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September 15, 2017Staying at a healthy weight slashes the risk of high blood pressure by almost half. Results from  25 years of research confirm that putting on weight poses one of the most significant threats to health. They said, shedding pounds was more important in lowering blood pressure than giving up smoking. News Reporter. Giles Sheldrick.

September 15, 2017.  Type 2 diabetes raises the chances of heart, kidney and eye disease. It can also trigger nerve damage and depression and is the most common reason for lower limb amputations.  While ethnicity plays a role, many cases of it are preventable.The Express.

September 15, 2017.  GPs told to send obese for cookery lessons. GPS must urgently refer almost 2 million overweight people for NHS cooking and exercise classes under official guidelines published today. Everyone over 40 should have a blood test to identify whether unhealthy eating has damaged their metabolism. The Times.

September 15, 2017.  The industry that produces alcohol has made health information about drinking available to the rest of us. There are a lot of different websites doing this around the world. When it comes to the risk of cancer, an international team of public health experts has reviewed the information available and is concerned it doesn't tell the whole story, and that sometimes, key facts are distorted, or left out altogether. Their announcement has just been published in the journal drug and alcohol review revealing findings the industry is not happy with. BBC World Service: Health Check

September 15, 2017 We know drinking alcohol is risky particularly for breast cancer, mouth cancer and oesophageal cancer. An important thing to say, is that for people drinking within the guidelines, your average drinker, the risk is actually quite low, but there is a risk and its well documented the negative effects of drinking alcohol  Mark Petiecrew. Department from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine. BBC World Service: Health Check

September 15, 2017Drinking during pregnancy. There is good evidence that heavy drinking increases risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and affects the developing child. It's called 'fetal alcohol syndrome' where the amount of alcohol in the blood stream, crosses the placenta and affects the babies development so they both get physical and mental development problems. James Gallagher. BBC World Service: Health Check.

September 14, 2017The pop singer and actress Selina Gomez has revealed she has been recovering from a kidney transplant, given by a friend which is because she suffers from lupus, (Lupus is a complex and poorly understood condition that affects many parts of the body). The 25 year old posted a photo of herself from her hospital bed on Instagram BBC News.

September 14, 2017.  A report published by the public health England suggest  alcohol and obesity are increasing rates of liver disease among younger people. Figures show the avoidable death rate from the disease is 8 times higher in Blackpool than in South Norfolk where the rate is lowest. BBC News.

September 14, 2017. Signs of intelligence. According to a number of scientific papers out today in the British journal of psychiatry. You are smart if you worry, you're a loner, you sleep late, and your trusting. Another side of intelligence is your lazy, because lazy people enjoy thinking, while busy people hide away from their thoughts. Presenter Steve Wright. BBC Radio 2.

September 14, 2017.  Dinner's hosted a unique dining experience dishing up an array of creepy crawlies to adventurous guests. The culinary start-up, which specialises in edible insects, teamed up with Zurich's Kunstkantine restaurant, serving a four-course menu including fresh cheese with edible dirt and worms, hay and worm soup with fried peas and worms, among others.  Marketing manager of Essento Jana Schiffmann stressed that not only are insects very delicious, they are also sustainable and they are healthy, making them the food of the future. The pop up dining experience will be on offer in Basel and Bern in the next month. Live Leak.

September 14, 2017.   Cellulitis is an infection of the deep tissues of the skin and can happen to anyone especially the elderly, diabetic, smokers, and people with poor circulation and leg ulcers are more likely to develop it. The only way you can prevent it is by good skin care. Washing skin every day. Applying moisturiser to dry skin. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing depending on where it is, and lose weight, and stop smoking. Dr Ranj. ITV: This Morning.

September 14, 2017PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) have a bad effect on the animals reproductive system. They are bad compounds full stop. From being able to examine the dead whales, we know a lot more about the threats and pressures. These whales have been in the UK waters for most of their life, and therefore, they represent the state of our oceans and we should take that quite seriously. BBC News.

September 14, 2017.The insulated foam at Grenfell tower which released cyanide when it caught fire has been used in at least 35 other buildings around the capital. When it burns it produces hydrogen cyanide as well as carbon monoxide, and that means you have a lethal cocktail of gases which first of all will incapacitate and stop you from being able to escape and then finally kill you. ITV News.

September 14, 2017Private patients of the disgraced breast surgeon Ian Patterson are to receive a share of 37 million pounds in compensation. Patterson is serving 20 years in prison for subjecting his victims to unnecessary surgery. ITV News.

September 13, 2017You're average sleep duration is 5 hours. The ideal amount of sleep is 8 hours. Sleep is always forgotten, but its an independent predictor for heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. If you're not sleeping enough, you're more at risk of these conditions. BBC 1: How To Stay Young.

September 13, 2017The police have stepped up their campaign to tackle female genital mutilation by placing specially trained officers at St Pancreas station. Operation limelight has previously run initiatives at airports across the country. Staff at the Euro star terminal have been given training o help them identify potential victims. ITV News.

September 13, 201750 primary Schools in the most polluted parts of London are set to have air quality audits organised by the Mayor. The report will be written for each School suggesting changes that could be made to protect children from pollution. ITV News.

September 13, 2017The calcium in our bones, and the iron on our blood comes from ancient explosions of giant stars. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.  

September 13, 2017Hormone replacement therapy is not the cause of early death in woman. New research is suggesting sticking to a 600 calorie a day diet for just two months can reverse type 2 diabetes. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 13, 2017The single largest killer of mothers across the World is heavy bleeding after birth. Its know as postpartum haemorrhage. According to the World Health organisation (WHO), every year, over 100,000 woman die from it. There are a few things that can cause this bleeding, but its usually because the uterus doesn't contract as it should. Doctors have a number of ways to fix this.They can externally massage the uterus, or give the patient special drugs.  BBC World Service: World Hacks.

September 13, 2017Cycle To Work Day. ‏Cycle to work day is a national event, championed by Cycle Scheme.

September 13, 2017Mediterranean diet to boost brain health: The food you should be eating to improve brain function. Researchers have found mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) - a class of nutrients found in olive oils, nuts and avocados are linked to general intelligence, help suppress rheumatoid arthritis and could be used to boost cognitive performance. Daily Express.

September 12, 2017Sepsis is Britain's biggest killer affecting a quarter of a million people in the UK every year. It causes more deaths than breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer combined. Sepsis is sometimes referred to as septicaemia or blood poisoning, an invasion of bacteria into the bloodstream, whereas sepsis can affect organs inside the body without blood a life-threatening complication of an infection when the body's immune defences react in an extreme way. It's sometimes called the silent killer, sepsis is triggered by an infection. It can occur as a result of problems spreading from other parts of the body, such as chest infections, urinary infections, ulcers bursting in the stomach, or cuts and bites on the skin. If the bodies immune system over reacts, it can lead to multiple organ failure and death. Alistair Jackson. BBC 1: Why Mum Died; Britain's Sepsis Crisis.

September 12, 2017In poor countries, its easier than ever to see a doctor, but it's getting harder and harder to find one that will make you better. 158 new clinics have opened up in the last two years in Delhi, India, and a survey of 102 developing countries in 2015 found that those with established primary care systems had higher life expectancy, and lower infant mortality. Recent roll-outs of primary care for example in Brazil, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Thailand have been followed by falls in child mortality. In 2015 governments across the World plans to extend primary care as part of the UN's sustainable development goals to be met by 2030. The World Health Organisation (WHO) thinks 400 million people globally lack access to primary care.  RNIB Connect: Talking Newspapers.

September 12, 2017NHS England's chief executive Simon Stevens has warned the health service could be put under increased pressure this winter due to a predicted rise in the number of flu cases. Sky News.

September 12, 2017.   The regular use of disinfectants like bleach has been linked to an increased risk of developing potentially fatal lung conditions. Researchers fo8nd you're a third more likely to get emphysema and chronic bronchitis if you clean with them once a week. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 12, 2017Statins. We have now had the longest study of its kind, spread over 20 years using 5000 patients over the age of 45. All were healthy except they had a raised cholesterol. They were given a very mild statin that reduced the cholesterol.  They found a 27% reduction in coronary heart disease and 28% reduction from dying from a coronary heart disease, so taking statins if you have a high cholesterol does reduce your risk of dying from heart disease. .Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning

September 12, 2017Light drinking does no harm in pregnancy. There has been strict government guidelines concerning drinking while pregnant.  Two glasses per week were quite safe. They looked at all the evidence and looked at miscarriages, premature birth delays some evidence that light drinking may be linked to premature birth in small babies. If you're having a couple of glasses a week, is really nothing to worry about.  Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

September 12, 2017The hops in beers can give you man boobs, aka 'Maneries', official terminology, 'gynaecomastia'. They found that the IPAs, (India Pale Ales) contain more hops and more varieties of hops which contain phytoestrogen which is oestrogen hormones in plant form. Women going through the menopause will use Soy which contains phytoestrogens to help with their withdraw from oestrogens. The effect on oestrogens on men is to increase breast size. The more hops, the more likelihood of man-boobs developing.  Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning

September 12, 2017. Despite the health risk nicotine in E-Cigs may triple the risk of heart damage. 15 volunteers who were actually smoking 10 cigarettes a month were given E cigs with nicotine and E-cigs without nicotine and they found that E cigs with the nicotine increased arterial stiffness, three times greater than the non-nicotine. Caffeine and stimulants also causes arterial stiffness. .Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

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