There are fears that millions of people could die if a deadly and drug-resistant form of malaria is not beaten. Experts said, if the parasite reaches Africa it could create a global emergency. That's led to a race against resistance as malaria continue to spread. The problems began in western Cambodia a decade ago when two different strains of malaria combined to form a multi-drug-resistant mutation. It has advanced across the region of parts of Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Its now threatening to cross the border into Myanmar. Nicholas White: Professor of tropical medicine said, if it spreads to Africa, as its done twice before, the mortality could be substantial, we could have millions of people dying as a result. ITV News.

Giant 'air-pods' have been installed at Somerset House so Londoners can experience different levels of air pollution in cities from across the globe. The pollution pods recreate condition ranging from toxic hotspots such as New Delhi, to countries like paradises in Norway. The artist behind the project said it will help raise awareness of the damages of toxic air. ITV News.

The Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has announced a 4 million dollars in new funding from his foundation and other donors to try to half the number of deaths from malaria. He was speaking as experts called for a new effort to combat the disease. BBC World Service.

Sitting too long could put your brain health at risk. It's probably time to get up from that desk. Prolonged sitting has been linked to less brain volume in a region important for memory. Experts advise desk workers to stand or walk for two hours out of the day. Sitting has been shown to harm your heart and increase cancer risk. A new study published this month in 'PLOS One' reveals that sitting for too long can change a region in our brains vital for memory. journals.plos.

A British woman jailed for smuggling drugs into Egypt has been seen for the first time since she was locked up in prison. Laura Plummer was jailed for sneaking illegal painkillers into the country in October last year. Memorable Barbara Bush quotes after the former first lady's death at 92 Today she was seen in a minute-long video shot at Cairo’s Al Qanater Prison as part of an Easter mass. It is the first time she has been pictured since she was jailed and sentenced to three years in prison. The 34-year-old now looks extremely different, with her family stating she ‘bears no resemblance’ to who she was outside of jail. Metro.

If you suffer migraines there’s hope for a way to ease the pain. A self-injected smart drug holds out new hope for migraine sufferers who until now have had to grit their teeth and bear the pain of thunderclap headaches. Trial results show that the antibody drug erenumab can cut episodic migraine attacks by more than half in a large proportion of cases. What is hyperandrogenism? The drug, administered with a self-injection device similar to those used by diabetics, was tested on patients who had failed to respond to up to four other treatments. Trial leader Dr Uwe Reuter, from The Charite-University Medicine Berlin in Germany, said: ‘The people we included in our study were considered more difficult to treat, meaning that up to four other preventative treatments hadn't worked for them. ‘Our study found that erenumab reduced the average number of monthly migraine headaches by more than 50 per cent for nearly a third of study participants. Metro.

Research into the treatment of lung cancer has achieved a possible breakthrough - after a new study showed survival times were nearly doubled for some patients - by combining the use of immunotherapy drugs with chemotherapy. Oncologists have described the findings as "huge". "We're going to have to find ways to pay for these drugs," said Dr. Roy Herbst,  Chief of Medical Oncology at Yale Cancer Centre. "But I think if we're more personalized in how we use them, I think we'll be even more effective - and hopefully with years of life saved, the cost could go down." On the downside patients in the trial nausea, anemia and fatigue as unwanted side effects. The immuno-therapy drug used, - Keytruda from Merck Pharmaceuticals, costs up to 120 000€ per patient. Euronews.

U.S and British scientists have created a plastic digestive enzyme that can help in the fight against plastic pollution. They've made an improved version of a natural enzyme that evolved the ability to feed on plastic. Tests showed that the newly engineered protein could break down one of the most popular forms of plastic widely used by the food industry. The Why Factor: BBC World Service. 

The Financial Times reports that immunotherapy is set to become the default treatment for the majority of lung cancer patients following a clinical trial from Merck. Papers.

Lung cancer patients live longer with immune therapy. The odds of survival can greatly improve for people with the most common type of lung cancer if, along with the usual chemotherapy, they are also given a drug that activates the immune system, a major new study has shown. “What it suggests is that chemotherapy alone is no longer a standard of care,” said Dr. Leena Gandhi, a leader of the study and director of the Thoracic Medical Oncology Program at the Perlmutter Cancer Centre at New York University Langone Health. “The data are impressive,” Dr. Herbst said. “We’re making progress, but still only benefiting 30 to 40 percent of patients. There’s a lot more room to do better. We have to keep looking for new things and new approaches.” nytimes.

NHS in data sharing row as senior MP condemns snooping on 'most vulnerable' patient’ medical records are being mined “for whatever purposes the Government sees fit”, a damning report by MPs reveals. The Health and Social Care Committee has serious concerns after its inquiry into NHS Digital, the information and technology partner to the health service. Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative MP who heads the committee, said the inquiry showed NHS Digital is already thinking of sharing patient data with government departments in cases of tax evasion, benefits fraud or theft, which is against the NHS code of conduct. Express.

A group of MPs is criticising a decision by NHS bosses to use patients information to identify suspected illegal immigrants. The health and social care committee said, the use of data this way is entirely inappropriate. RNIB Connect: Talking Newspapers. 

Doctors in Australia have called for urgent research into why a flesh-eating ulcer has become a "worsening epidemic" in the state of Victoria. Local cases of Buruli ulcer, a skin disease most commonly found in Africa, have surged by 400% in the last four years, experts say. Infections have also become more severe and spread to new areas. Doctors do not know how to prevent the disease, which is caused by bacteria that breaks down tissue. In the developing world, the disease is associated with wetlands and stagnant water, however in Australia cases have largely been reported from coastal regions. BBC News.

A Mediterranean diet is not just good for the heart, it protects the liver too! The Mediterranean diet is loaded with fruit, veg, whole grains, olive oil and fish. The new trial adds to the body of evidence that shows the diet's health benefits. They found cirrhosis patients are less likely to be hospitalised following the diet. The deadly condition kills around one million people across the world each year. Mail.

A supermarket is about to launch ‘touch-free’ packaging that will allow people who hate handling raw meat to cook chicken straight from the packet. Millennials have been named as the squeamish shoppers being targeted by the new ‘straight to pan’ packaging being introduced at Sainsbury’s after it found people under 35 aren't keen on touching raw chicken. Metro.

A woman who was a long-time crusader against a biotechnology firm who created genetically engineered mosquitoes designed to fight diseases, has been found dead in the swimming pool at the Cambria Hotel & Suites Washington, D.C. Convention Center on 899 O Street, NW. Despite paramedic's attempts to revive her, Mila de Mier was pronounced dead after 9:35 am. CNN.

Scientists say they have identified genes that cause a deadly heart condition that can only be cured by transplants of the heart or lungs. Pulmonary arterial hypertension kills 50% of those affected within five years, but little was known about what caused the condition in some people. Now experts say they have discovered five genes that cause the illness. The findings could lead to earlier detection of the disease and ultimately new treatments, researchers say. The research was part of a pilot study for the 100,000 Genomes Project - a huge initiative focused on understanding the genetics of cancer and rare diseases. BBC News.

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