April 5, 2018Early screening for bowel cancer, the second biggest killer, is the ultimate medical no-brainier. The over 50s and even younger people can get blood in the stools. It could be haemorrhoids. Check for pain, if you have persistent floating and changes of bowel habits talk to your doctor. It could be IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Dr Hillary Jones: Lorraine: ITV. 

April 5, 2018. Twins with an ultra-rare condition that affects 77 people worldwide are battling their burning and itchy scale-like skin together. Addy and Lola Tomori, 18 months old, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, suffer from Olmsted Syndrome, a gene mutation that causes over development of the skin. CatersNews.

April 5, 2018. The Times claims security services now know the source of the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The paper says the UK knew about the lab where the novichok chemical was made before the attack on 4 March. It also reports officials believe Russia carried out tests to see if the substance could be used in assassinations. Papers.

April 4, 2018Super-strength doses of vitamin B1 could cure the shakes, scientists claim. The 'remarkable' treatment worked on two patients in their 70s - and stopped their tremors from playing havoc on their lives. It was Thiamine, or vitamin B1, that changed the lives of the two patients, who were plagued by the shakes. The life-changing injections which provide 100 times more vitamin B than recommended - gave one man the ability to drink a cup of tea again. Mail.

April 4, 2018The ‘china doll’ boy who has suffered more than 500 fractures from everyday movements like hugging his siblings and smiling at his mum. Reiko Quinlan, six, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, suffers from Osteogeneses Imperfecta Type Three, which caused five fractures during birth and 80 in the first year of his life. CatersNews.

April 4, 23018. The revelation that scientists at Britain's top defence research lab, Porton Down, could not confirm the source of the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter is carried by the Times. It says an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has questioned the UK's "global push" to isolate Russia, given the doubts over the chemical's origins. Papers.

April 3, 2018. President Trumps wants the 'death penalty' for tackling the 'opioid epidemic'. What people don't know is the death penalty is authorised for large-scale drug trafficking already. It may not be constitutional, but this provision is already in the law and does not require murder. Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin. Fox News.

April 3, 2018High Energy Protein Beam Therapy. Its an advanced way of treating cancers. It costs five-times the cost of conventional radiotherapy. Until now, patients needing it have had to travel abroad for treatment. But next week, the UK's first private centre offering the therapy is opening in south Wales. This technology has come under debate over whether this form of treatment should be used more widely. Unlike conventional radiotherapy, the doses delivered directly to the tumour, minimising the risk of damage to surrounding tissue and organs. Treatments cost up to £69,000 per patient.  BBC 1 News.

April 3, 2018. Drive to speed up cancer diagnosis. New life-saving cancer diagnosis are being tested. GPs can refer patients suffering 'vague' symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain and fatigue to ten trial assessment centres, to undergo multiple tests for different cancers. Some patients will receive a result in one day, while others needing further tests should hear within two weeks under the NHS England, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support Scheme. Metro.

April 3, 2018. Could a cup of coffee cause cancer? I would not be worried. This comes from a US judge in California. He said coffee cups from shops should carry cancer warnings similar to cigarette packets. The claim is based on the fact that brewed coffee has high levels of the chemical called acrylamide, which is a known carcinogen. Its produced by the roasting process, high temperatures like roasting or grilling foods. It can cause cancer. Basically, everything that enters through your nose or your mouth are potential carcinogens, but the body is very effective at counteracting them with its own immune system. It's only when they get to high levels - coffee has also been shown to lower the risk of certain cancers. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning. 

April 3, 2018The government is calling for cigarette-style health warnings on fizzy drinks. Tooth decay is the number one reason why children are admitted to hospital needing a general anaesthetic. 34,000 children under nine have had teeth removed in the last 5 years, and 25% of five-year-old's have decay in several teeth, all preventable. April 6, sugar tax comes into force in the UK. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

April 3, 2018A mother has spoken out about seeing her daughter waste away from a condition that some medical professionals say does not exist. Merryn Crofts died 10 days after her 21st birthday weighing less than six stone. Her mother Clare said that Merryn from Norden, Rochdale, had spent the last three years in her bed in pay suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis - ME. Clare came to the conclusion that her daughter had ME after carrying out her own research, but was met with resistance from doctors and other medical professionals. Metro.

April 3, 2018. Konnie Rowe, of Burnham on Sea, Somerset, booked a check-up at Specsavers (with her optician Rama Venkat) in October 2015 after experiencing headaches and struggling to watch TV. The 22-year-old expected to be told she needed stronger lenses - but her optician found a lump above her right eye and advised her to speak to her GP. Her doctor was concerned and booked her in for an emergency MRI scan, which discovered a cystic lesion - tumour - on her brain. Surgery removed the mass but Miss Rowe has been left partially sighted in her right eye and experiences numbness on the left side of her face. Mail.

April 3, 2018. Ambulance crews are having to look after patients in the back of their van or in hospital corridors because of delays at A&E units, the Guardian reports. The paper says that in the past three months about 600,000 ambulances had to wait more than 15 minutes to hand over a patient to hospital staff. Papers.

April 3, 2018Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports a former Tory health secretary's claims that his bowel cancer was not spotted because of budget cuts in the NHS. Writing in the paper, Andrew Lansley said he introduced a national screening programme in 2010 but it failed to be rolled out across England by 2016 as planned. Papers.

April 3, 2018. "One-stop shop for spotting cancer" is the headline on the i. The paper says an NHS trial will aim to catch the disease quicker and carry out multiple tests for different cancers with same day results. Papers.

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