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March 9, 2018The Paralympic Games The Pyeongchang winter Olympic games have started in South Korea. Finishes on the 18th of March. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2567 athletes will compete for 80 gold medals across six different sports. A team of Russians will take part under a neutral ban only because the country is banned following allegations of a state-run doping conspiracy. BBC News.

March 9, 2018Around 100 military personal from the royal marines air force regiment and specialists in chemicals have been deployed to assist police in Salisbury in removing potentially contaminated vehicles and objects at crime scenes across the city. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain in a very serious condition in hospital. Sky News.

March 9, 2018The size of a man's testicles influences the number of sperms that he will produce. All adult men do is make that situation worse by making the testicles less efficient. Heat is an issue, or if he's wearing too tight underwear, or sitting in heated car seats or spending hours in hot baths, then potentially he is damaging the testicles. We know other factors such as smoking potentially harms sperm DNA. It probably doesn't change the number of sperm he produces but changes the way they are put together and wok-less well. We still need to do more studies. Allan Pacey: Professor of Andrology: University of Sheffield. Inside Science: BBC Radio 4. 

March 9, 2018. Women from Bogota took to the streets as part of International Women's Day to protest against sexual violence and mistreatment of women in Latin America. The women marched through the streets bearing banners reading statements such as: "An alternative society for working women. No to violence. No to exploitation" and "We, whores and non-whores, affirm the victim is not to blame" and chanting slogans rebuking violence and unequal treatment. NerwsFlare.

March 9, 2018Male infertility: Why it's a men-only problem. Fertility is an issue for men and woman. We have so little to offer infertile men, other than to send them to assistant reproduction, and that's a huge failure because the female partner has to undergo incredibly invasive treatment to sort out the male problem. Were living in an age where were all talking about equality of the sexes and to me, that's a stand-out example of, that is not being treated as equal. Richard Sharp. Honorary Professor at the MRC centre for reproductive health. BBC Inside Science: BBC Radio 4.

March 9, 2018Francie, 88, had spent years battling heart disease and several heart attacks; Charlie, 87, also suffered from heart disease, as well as Parkinson's and prostate cancer. After two different doctors determined each one had fewer than six months to live - as the law stipulates - they were granted permission to go together. Now, nearly a year after their death, their three adult daughters have shared a 45-minute documentary that captures intimate moments of the couples' last moments, in which they smiled at each other, reminisced with their family, and held hands as they swallowed the drugs that would end their lives. In 1997, Oregon became the first state to legalise medical aid-in-dying when they passed the Death With Dignity Act. Mail.

March 9, 2018The i's front page focuses on the announcement by Wiltshire Police that a total of 21 people received treatment after the attack. It also reports speculation that Sergei Skripal, who came to the UK in 2010 in a "spy swap", may have been "freelancing" for private intelligence firms. Papers

March 9, 2018Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey - the police officer contaminated with a nerve agent after responding to the attack on a former Russian spy in Salisbury - is pictured on several front pages. The Sun reports the news he is sitting up and chatting following his release from intensive care. Papers.

March 9, 2018. The Daily Telegraph. Its lead story, however, reports proposals being considered by NHS watchdogs that could see half of the adult population put on blood pressure drugs to cut their risk of heart attack. Papers.

March 8, 2018. Parents are being advised to keep very small batteries, button-shaped ones out of children's and animals reach - One to two children a month are being admitted to hospital after swallowing them. A new design for 'plastic-coat' all batteries will hopefully be implemented. Do The Right Thing: Ch 5. 

March 8, 2018We were told there were just two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2, but now we're being told there might be five types/clusters. Diabetes overall is really just describing how people have blood sugar levels that are out of control, too high which causes damage throughout the body. Now there are lots of different ways you can end up in that state. Type 1 is a severe autoimmune disease where your immune system turns against a part of your body, the cells in the pancreas which produce the hormone insulin and insulins vital for controlling insulin levels. Type 2 is generally associated with poor lifestyle, more common with people who put on weight and is generally the body losing the ability to respond to insulin, so as you gain weight, and your blood sugar levels go up. Type 3, is severe insulin resistance diabetes, patients who are overweight and the body is still producing huge quantities of insulin in an attempt to bring down blood sugar levels, but the body is not responding to it. So those three are the real severe ones. Type 4 is a mild obesity-related diabetes, that tends to be seen in obese patients, and type 5 is a case of diabetes that tends to be associated with the ageing process. Health Check: BBC World Service.

March 8, 2018More than 137,000 girls have missed school in the last year because they couldn't afford sanitary products, a study revealed. Sanitary pad manufacturers BodyForm and Always will be donating millions of sanitary pads to schools to enable girls to achieve their full potential. Metro.

March 8, 2018People who grow up in sunny climate are up to 55 percent less likely to develop multiple sclerosis, a study by the University of British Columbia in Canada has found. Metro.

March 8, 2018Kids and fussy eating is a normal part of growing up. The five Ps Tips. Patience: keep offering your child new food. It takes on average twenty attempts to get your child to eat a new food. Preparation of foods. Get them involved in the preparation of foods. Presentation: Change the way you present food to them, so mix it up and be creative. Plan meal times: Try and make meal times a non-social affair where the entire family eat together. Portion size. Don't ever fight your child to eat because you can set up a vicious cycle and then they don't want to eat. Dr Ranj Singh: ITV This Morning.

March 8, 2018. Sky News understands former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia are in a coma after exposure to a nerve agent: Police have said, It's being treated as attempted murder. Home secretary said, the police officer poisoned by nerve agent after trying to help former spy is 'talking and engaging' in hospital. Sky News.

March 8, 2018The Guardian says Theresa May will have to consider how the government might respond should police and other evidence point to Russia and its multiple spy outfits, even though Moscow will furiously deny involvement. Papers.

March 8, 2018The confirmation a nerve agent was used to attack former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia is reported on most front pages. Papers.

March 7, 2018The American society of plastic surgeons has said, 'butt-augmentation' is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the USA. Butt implants increased by 18% over the last few years, whereas fat grafting procedures, where they inject more fat in the bottom has decreased. In total, 20673 butt augmentation procedures were performed in the US last year, inspired by reality shows. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.

March 7, 2018Language learning acts as a high-intensity work-out making it more flexible, more efficient and bigger. Learning a new language is a complex brain task. It stimulates Neural pathway development in the brain, decreasing any risk of dementia and other brain diseases.+ Scientific studies by the basketful have linked the Mediterranean diet to a reduced heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer and other horrid conditions linked with ageing. A study by Indian scientists has discovered that just 12 weeks of yoga practice can significantly reduce the speed at which your body cells age. + A study by Harvard scientists have also shown that periodic fasting can not only make you slimmer, but actually recharge your bodies cell batteries, slowing down the rate you age. 100 Years Younger In 21 Days: ITV. (Series 2 of 3)

March 7, 2018Researchers from the University of New South Wales found taking cannabidiol, alongside medication, can reduce the frequency of epilepsy patients' seizures by at least 50 per cent. Mail.

March 7, 2018The Metro says chemical experts at the Porton Down military research lab are probing the incident, as Sergei Skripal, 66, and Yulia, 33, remain critically ill in hospital, and says there is a worldwide hunt under way for the possible assassins. Papers.

March 6, 2018Food companies are going to cut the number of calories people in the UK consume in everyday products like ready-made-meals. Officials want to cut calorie consumption by a fifth in the next six years. BBC Radio 2.

March 6, 2018Nursery nurse Charlotte Thomson, now 21, of Newcastle upon Tyne, had regular periods and was still slipping into her size 8 dresses in the nine months before she gave birth so had no idea she was expecting. It wasn't until she took herself to hospital with bleeding and painful stomach cramps that medics told her she was nine months pregnant and in labour. Daughter Molly arrived two hours later. Mail.

March 6, 2018Tea can lower the risk of osteoporosis. Studies from researchers have looked at worldwide data and found that woman who drank the most tea were facing a 38% lower risk of osteoporosis than woman who drank the least. + Prostate cancer: Men who are black and have a family history of prostate cancer are advised to get a PSI check from their doctor. + Obesity is a big cause of cancer. Its only second to tobacco in causing cancer. + Stem cell burger could tackle global warning: Synthetic meat created in laboratory's will be available to buy in the UK at the end of the year. Dr Chris Steel: ITV This Morning.

March 6, 2018Heat produced in our cities is affecting human mortality. Our cities are getting hotter and hotter. Buildings, air conditioning systems, traffic and industrial activities release heat that changes the energy balance of urban areas, affecting the environment and the health of citizens. URBANFLUXES investigates in depth the cities’ warming by combining in-situ meteorological measurements with imagery from some of the Earth Observation satellites working within the Copernicus Program. The rate of warming in cities is higher than the average global warming and, especially during heat waves, this may significantly influence human mortality. This methodology is expected to be easily transferable to any city. By taking into account these studies, local communities may be able to support sustainable urban development strategies focused to reduce climate change. Liveleak.

March 6, 2018. Listeria outbreak: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi warned people to "avoid all processed meat products that are sold as ready to eat". Several southern African states have banned processed meat from South Africa after it said it had identified the source of a food poisoning outbreak.The government blamed the sausage known as polony for the listeria poisoning that has killed 180 people. It advised people not to eat any processed meat. It ordered a recall of the product, prompting shops to clear their shelves. Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana and Zambia followed suit, all ordering a recall or suspending imports. The Mozambican ministry of agriculture and food security "asks that all owners of establishments that commercialise these products start to withdraw from the shelves due to the danger that this constitutes to health", it said in a statement. BBC News.

March 6, 2018The apparent poisoning of a former Russian double agent convicted of spying for Britain features on every front page. The Sun says the incident in Salisbury sparked fears of a "hit" on former colonel Sergei Skripal, although police say they are still investigating whether a crime has been committed. The woman who was 'poisoned' alongside Russian spy 'is his daughter' as police probe if CCTV captured them moments before they were found slumped on town centre bench Papers.

March 6, 2018The Daily Star focuses on the report by MPs into Team Sky's medical policy between 2011 and 2013 - reporting Sir Bradley Wiggins has hit out at its claims he was a given a corticosteroid to enhance performance as a "smear". Papers.
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