April 14, 2018Britain has allegedly ran out of life-saving EpiPens, putting thousands of allergy sufferers at serious risk. A source working in Alliance Healthcare, the UK’s sole distributor, told that they finished their stock earlier this week. Man arrested after 'smashing axe into Tesco customer' in car park It comes amid warnings by manufacturers about a potential global shortage of the medical device. The source said: ‘Alliance Healthcare is the only company that can distribute in the UK, and we have none left. Also the alternative is out of stock, so it’s a massive issue.’ Metro.

April 13, 2018Why do I need to run as well? Tennis and dancing involve a lot of cutting, twisting and turning and its often the twists and turns that damage the knee joint, whereas running, is a straight-line sport so it can be safe for the knee joint. When we run, our bodies strengthens, so our muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments get stronger. Research has also shown that people who run do not get more osteoarthritis in the knee in comparison to people that don't run. There's so much evidence to show that people who run-a-lot suffer from joint pain less in older age, and could help prevent osteoarthritis in later life. It even goes against the official advice from the NHS. Dr Steve Preece: University of Salford: The One Show. BBC1. 

April 13, 2018The Daily Express is blaming an "obesity crisis" in the UK on advice from the NHS. The paper quotes a trio of leading medics as saying decades of eating carbohydrates on the advice of doctors had led to the issue. Papers.

April 13, 2018. Revealed: 82 'ghost wards' containing 1,400 empty NHS beds. The closures, often a result of hospitals not having enough staff or the money to keep wards open, have occurred at a time when the health service is under unprecedented pressure and struggling to cope with demand for beds. Guardian.

April 12, 2018. You should not keep your medication in the bathroom cabinet. The heat and humidity can damage the medication. Instead, store in a cool dry place. +, Just because you're hair is turning grey, it doesn't mean you're getting old. Researchers have attributed the difference to faster lifestyles,  poor diet and lack of sleep. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.

April 12, 2018Three dead and over 100 injured after smoking fake weed laced with rat poison in Illinois. Tests have been carried out on the synthetic weed and several patients and they came back positive for a lethal ingredient often used in rat poison. The federal Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have issued a national alert patients with severe, unexplained bleeding may be additional cases. The CDC is helping Illinois authorities investigate the outbreak in that state, which began in early March. Illinois reported seven more cases on Tuesday, bringing the nationwide total to at least 116. Metro.

April 12, 2018. Stars of ITV's The Real Full Monty: Ladies Night were paid £10,000 each, according to the Sun. The newspaper says the TV show, that saw eight celebrities strip off, was for charity and only raised £4,000 on the night. However, a spokesman for the channel said the focus of the show was to raise awareness of cancer and encourage people to get themselves checked. Papers.

April 12, 2018From Cherry Bakewells to Fray Bentos pies, do we really understand the cocktail of ingredients in our favourite brands? As the saying goes: if your granny wouldn't have recognised what’s in it, it’s probably not real food. Yet half the food we take home is made in factories from a list of ingredients and additives as long as your arm, most of which never found a place in any grandparents’ kitchen cupboard – and wouldn't in yours or mine today. Papers.

April 11, 2018. 75% of the world's food is provided by 12 different food crops. The Chase: UK. ITV.

April 11, 2018What makes for the happiest of marriages? According to a University of Denver study, sharing laughs and playing together were the main factors separating happily married couples from unhappy ones. When couples laugh together, their body secretes endorphins which make them feel good about the person they're having fun with. Getting real: Ph.D, Susan Campbell. BBC Radio 2.

April 11, 2018Why does one get cancer? (Bowel cancer). Our diet is important. Lifestyle and diet is important. So a diet which is high in red meat and processed meats increases your risk. Having two sausages and rashers every morning increases your chance by 60%. Sometimes it's just bad luck. Maybe there's a genetic problem, a genetic default because there are certain genetic defaults which can increase your chances of getting cancer. Symptoms are - a change in bowel habits. weight loss and fatigue. Diarrhoea. Passing of blood in stools. Lower abdominal discomfort. Get a bowel cancer testing kit and test your faeces. Dr Chris Steel: ITV This Morning.

April 11, 2018An anorexic student who ate as little as 600 calories a day and made herself sick through exercising has now recovered to become a weight-lifter. Alyssa Suzanne, 21, of Houston, Texas, USA, started cutting calories and exercising daily at the age of 16 because she wanted to boost her confidence. CatersNews.

April 11, 2018An accountant who developed Vitiligo after falling off her bike as a child is now pursuing a modelling career thanks to Winnie Harlow. Amber La Jefe, 22, of Memphis, Tennessee, USA, began losing pigment in her legs, arms and face, shortly after the biking accident at six-years-old. CatersNews.

April 11, 2018The Daily Express claims sex abusers and paedophiles could be facing new measures to curb re offending through chemical castration. The newspaper says it understands justice minister Philip Lee has asked officials to look at ways of increasing its use. Papers.

April 10, 2018Yulia Skripal has left hospital more than five weeks after she and her father, a former Russian spy, were poisoned with a nerve agent in an attack that has sparked one of the biggest crises in the West's relations with the Kremlin since the cold war. Reuters.

April 10, 2018. The i reports on major new research into prostate cancer. The newspaper says that early diagnosis, innovative new treatments and better care have all been promised thanks to £75m of government funding. The cancer affects one in eight men and kills 10,000 a year. Papers.

April 10, 2018. The Daily Mail also leads on the story, calling it "May's war on prostate cancer". It says the PM will unveil the five-year plan later on Tuesday, which will see more than 40,000 men recruited to take part in key trials to find a breakthrough. Papers.

April 10, 2018The front page of the Daily Express says thousands of people in the UK have been forced to quit their jobs because a lack of understanding about diabetes. The newspaper reports on a survey into workplace attitudes, with one-in-six respondents saying their employers "make life more difficult" because of their illness. Papers.

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