TOWP Health Archives: September - 2017

October 23, 2017The T charge has been introduced in London today to cut air pollution. Drivers of older vehicles built before 2006 will be charged £10 each day. It will be in effect in the same areas of the city as the congestion charge. This excludes bank holidays and the days between Christmas day and new year day. Emergency vehicles, taxis and minicabs registered with TFL and recovery buildings are exempt from paying. Radio London.

October 23, 2017Don't ask doctors for antibiotics, new health campaign urges People are being urged not to ask their doctor for antibiotics as part of a new campaign aimed at tackling growing resistance to the drugs. An estimated 5,000 people die every year in England because antibiotics no longer work for some infections, according to Public Health England. Antibiotic resistance could spell the end of modern medicine. Antibiotics do not work on many common conditions, such as colds, flu, earache, sore throats and some chest infections. However, people should see their GP if they have prolonged symptoms and develop other issues such as a sickness, a very high temperature or shortness of breath. Guardian.

October 23, 2017
The potential dangers of eating competition. Obstructive airways. During the ingestion, the potential dangers of stretching the stomach and pain. People can vomit. Vomit and exasperate which can cause lung disease and pneumonia. You can vomit and tear the lining of the stomach or esophagus and get bleeding. You can vomit and a "through and through tear" of the G.I tract, that's a  life-threatening condition. Water loading is also a potentially extremely dangerous and can be deadly. BBC World Service: the Food Chain.

October 22, 2017An honour given to Robert Mugabe by the world health organization has been retracted. The Zimbabwean president 'was' being made a good will ambassador, but the appointment was criticised by human rights groups. Heart FM News 

October 22, 2017Every breath you take on the underground contains a thousand times as many particles as a breath taken above ground. Nanodust which surges with the movement of trains. More than 2 million particles for every litre of air. On Monday, when London's toxicity charge comes into effect. it will be the biggest road pricing revolution since Ken Livingston introduced the congestion charge 14 years ago. It will affect drivers of the dirtiest diesels who will be hit with a 10 pounds fee. He is also looking at greater powers to tackle wood burning stoves and fire polluting bulldozers ITV News.

October 22, 2017
. The Royal London hospital is pioneering virtual reality technology to help medical students get hands on experience of some of the most difficult operations. The virtual operating theatre could change the future of surgical training. BBC 1 News

October 21, 2017A government spokesman has said Zimbabwean president Mugabe being named as a World Health Organisation goodwill ambassador is "surprising and disappointing" and warned his appointment "risks overshadowing" the work undertaken by the W.H.O. Sky News.

October 21, 2017A new drug trial became so effective, that a decision was made to halt the trial early because it wouldn't be fair to deprive half the patients of such an important treatment. This is what happened in the drug for an eye condition called uveitis. It affects around 1 in 6 children who have "juvenile idiopathic arthritis", where the immune system attacks the lining of the joints causing pain and swelling and stiffness. The eye condition has no symptoms to start with, but what's worrying is, that it can cause severe visual impairment and blindness.  These new "immune suppressant drugs" have now been licensed in Europe and hopefully soon, the rest of the world. BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 21, 2017
The global impact of arthritis in children. W estimate it happens in about 1 in 100 children. In India alone, there may be 1.1 million with juvenile arthritis. Access to care is a huge issue in different parts of the world, particularly in Sub-sahara Africa and south-east Asia. Even though there's greater urbanisation, autoimmune causes are less likely to be recognised. tuberculosis and other infections being the most common cause of bone problems and the affordability of medications which are very expensive and beyond their affordability of more than 90% of the population in the development world. BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 21, 2017E-cigarettes can trigger deadly lung diseases as easily as tobacco products, study says. A new report from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has found that e-cigarettes can do just as much. A new study has found that e-cigarette smokers are likely to develop dangerous proteins associated with COPD and cystic fibrosis. Researchers discovered that the devices harm users' airways as well as the tissues that line their blood vessels and organs The report contributes to the controversy over whether or not e-cigarettes are healthy. Daily Mail.

October 21, 2017
. Want clean teeth? Eat butter and salami. Dentist claims brushing and flossing are not enough to prevent tooth decay - you need vitamins from these unexpected foods. Australian dentist Dr Steven Lin is warning that brushing and flossing are not enough to keep your teeth healthy. In addition to following your dentist's recommendations, you have to make sure you are getting enough of four essential vitamins. Dr Lin says this explains why people who practice good oral hygiene still get cavities. Dail Mail.

October 20, 2017. All around us, invisible, but deadly. Toxins in our air, our water, and our workplaces are killing tens of thousands of people in the UK every year. The number of deaths linked to pollution are - India 2.51 million deaths. China, 1.8 million. Russia, 170,000. USA, 150,000. UK, 50,000. ITV News

October 20, 2017Overuse of antibiotics has driven bacteria to evolve and render these drugs ineffective. One issue we haven't talked about is the misuse of antibiotics in agriculture. The contribution of livestock farming to the development can spread antibiotics resistance. Farmers use antibiotics to treat and prevent infections in their livestock, and in some countries, to promote growth, but not in the European Union. (EU). The levels of antibiotic resistance in some countries is higher than others. China and India have a very large animal population in farming. Lots of mixing between humans and animals does not help. lots of pollution from chemicals and factories and so on. When its warm, the spread of bacteria is even greater. We should reduce the use of antimicrobials worldwide - some countries are tackling it, and others are not. BBC Radio 4: Inside Science.

October 20, 2017. Pollution has been linked to 9 million deaths worldwide a report in the Lancet has found today. Almost all of those deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries where pollution could account to a quarter of deaths. Bangladesh and Somalia were worse affected.. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.

October 19, 2017Three-quarters of the species on earth are insects and most people don't take much attention to them but they're vitally important. Three-quarters of the crops we grow depend upon pollinating insects. Insects are food for other insects, so if we lost the insects, we lose our bats, birds and lots of small animals.  They're also predators of crop pests, so things like ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies are really important and it's alarming they're disappearing. Our best guess is The farming areas around these reserves are inhospitable for life really. There's a lot of pesticides being used. so there are no flowers, there is no weeds, no food and no insects who were exposed to the pesticides. Bug Expert: Sky News

October 19, 2017. Forget 10,000 steps. Walking anywhere - even for five minutes - cuts your risk of early death. Even if you fall short of the golden number of 10,000 daily steps, walking still decreases your risk of an early death, according to a new study from the American Cancer Society. Daily Mail.

October 19, 2017Just one yoga class and one jogging session a week can half  your risk of heart disease. Researchers from HG SMS Hospital in Jaipur, India studied how the combination of yoga and aerobic exercise can impact the heart. They found it improves life expectancy in adults. Daily Mail.

October 19, 2017Chronic diarrhoea. People are always worried about chronic diarrhoea, the things it could be is Crohn's disease, colitis, coeliac disease, it could be an overactive thyroid. All these things are treatable. Once they examine the tummy, do some blood tests do a stool test to find out what's going on is best to keep safe. Dr Zoe Williams: ITV This Morning.

October 19, 2017The carbon cycle has two main features. Seasons have a big influence, especially in the Northern hemisphere especially where most of the humans live. The carbon dioxide is contently being added to the atmosphere from human emissions. But in the springtime, the plants turn on and very rapidly remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so that creates a decrease in concentration over the months of the summer, and spring. Then in the winter time when the plants aren't active by the emissions are still happening, its adding carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere and you see an increase, so you have this see-saw, up and down that's really about the plants and emissions and on top of that, it's going up 2- 3 parts per million because the plants and the ocean aren't taking out everything that the humans are adding in. BBC World Service: Science in Action.

October 18, 2017.  An inquest has concluded that neglect by a Surrey care home contributed to the death of a severely autistic resident 2 years ago. Anthony Dawson who was 64 died from an undetected gastric ulcer at the Ashmount facility near Epsom. The jury described the failure to call a GP as a gross failure. If he had he received medical attention earlier from a  doctor, the outcome would have been different  Radio 2 News

October 16, 2017Hundreds of people who received allegedly false hip replacement joints are suing manufacture. The claimants say they were forced to have surgery after the joint, made by DePuy, failed earlier than expected. This is thought to be one of the largest product liabilities claims ever heard in the UK. 312 people who were fitted with the Pinnacle ultimate hip joint say they were forced to have remedial surgery after it failed prematurely. The court heard that after 10 years, the metal joint involved has a failure rate of up to six times higher. than alternatives made from other materials. The joint was withdrawn from the market in  2013, but DePuy insists that their products were not defective The case is expected to take up to 3 months. Radio 2 News.

September 30, 2017. There is one other thing apart from piles that can cause bright red bleeding and that's cancer which is sitting right at the edge of the bottom. If it's dark red, and mixed in with the stools, and especially if you've have had any changes in your bowel habit, and they become more loose. not if you get constipated. that's not worrying, but if you get diarrhoea, especially if its got blood in it, especially if the blood is dark, it's not bright red, especially if you have pain in your tummy, loss of weight and loss of appetite. Dr Sarah Jarvis: Radio 2.

September 30, 2017.  A 38-year-old woman has been accused of posing as a medic and giving an injection to a member of the public at last months Blenheim horse trial in Oxfordshire. Cassandra Grant from Bristol has been charged with a number of charges including assault and actual bodily harm. BBC News.

September 30, 2017NHS England has changed its mind about funding a life-changing drug for a 7-year-old boy who has a rare genetic condition which means he cant metabolise protein. He's also severely autistic. The health service has previously refused to pay for the treatment, arguing that its clinical effectiveness has not been proven. A judge ruled that it must reconsider its decision.BBC Radio News. 

September 30, 2017One of the greatest scientific achievements, to one of its greatest threats, those crucial drugs antibiotics are failing, and in a new report by the WHO (World Health Organisation) has just put some worrying figures on the problem, described recently by the chief medical health officer as 'an antibiotic apocalypse from the rise of drug resistance in disease-causing bacteria. As existing drugs fail, only a handful of new ones, 51 in all are in development around the world, and of those, only 8 are truly innovative, but there's no guarantee they will make it to human trials and eventually onto the market. It's been three decades since the last new class of antibiotics. BBC Radio 4: Inside Science. 

September 29, 2017New research suggests the flu jab is more effective at preventing flu if you were happy when you have the injection. People who were in a good mood had an 8 -14 increase in antibodies. If you turn up in a good happy mood, then your immune system is in a slightly fitter, healthier state. James Gallagher. Health Check: BBC World Service. 

September 29, 2017Workers at a factory which supplies thousands of supermarkets, were found to be changing the date chickens were killed to artificially extend their shelf life. An undercover investigation filmed workers mislabelling the slaughter date on poultry at the food plant - meaning supermarket packaging would carry the wrong sell-by dates. The 2 Sisters Food Group produces a third of all poultry products eaten in the UK and supplies thousands of supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S, Aldi and Lidl. The Guardian. 

September 29, 2017Your yoga mat could give you herpes. Wipe it down and ensure it's clean to avoid a lifetime of cold sores, warns expert. Dirty yoga mats can carry the highly contagious virus. Daily 

September 28, 2017.  New York, 1976, an  American CEO of a large pharmaceutical company does an interview with a large business magazine. In that interview, he made a throw-away comment - he gave a fascinating insight into the business of big pharma His name was Henry Galton, and his candid comment was that he wanted to sell pills to everyone, and make prescription drugs as normal and matter of fact as having a stick of chewing gum. It was this dream, this vision, that would come to drive the marketing machinery of one of the most profitable industries on earth. BBC 2: Billion Dollar Deals.

September 28, 2017. People have been drinking their own urine for their own medicinal purposes for centuries. But all the evidence and studies we've done have never been shown to be beneficial.  Drinking your own urine could be harmful and could interfere with your medication. I would not advise anyone to do it. The evidence for it is shoddy. Dr Ranj Singh. ITV This Morning.

September 28, 2017The diet that can make you lose weight. Pork shoulder, beef sirloin, steak, chicken, mackerel, avocado, plums, apricots, lentils and almonds.  These foods switch off the little appetite triggers in your brain. Sky News: Telegraph Press Preview.

September 27, 2017Patients who take a placebo, still feel the effect of the real medicine, even if they know they've taken a dummy tablet. Doctors used to think placebos would only work if the patient believed that they'd taken the 'real' thing, according to findings at a Harvard medical school. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2: 

September 27, 201733% of global crop-land is used to grow animal feed on. It's the size of half a continent, that's about the size of half America. Four million hectares of Latin American rainforest is being torn down a year to make way for cows to graze, or crops to be grown for other animals and farmed fish to eat. The food system is probably the single biggest cause of environmental damage on the planet. Climate change of between 20% and 30% of global emissions is related to the food system. 70% of global water is used directly by the food system and 60% of global biodiversity is directly lost to food. BBC World Service: World Hacks.

September 26, 2017Michelin star and TV chef Mark Sergeant had his 5 stars rating stripped down to a two star after a disagreement over the way chicken livers should be cooked. Council workers would prefer the livers are cooked until they are well-done. Inspectors said he was using procedures that could lead to an unsafe product. Daily Mail.

September 26, 2017Millions of pensioners prescribed a daily aspirin increased their risk of a heart attack or stroke by more than a third if they quit taking the pill, research claims. Scientists found the body can suffer a rebound effect following a sudden withdrawal, causing clots in vessels that supply the heart to the brain. Patents are warned never to quit unless specifically advised. In the UK, around 40 percent of pensioners are prescribed daily aspirin.  increase Daily Express.

September 26, 2017.  Schools should ban harmful contact in rugby, says a British medical journal article. the interest of the child should come before those of corporate professional rugby. The Metro.

September 26, 2017Healthy foods can do more harm than good. Avocados contain good fats, but they contain about 22 grams of fats which is a third of your recommended daily intake.  On top of that, it's 270 calories. Because a certain item of food is good for you, more of it is not necessarily good for you. Dr Chris Steele. ITV: This Morning.

September 26, 2017The bubonic plague still thrives on four continents. The greatest threat is on the island of Madagascar. Rats and their fleas are spreading the plague to the human population. In the last year, 60 people have died. Return Of  The Black Death: London Live.

September 26, 2017When it comes to being happy, we have a lot to learn from other countries. Stop chasing rainbows.  Avoid the hedonic treadmill by focusing on the pursuit of the goal, rather than basing your happiness on your outcome. Studies show people who volunteer have higher levels of well-being. Stop comparing yourself to others and start living.  Understanding what you need instead of a need of what others have. Those who took time out from social media found they were less stressed, less lonely and more sociable because they spoke more to friends in the real world.  On the Japanese island of Okinawa lies New Guinea, known as the village of longevity, and it has the highest life expectancy in the world. They eat fresh fish and vegetables everyday  Having something that keeps you busy doing what you love, surrounded by people who love you is key. RNIB Connect: Talking Newspapers.

September 24, 2017.  Charles Bradley dead at 68. Soul singer and former James Brown impersonator passes away after battle with cancer. The US star has died shortly after being forced to cancel his tour. Charles went from drifter to James Brown impersonator, before becoming an acclaimed soul singer in his own right. The Sun.

September 23, 2017Ageing is not fixed. we can't pin it down to one single thing. what you do each day will make you age faster or a slower. Professor Mike Trenell: Institute for Ageing: Newcastle University.

September 23, 2017People actually rated getting their boiler checked than having their eyes tested. So many people are losing their sight every day. Half of all sight loss is preventable by getting the right treatments. Glaucoma can be prevented but people present their symptoms too late. To help keep eyes healthy, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, reduce alcohol consumption and have an eye test. RNIB Connect: Early Edition

September 21, 2017Protest rallies are taking place in the Philippines against President Rodrigo Duterte's violent campaign to eradicate drugs which have left thousands of people dead. They're being held on the anniversary of the declaration of Marshall law in 1972 by the former President Ferdinand Marcos. BBC World Service: News Hour.

September 21, 2017A cocktail of germs and bacteria are being picked up by computers every day a study suggests. Tests on London's Underground service found bacteria linked to skin and respiratory infections and can affect people with weak immune systems. Presenter Steve Wright: BBC Radio 2.

September 21, 2017Tattoos. Scientists from Germany and France wanted to see what happens to the pigment once the needles are put into the skin, and they found that tiny particles can travel inside the body and even reach the lymph nodes which are found in the neck, armpits and groin, and form part of the bodies immune system.  Ink getting into peoples lymph nodes. No-one really knows about all the side effects. Check toxic chemicals listed. Be careful with what chemicals the pigment is made of. Don't expose tattoos to sunlight because if you have a colourful tattoo, it's mostly out of organic pigments and likely to become toxic with carcinogenic compounds. We still need more research as to the serious side effect of tattoos. BBC World Service: Health Check.

September 21, 2017There's is a big outbreak of measles taking place across Europe and it's all down to a fall in vaccination coverage in different countries. A lot of cases have been in Romania where 31 people have died as a result of measles. Even Germany and Portugal have seen deaths from measles. This is something that theoretically should not be happening and the WHO (World Health Organisation) said its an unacceptable tragedy because measles, mumps and rubella jabs, if given to a child, would prevent anyone from getting those diseases. James Gallagher. BBC World Service: Health Check

September 21, 2017Honesty makes you happier and healthier - even if your fibs are well-meaning, studies show. Researchers from the University of San Diego Emotion Lab studied why people tell white lies to those around them found people were more likely to tell these lies to someone they were compassionate towards to avoid hurting them. Previous studies have revealed that people are happier when they don't lie. Avoiding lying has helped improve relationships and social interactions. Daily Mail.

September 21, 2017
. E-cigarettes 'do' inflict life-long damage on non-smokers' hearts that is similar to tobacco cigarettes, study claims. Researchers from UCLA studied the impact of nicotine in e-cigs on the heart. E-cigs with nicotine increased the adrenaline levels in non-smokers' hearts. This increase can cause risk of heart attack and sudden death. Experts recommend non-smokers to avoid using e-cigs with nicotine. Daily Mail.

September 20, 2017A major pharmaceutical has withdrawn all non-US sales of a sterilisation implant 3 weeks after Sky News exposed it had dangerous side effects. The German manufacturer Bayer said the decision to stop sales was that Essure implant was being taken for commercial reasons. Some patients have been left in chronic pain and have even needed a hysterectomy in some cases. Sky News.

September 20, 2017A drug which can extend the lives of people with lung cancer is to be made available on the NHS in England. The drugs Watchdog NICE said, the drug Nivolumab was too expensive, but its manufacturers have agreed to reduce the price. Sky News.

September 20, 2017Health leaders warn of a global emergency as patients develop a growing resistance to drugs which could jeopardise progress in modern medicine  The World Health Organisation (WHO) said that 'antimicrobial resistance is a global health emergency after health leaders warned that 'we are running out of antibiotics'. Daily Mail.

September 19, 2017Gram for gram Lambs liver probably contains more nutrients than any other food. It's packed with iron, and Retinol, the animal source of vitamin A, which is very powerful antioxidant for the correct functioning of the immune system and for eye health, but in high doses can actually be quite toxic, so the general advice is, not to have it about more than once a week. Nutritionist and Offal expert Carroll Lynch.

September 19, 2017World's first autonomous dental implant robot was used by professor in Forth Military Medical University, China to perform the first dental implant surgery. It will greatly cut dental cost down, according to dentists. Live Leak.

September 18, 2017New laws are needed to protect people from faulty boilers. A change in the law is required so it should be compulsory for gas boilers to be checked and serviced annually by a registered gas safety engineer. Carbon monoxide kills 50 people in England and Wales every year. 4000 people are admitted to hospital for hospital treatment. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer because we cant see, taste, or smell the gas. ITV News.

September 18, 2017 When you have bad teeth, your teeth they have a limited ability to repair cavities themselves. Obviously we still need fillings A group of scientists in Belfast have studied some stem cells that are naturally inside your teeth, and in the living bit right in the middle and they showed that if you were to expose them to aspirin, the common pain-killing drug, then it promotes a greater dentine production, and can trigger the dentine production. Their theory is if you can find a way of making aspirin be exposed directly onto the bit inside the cavity, by putting the drug into a gel or temporary filling that you could apply directly to where you needed the healing, then maybe you can help heal and improve tooth repair. However, aspirin has been around for Donkeys years.  it's incredibly cheap which means it's very hard to get someone interested to fund these kinds of trials, because if you can't get the money in because people cant see themselves making a profit because let's be honest, Aspirin costs a tiny amount of money, then there's no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to trial these drugs. James Gallagher. BBC World Service: Health Check.

September 18, 2017.  There has been a big jump in the number of hungry people around the World.  The UN report says 815 million people, that's 11% of the World; population didn't get enough to eat last year. It blames an increase in conflict and the impact of climate change. The report says the goal of ending hunger by 2030 won't be met unless all factors affecting food security are addressed. BBC World Service News.

September 17, 2017The annual flu jab can offer little or no protection against the virus in elderly people, research suggests. Figures published in the British Medical Journal indicates the £160million winter public health campaign may have been a waste of money for those over 65, its principal target. Reporter Lucy Johnston. Daily Express.

September 17, 2017Robotic Smart Homes set to improve lives of elderly. Fujita Health University Hospital showed how their latest designs for 'Robotic Smart Homes' are able to take care of Japan's rapidly ageing population, in Nagoya. The robots will transform elderly people's houses into 'Smart' homes, allowing residents to live independently and actively. The Fujita Health University Hospital team has so far developed a range of robots including the Human Support Robot, the Movement Support Robot and the Walking Support Robot. However, the Vice President  explained that robots that help with mobility are simply not enough as, "without communication they [the elderly] are not happy." To overcome this problem, the University Hospital team has developed the CommuTV (Communication Television) which also offers a "human relationship. Live Leak.

September 17, 2017Researchers from Columbia University created a skin patch to help target fat-burning in problem areas such as love handles. Mice who tested the patch lost 20 percent of their fat. Daily Mail.

September 16, 2017Scientists in the United States say they have developed the technology to make all children's vaccinations single jabs, doing away with the need for boosters. It is their hope for the first step towards creating a one-stop-jab for all childhood vaccinations. The technology involved injecting the patient with a tiny non-toxic capsule, like a miniature coffee cup that will be filled with the vaccine and sealed with a  lid. The contents would then be released at the right time over several weeks. Also, its much less risky for a child to have just one injection rather than have many separate injections. BBC World Service: News hour.

September 16, 2017. The Worlds biggest car maker plans to electrify its entire range by 2030. Meanwhile, luxury car maker Daimler says, it plans to offer a an electric or hybrid version of every Mercedes Benz model within 5 years.  Sky News.

September 16, 201714 unions representing a million NHS workers have written to the chancellor demanding a 3.9% pay rise. The government has been criticised for only lifting the 1% public sector pay cap for police and prison officers in England and Wales. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.
September 15, 2017A study shows that a Mediterranean diet consisting of nuts, fruits, whole grains and olive oil and low in red meat can reduce the chance of death by 37% in people who have heart disease. + Lowering your cholesterol levels, exercising every day for 40 minutes, 3 times a week can reduce your cholesterol, and higher rewards are gained if we also change our diet + We've looked at people in middle age, and look at their sense of well-being, and then follow them through until later life, we know that people who don't have good mood, or aren't engaging with the World, have a poorer outcome as they get older. + Stress can affect our hormones and reduces our ability to recover from an illness which makes us more vulnerable to the ageing process. BBC 1 Documentary.

September 14, 2017The pop singer and actress Selina Gomez has revealed she has been recovering from a kidney transplant, given by a friend which is because she suffers from lupus, (Lupus is a complex and poorly understood condition that affects many parts of the body). The 25 year old posted a photo of herself from her hospital bed on Instagram BBC News.

September 14, 2017.  Dinner's hosted a unique dining experience dishing up an array of creepy crawlies to adventurous guests. The culinary start-up, which specialises in edible insects, teamed up with Zurich's Kunstkantine restaurant, serving a four-course menu including fresh cheese with edible dirt and worms, hay and worm soup with fried peas and worms, among others.  Marketing manager of Essento Jana Schiffmann stressed that not only are insects very delicious, they are also sustainable and they are healthy, making them the food of the future. The pop up dining experience will be on offer in Basel and Bern in the next month. Live Leak.

September 14, 2017PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) have a bad effect on the animals reproductive system. They are bad compounds full stop. From being able to examine the dead whales, we know a lot more about the threats and pressures. These whales have been in the UK waters for most of their life, and therefore, they represent the state of our oceans and we should take that quite seriously. BBC News.

September 14, 2017.The insulated foam at Grenfell tower which released cyanide when it caught fire has been used in at least 35 other buildings around the capital. When it burns it produces hydrogen cyanide as well as carbon monoxide, and that means you have a lethal cocktail of gases which first of all will incapacitate and stop you from being able to escape and then finally kill you. ITV News.

September 14, 2017Private patients of the disgraced breast surgeon Ian Patterson are to receive a share of 37 million pounds in compensation. Patterson is serving 20 years in prison for subjecting his victims to unnecessary surgery. ITV News.

September 13, 201750 primary Schools in the most polluted parts of London are set to have air quality audits organised by the Mayor. The report will be written for each School suggesting changes that could be made to protect children from pollution. ITV News.

September 13, 2017The calcium in our bones, and the iron on our blood comes from ancient explosions of giant stars. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.  

September 13, 2017Mediterranean diet to boost brain health: The food you should be eating to improve brain function. Researchers have found mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) - a class of nutrients found in olive oils, nuts and avocados are linked to general intelligence, help suppress rheumatoid arthritis and could be used to boost cognitive performance. Daily Express.

September 12, 2017Sepsis is Britain's biggest killer affecting a quarter of a million people in the UK every year. It causes more deaths than breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer combined. Sepsis is sometimes referred to as septicaemia or blood poisoning, an invasion of bacteria into the bloodstream, whereas sepsis can affect organs inside the body without blood a life-threatening complication of an infection when the body's immune defences react in an extreme way. It's sometimes called the silent killer, sepsis is triggered by an infection. It can occur as a result of problems spreading from other parts of the body, such as chest infections, urinary infections, ulcers bursting in the stomach, or cuts and bites on the skin. If the bodies immune system over reacts, it can lead to multiple organ failure and death. Alistair Jackson. BBC 1: Why Mum Died; Britain's Sepsis Crisis.

September 12, 2017In poor countries, its easier than ever to see a doctor, but it's getting harder and harder to find one that will make you better. 158 new clinics have opened up in the last two years in Delhi, India, and a survey of 102 developing countries in 2015 found that those with established primary care systems had higher life expectancy, and lower infant mortality. Recent roll-outs of primary care for example in Brazil, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Thailand have been followed by falls in child mortality. In 2015 governments across the World plans to extend primary care as part of the UN's sustainable development goals to be met by 2030. The World Health Organisation (WHO) thinks 400 million people globally lack access to primary care.  RNIB Connect: Talking Newspapers.

September 12, 2017NHS England's chief executive Simon Stevens has warned the health service could be put under increased pressure this winter due to a predicted rise in the number of flu cases. Sky News.

September 12, 2017.   The regular use of disinfectants like bleach has been linked to an increased risk of developing potentially fatal lung conditions. Researchers fo8nd you're a third more likely to get emphysema and chronic bronchitis if you clean with them once a week. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 12, 2017Statins. We have now had the longest study of its kind, spread over 20 years using 5000 patients over the age of 45. All were healthy except they had a raised cholesterol. They were given a very mild statin that reduced the cholesterol.  They found a 27% reduction in coronary heart disease and 28% reduction from dying from a coronary heart disease, so taking statins if you have a high cholesterol does reduce your risk of dying from heart disease. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning. 

September 11, 2017The weekly sessions have now become daily at an old people home which is doubling up as a nursery in the hope it helps the old and very young. The Apple and Honey nursery In Clapham is the first of it's kind in the UK. Evidence from other countries which operate similar schemes suggest mixing old and young can boost self esteem and health among both groups, as well as tackling social isolation often felt among some care home residents. ITV News.

September 11, 2017The average child gets between 9 and 12 colds a year. Most happens in the winter. If your child has a cold, teach your child really good hygiene at a very early age. Handkerchiefs are not good. Using a disposable tissue you can throw away after each use will help limit spreading the germs.  The germs can be spread by sneezing, or when you cough. If anyone touches those droplets, that's how it can spread. Eating a healthy diet is absolutely likely to reduce your child's chance of getting coughs and colds. Multi vitamins do not probably help, although we do recommend children under the age of should have a vitamin D supplement. If any parent who has a teenager who has not yet had their 'Men ACWY' vaccine, please, please, please get it before you go to University as there are a huge number of people getting 'men W' which is a vile strain. 13% of young people who get this die. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Jeremy Vine show: Radio 2.

September 11, 2017Using bleach is linked to fatal lung disease. Using bleach over a 30-year study has found that using bleach can increase a horrible disease called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disorder,  (COPD) which you often find among miners and heavy smokers. Using bleach just once a week can cause some of those particles to get into the lungs and cause a horrible disease. It increases it by32%. Sky News: Press Preview.

September 10, 2017.  We are never alone. How bacteria are the true dominant organisms on Earth, and how we are covered inside and out by things that are not us. We are completely full of other living things, and those are microbes, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that we can't see that live on our bodies, and there are tens of trillions of them. And actually, the bacteria that live on our forearm which is dry and parched are very different to those that live in the mouth which is moist and warm like a rain forest with a real diverse range of life.  We are not just a single individual, but this massive community, this entire ecosystem of life. Ed Yong. British Science Writer. BBC Radio 4: Inside Science.

September 10, 2017The use of potentially addictive pain killers across England has doubled in the last 15 years. Researchers found 1 in 20 people were being prescribed opioid painkillers such as codeine or tramadol. BBC News

September 9, 2017A camera that can see through the human body has been developed. The device is designed to help doctors track endoscopes and medical tools that are used to investigate a range of internal conditions. Until now it has not been possible to track endoscope without using X-rays or other expensive methods. The new camera can detect new sources of light inside the body such as the illuminated tip of the endoscopes long flexible tube. It has immense potential for diverse applications. The ability to see a devices location is crucial for many applications in healthcare, as we move forwards with minimally evasive approach to treating diseases. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 9, 2017An Indonesian company called BiteBack has developed a way to abstract a cooking oil from edible insects. The idea is to find an alternative to palm oil which is the most widely consumed vegetable oil in the World and in half of all packaged products, from shampoo to ice cream. Its production has been a major cause of deforestation, especially in Indonesia. BBC World Service:  The Food Chain.

September 8, 2017Plastic fibres found in tap water around the World. Scores of tap water samples from more than a dozen nations were analysed by scientists. 83% of the samples were contaminated with plastic fibres. The US had the highest contamination rate, at 94%, with plastic fibres found in tap water sampled at sites including Congress buildings, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters, and Trump Tower in New York. Lebanon and India had the next highest rates. European nations including the UK, Germany and France had the lowest contamination rate, but this was still 72%. The average number of fibres found in each 500ml sample ranged from 4.8 in the US to 1.9 in Europe. Live Leak.

September 8, 201713-year-old Jemima Layzell has become a World record breaking organ donor. She wanted to become a donor and died two weeks later at a birthday party from a brain aneurysm. Her organs have helped 8 people which is the most in NHS history. Sky News. Times Press preview.

September 8, 2017.  Futurist systems by Amazon, Apple and Google could be hijacked by using ultra sonic commands that are inaudible to humans. Chinese scientists set up a loud speaker broadcasting voice commands that have been shifted into ultra sonic frequencies and found they could dial phone number, visit websites and take photographs. BBC World Service News.

September 8, 2017The secret to a happy marriage.... living apart. ITV This Morning.

September 8, 2017. In Northern Italy, the death of a 4 year old girl from ceribal malaria has left doctors puzzled. Sofia Zargo was diagnosed wit the disease on Saturday in the city of Trento. Italy is free of the Mosquito that carries ceribal malaria and the girl had not visited  any at risk countries. The doctor specialising in infectious disease said, he's never seen a case like it. BBC News.

September 8, 2017Genetic predisposition is a major cause of eye disease. Talk to your relatives about your families eye health history, as some eye conditions such as glaucoma, and lazy eye or squinting can run in family. Get your children an eye test if there's a family history of any of these conditions. People of Asian or African decent are more at risk of developing eye disease. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 7, 2017Some people who are blind echo-locate like bats, using mouth clicks to sense and understand their surroundings. Daniel Kish is so proficient at clicking he can tell a tree from a post from a human.  At Durham University, they have generated a 'synthetic mouth click' to use in future research which may lead to better sonar systems that could be used in self-driving cars. Metro.

September 7, 2017Statins are the quickest and safest way to lower cholesterol and ward off heart disease, as study claims. A 20 year review by scientists showed taking the pill each day reduced the chance of dying by as much as 28%. Findings suggest the once-a-day tablets should now be prescribed more widely, especially those with high blood pressure. Giles Shelfrick. Daily Express.

September 7, 2017Taking the pain out of spotting fakers. One of the trickier tasks faced by doctors is knowing when a patient is faking it. Graduate student Diambo Liu and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with an algorithm that analyses footage of people wincing in pain. It collaborates differences in their facial expressions, helping provide a more objective assessment of pain levels. The system could eventually be rolled out as a smart phone app. Newspaper.
September 6, 2017. Asbestos. Fly tippers dumping toxic hazardous waste - a threat to human health. Contaminated rubbish can kick up the fibrous dust. If inhaled it can damage lungs and can cause cancer. Toxic rubbish containing five different examples of asbestos. ITV News.

September 6, 2017. Asbestos is a very nasty substance, it causes at least five serious human diseases including, lung cancer, and a very particular type of cancer the pleura, the lining of our chest called mesothelioma. it's a very odd word, but everyone who gets it knows exactly what it means. Its a very unpleasant type of cancer and remains incurable to this day and in this country (UK ), and we still see a number of new cases. The biggest risk is those who do the removal and dumping as well as the wider population. Dr Jeremy Steele  Mesomelithomia Charitable Trust. ITV News.

September 6, 2017Since your kids are back at School, steal their colouring books, New research showing colouring books lights up the brain's pleasure centre for an immediate mood boost. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2

September 6, 2017 Your steering wheel is dirtier than a public toilet. Researchers from the University of London swabbed steering wheels and found 700 bacteria per square inch. Nearly 9 times more than they found in a public toilet. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2.

September 6, 2017.  Two of the fashion industry's biggest conglomerates say they're banning the use of ultra thin models. LVMH and Kering whose brands include Louis Vuitton, Dior and Alexandra Mc-queen have taken the action in response to claims the industry is promoting eating disorders.  Radio 2 News. 

September 6, 2017Denmark is the happiest country.  It's about improving quality of life. I have been on a global treasure hunt looking for pockets of happiness to see what works in  France and Japan for example, and different countries in terms of driving well being for people. And trying to collect a spectrum of cases we can incorporate into our lives to become happier. One of the best particulates of whether people are happy or not is their relationships. It's that sense of togetherness and belonging and sense of community.  Meik Wiking. Author. The Little  Book Of Lykke. ITV This Morning. 

September 6, 2017Worst nurse shortage ever. There are huge amounts of vacancies in the NHS which doesn't necessarily have to be solved by migration. It should be solved by increasing skills of the 1.5 million people still unemployed here. Daily Mirror. Press Preview. Sky News.

September 6, 20178 in 10 young people want social media firms to do more to tackle cyber bullying. Nearly half have received threatening or nasty messages, with 1 in 7 a victim in the past month, so what they're saying is, MP's are about to look into cyber bullying and children's society have said that social media firms need to look into it. Radio 2.

September 5, 2017The new research was done on young healthy adults. One group had a high dose of Ibuprofen, and the other group a low dose aspirin. They found that their muscle growth was actually twice as much as in the aspirin group than in the ibuprofen. Muscle strength was less. If you take this to the older age group, then these people's muscles and strength could be affected. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning. 

September 4, 2017. Why is yawning so contagious?. The part of your brain that looks after movement so controls it, so the primary motor cortex, that's the part that's involved when you see someone yawning and that's contagious. It's called Echo Phenomena and it's not just seen in humans. It's seen in dogs and chimps. Professor at The University of Nottingham. BBC World Service: Crowd Science.  

September 4, 2017. Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 and the carbon dioxide in our breath. is one factor that draws them to us., as well as through the chemicals and heat from our skin. We know that body odour, which is what the mosquito is responding to can be controlled by our genes. If you have a set of identical twins, the hypothesis would be that those twins would be the same level of attractiveness and the same sort of smell. If you're non-identical, genetically different, you will be sort of random in terms of whether you're attracted to mosquito's. We need to understand how likely it is that someone is going to get malaria, so what we're looking at is developing a drug or pill that you might take before you go on holiday that would cause the body to out-regulate the production of natural repellents. BBC World Service: Crowd Science. 

September 4, 2017. Mosquitoes are on the rise in Northern Europe and the most common is the Northern house mosquito, but other species from more tropical countries like the Asian Tiger mosquito are now being found.  When it gets warmer, they tend to be more aggressive and bite more. Doctor Cyril Caminade - Institute of Infection and Health. The University of Liverpool. BBC World Service: Crowd Science. 

September 4, 2017. What role Mosquitoes play in the World, and will it be OK if they were extinct?  They are food for birds and bats as adults. They are also food for fish and other aquatic organisms, and if you take anything out of an ecological web of life, you're at a risk of the whole thing collapsing. We will never be able to get rid of mosquitoes. Professor James Logan. Head of the Department of Disease Control and Director of the Arthropod Control Product Test Centre. BBC World Service: Crowd Science.  

September 4, 2017. 460 people in the UK die unnecessarily while waiting on transplant waiting lists. We need to ensure England follows Wales and Scotland with a law making all adults to have consented, to 'opt in' to donate their organs unless they 'opt out'. Radio London News. 

September 3, 2017. If we can make artificial spiders silk more stronger, we can do many things with these fibres. Others have made clothing and sports goods. We are more interested in medical applications. So there are some scientific reports that say, if you injure a nerve, then you can put spider silk that you reel from the spider in the gap, then you can regenerate the nerve. These are animal experiments studies done by a German group. Professor Anna Rising. BBC World Service: Crowd Science 

September 3, 2017. There's a cruel irony in the death of 76-year-old Yemeni Doctor Abdula Alkhamesi, as founder of the Red Cress and Humanitarian organisation in Yemen. He's devoted much of his life to the victims of disease, disaster and conflict, and no more so than the past couple of years when a Saudi led coalition has been battling Houthi rebels. But he himself has fallen victim to the conflict which has left less than half the country's health facilities unable to operate, and trying to move the Yemeny people out of the country is severally restricted. Doctor Abdula Alkhamesi died after a failed heart operation. BBC World Service: News Hour 

September 3, 2017. Real Coloured blindness is actually a misnomer. Real coloured blindness which means the ability to differentiate colours is really quite rare indeed. What most people have is colour vision deficiency, where there will be the congenital type, congenital abnormalities in the retinal receptors responsible for colour visions. You can also get the unusual colour vision in people with ocular disorders, we would then call them acquired colour visions defences and they can occur as frequently as (inaudible word) abnormalities can occur, but in the congenital variety, there's about 8% of men who have a colour deficiency of some sort, and about 4% of women, so it's much rare in women as it is in men. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 2, 2017. Doctors at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Centre successfully operated on a Palestinian man suffering from a rare disease known as 'tree man syndrome.' Mohammed Taluli arrived at the hospital with large growths on his hand, caused by complications from human papillomavirus infection, which can be cancerous. The surgery was successful and he is now receiving medications and vaccines to complete the treatment. Live Leak 

September 2, 2017. One in three parents says their child's first day at school is more emotional than giving birth or their wedding day. Two thirds admit to shedding a tear, a Kleenex study found. The Metro.

September 2, 2017. The Maritime and coastguard agency say a shipwreck could be to blame for a chemical cloud which forced coastline evacuations across Eat Sussex last weekend. Sky News.   

September 1, 2017. Health care in the future. Smart phones diagnosing symptoms, and artificial intelligence working alongside medics. But the technologically does depend on how far we're willing to share our data. At Great Ormond street, nurses are using mobile devices to keep an eye on their patients. BBC London News reporter. When you visit and talk to your doctor, what you do is pass on all your data. When you talk to a machine you do exactly the same, the difference is the machine can look at hundreds of millions of variations of knowledge as opposed to millions that can fit inside a human brain, and in return can do billions of valuations of symptoms  in seconds in which a human brain cannot do. Dr Alan Parsa. Babylon. BBC London News.

September 1, 2017. GP Manish Shah has been charged with 118 sexual offences including sexually assaulting a girl under 13 including 54 other victims in Havering between 2004 and 2013. LBC News.

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