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March 5, 2018Sales of energy drinks to children under 16 have been banned in most major UK supermarkets, amid concerns about high levels of sugar and caffeine. Boots is also joining supermarkets such as Asda, Waitrose, Tesco and the Co-op in introducing the rule. Retailers will limit sale of energy drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre to under-16s. Co-op said it recognised the "growing concern about the consumption of energy drinks" among children. Other supermarkets introducing the voluntary ban include Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Morrisons. Boots is the first retailer to partake that is not a supermarket. BBC News.

March 5, 2018. It’s official: people who regularly exercise are in much better nick in old age. But now researchers at the University of Birmingham and King’s College London have confirmed that those who regularly workout manage to reduce their biological age as they get older. They studied 125 amateur cyclists aged between 55 and 79 - 84 of whom were male and 41 were female. They underwent a series of tests in a lab and were compared to adults who did not partake in regular exercise, but who were aged between 20 and 36. And scientists found that as well as managing to keep hold of muscle mass and strength - despite being so much older, the cyclists’ immune systems seemed to not age either. The men’s testosterone levels also remained high - suggesting that they may have avoided much of the ‘male menopause’. So it looks like the key to looking and feeling younger is getting moving. Find an exercise you genuinely enjoy - be that dance, swimming or spin - and prepare to reap the rewards in later life. Metro.

March 5, 2018Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that judgemental smirks increase people's heart rates. Whereas teeth-showing 'reward smiles' trigger less of a stress response. Non-threatening 'affiliation smiles', which have a closed mouth, also do not prompt a stress response. Mail.

March 5, 2018. A ‘one-stop’ service to revolutionise prostate cancer treatment has been launched by the NHS. The programme slashes the time taken for a diagnosis from six weeks to days. Patients will have all tests in one day using MRI techniques with more accuracy. Doctors hope to test 5,000 men over the next two years in the £1.6million trial. Has been called biggest leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis for decades Mail.

March 5, 2018The Guardian's front page features a photo of Sir Bradley Wiggins in the 2012 Tour de France alongside the headline: "Wiggins and Sky abused doping rules to win Tour". It says a new report claims Wiggins and Team Sky used performance-enhancing drugs under the guise of treating legitimate medical conditions. Papers.

March 5, 2018The Daily Mail also has a front page picture of Sir Bradley, this time illustrating his "drug shame" with a London 2012 winning image. It's lead story, however, focuses on the instruction issued to millions of families to ration water usage after the big freeze that gripped the UK in recent days caused burst pipes, cutting off water supplies. Papers.

March 4, 2018English television personality, businesswoman and model Katie Price has revealed that the botched up surgery she had in September has now been fixed. The 39-year-old underwent a facelift procedure last year, and claimed that the surgeons had ‘fucked up her face’. Apparently, she was spotted with a swollen face, sat in a wheelchair with drainage tubes dangling from her as she left the hospital. Now the mother-of-five has had the surgery, it’s likely that she will be taking time off work to recover from the new procedure. Metro.

March 4, 2018The so-called Beast from the East has cost the UK economy an estimated £1bn a day, according to the Observer. It says gridlocked motorways, empty restaurants and idle diggers could halve GDP growth in the first three months of the year. Papers.

March 3, 2018. Nepal is launching the first 'hiking trail' for disabled treckers. BBC World Service.

March 3, 2018Extreme weather: forecasters are warning dangerous conditions set to continue with high risks of coastal flooding and death-trap black ice on the roads. - Rail services have also been disrupted. - The RAC has urged people not to drive unless necessary and asked those who must go out to check their lights and tyres. Sky News

March 3, 2018Huge swathes of snow covering the UK are set to melt, leaving lethal patches of black ice and slush on roads across the country in the aftermath of Storm Emma. Fog is also looming and could cause problems at London's airports this evening. A total of 53 flood alerts are in place nationwide, with the south west of England most at risk. Yellow weather warnings are in place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland as thawing snow turns to ice. Snow is still expected to fall in northern England and Scotland as Arctic temperatures remain. The UK rail network is still littered with the problems of this week's snow and the RAC is warning drivers not to head out unless absolutely necessary, with hundreds still stranded on the M62 in Greater Manchester. Families in Devon were told to evacuate their homes last night as winds of up to 50mph are expected early on today. Papers.

March 3, 2018A roof without snow on it after a downpour of the white stuff means one thing, according to the Daily Star: Hash in the attic. It says "eagle-eyed" police officers were alerted to a suspected cannabis factory because the heat used to grow the plants melted all the snow on the house's roof. Papers.

March 3, 2018The Daily Mail has hailed a "prostate revolution". It says a "one-stop service to revolutionise prostate cancer treatment" is to be launched by the NHS. The new programme will slash the time it takes to diagnose prostate cancer - cutting it from about six weeks to "just days", the paper adds. Papers.

March 2, 2018A sports club in Saudi Arabia has announced it will host the first-ever woman's marathon next month. Local media reported that the club has been given permission to host the run in the city of Mecca. Recent reforms in the kingdom have allowed a woman to drive cars later this year. BBC News.

March 2, 2018Dozens of people were trapped in their cars on the M80 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with several hundred having been stood on the road overnight. Flights and trains were cancelled across both Britain and Ireland - with similar transport problems in continental Europe. The more freezing snowy weather was forecast as Storm Emma approaches from Portugal and France, with warnings of treacherous weather across southern England and Ireland. Liveleak.

March 2, 2018Man who weight 842lbs dies while filming ‘My 600lb Life’. A morbidly obese man died after dropping 24 stone in just five months for a television show. Robert Buchel died after having a heart attack while filming reality show My 600lb Life. Before his death, Robert and Kathryn moved to Houston in Texas to be closer to Dr Younan Nowzaraden, his surgeon. The episode which features his death is set to air this week. Metro.

March 2, 2018. Father, 25, with terminal penis cancer has been left unable to have sex and faces losing his member completely as the disease is 'busy eating away around it'. Dale Clarke from Newcastle, said he wouldn't care if 'they cut if off' as he now plans to make precious memories with his family as he fears he has little time remaining. Mr Clarke, who already has a six-year-old son called Cole and has another baby on the way was given the devastating news by doctors after discovering a lump on the tip of his member - which grew to the size of a grape before he sought help. Since then, he has undergone five operations, nine rounds of radiotherapy and two bouts of chemotherapy - but all have proved unsuccessful. Mr Clarke, who has already had part of his penis removed, is convinced he will lose his member completely as medics battle the disease. In a courageous admission, he revealed he no longer has any sensation in his penis and that his sex life with his fiancĂ©e is ruined as a result. Mail.

March 2, 2018Storm Emma and the UK's winter weather dominates the front pages of Friday's papers. "Winter in control" is the Daily Telegraph's headline, accompanied by a suitably snowy picture of a farmer and his sheep. The Army has been forced to step in, the paper reports, as police and hospitals struggled to cope with the freezing weather. Papers.

March 2, 2018The Daily Star says the UK should expect the cold weather to last until Easter - another month. Papers.

March 2, 2018The Metro uses a full page photograph taken by a Nasa satellite to show how blizzards engulfed the UK on Thursday. The "perfect storm" brought the UK to a standstill and is expected to continue into the weekend, the paper says. Papers.

March 2, 2018."Now gas is running out," says the Daily Express, as the National Grid issues a warning over a possible shortage because of huge demand during the freezing weather. Papers.

March 2, 2018. The Times warns that floods will follow the freezing weather. It says emergency services declared a major incident in Devon and Cornwall after Storm Emma cut off parts of the region. In non-weather news, the paper reports that fertility experts and campaigners have told the government that girls should be taught how and when to get pregnant in sex education classes. Academics say the rising age of women having children is a cause of concern, the paper reports. Papers.

March 2, 2018. "Emmageddon", is how the Sun describes the weather sweeping across the UK. It says up to 20 inches of snow caused "pandemonium" on Britain's coldest March day since records began. It also reports that a seven-year-old girl died in the winter weather. Papers.

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