. 'Beer drinking' reduces kidney stones. It increases bone health and reduces the risk of dementia by 22%. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning ITV.

Mongolia has the highest rate of 'liver cancer' due to alcohol. Six times the global average and the number is increasing. The viral infections are from two strains of hepatitis B & C. Hepatitis is spread by contamination with infected blood and through sex. More than a quarter of Mongolians are effected with one of these viruses. BBC The Truth About Cancer.

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