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TOWP HEALTH - Page 8 25, 2018. LA British Columbia resident who adopted a pot-bellied pig named Molly from the SPCA and then ate it has been banned from future SPCA adoptions. Molly was one of 57 pot-bellied pigs to be seized following an animal cruelty investigation on Vancouver Island a year ago. SPCA staff say they spent months nursing the pigs back to health before they could be adopted. liveleak.

February 25, 2018. The Times leads with research from Oxford University revealing that anti-depressants do work, but some are more effective than others. Papers.

February 25, 2018The Telegraph says the average person is eating 50% more calories than they realise, according to official estimates. It says men are worst at "kidding themselves" into believing they are eating fewer calories than they actually are. Papers.

February 25, 2018. The Daily Mirror leads with Tom Evans's campaign to keep his ill toddler, Alfie, alive after a High Court judge ruled that life support should be withdrawn. Papers.

February 25, 2018The Daily Express warns of an "Arctic blast" on its front page, saying that the snow storm, expected to hit all regions of the UK, could put lives at risk. Papers.

February 25, 2018Food safety fears in half of meat factories audited by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) are highlighted in the top story on the front of the Guardian. The paper says suppliers in England, Northern Ireland and Wales breached safety and hygiene regulations, including failing to maintain legal temperature controls. Papers.

February 24, 2018. Emily Dumler, of Kansas City, Missouri, was diagnosed with stage three non-Hogdkin's Lymphoma in October 2013 and, after two failed cancer treatments, was given just six months to live. With her life hanging in the balance, she entered a clinical trial therapy for an immunotherapy cancer treatment called alled CAR-T. Now, at 36, the mother-of-three has been in remission for more than two years and said that treatment saved her life and is the 'future of medicine, but it isn't a walk in the park. Mail.

February 24, 2018Japan 24 hour drug kills FLU but not U.S. Japan has a new drug that could kill the flu in 24 hours. So why doesn't the U.S. have it? Xofluza is manufactured by Japanese drug maker Shionogi and won’t hit shelves until at least May - again, in Japan. According to the Wall Street Journal, the drug won’t be available in the U.S. until at least 2019.Currently, the only drug available in the U.S. to fight the flu is Tamiflu, which is taken twice daily over five consecutive days. Tamiflu doesn't kill the flu virus - it just lowers the odds that patients will suffer serious complications, like pneumonia. It may also reduce the duration of the flu by a day, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Liveleak.

February 24, 2018MPs have agreed to introduce an opt-out system for organ donation, which the Mirror calls "Max's Law". The paper carries a picture of 10-year-old Max Johnson, who is a heart transplant patient and fronted the paper's campaign. Papers.

February 24, 2018More than half of meat plants audited by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have had at least one "major" breach between 2014 and 2017, the Guardian reports. The paper says its analysis found 60% of factories in England, Wales and Northern Ireland failed to adhere to hygiene and food safety regulations. Papers.

February 23, 2018Do you see what I see? Researchers harness brain waves to reconstruct images of what we perceive. A new technique developed by neuroscientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough can, for the first time, reconstruct images of what people perceive based on their brain activity gathered by EEG. "It could also have forensic uses for law enforcement in gathering eyewitness information on potential suspects rather than relying on verbal descriptions provided to a sketch artist." "The fact we can reconstruct what someone experiences visually based on their brain activity opens up a lot of possibilities. It unveils the subjective content of our mind and it provides a way to access, explore and share the content of our perception, memory and imagination." MedicalExpress.

February 23, 2018. Incorrect doses or delays in drugs being administered within the NHS. 1 in 5 prescriptions were incorrect resulting in 22,000 unnecessary deaths. Patients have been given incorrect doses, and delays in drugs being administered. Jeremy Hunt said, doctors and nurses must come forward if mistakes are made. ITV News.

February 23, 2018E-Skin keeps vital heart information in handy place. Wearing your heart on your sleeve could make a whole new meaning thanks to an electronic skin that displays an electrocardiogram- a waveform representing heart activity on the back of the hand. Presenting the e-skin at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. Professor Takao Someya of Tokyo University said, displaying medical data on the skin makes information more assessable. Metro.

February 23, 2018Vietnamese coal-fired power plant Vinh Tan 2 dumping toxic metals into ocean. Coal-fired power plants in Vietnam have been dumping millions of tons of toxic metals into waterways. The massive fish kill was caused by water pollution from toxic industrial waste discharged. About 5 million Vietnamese people in four provinces were hurt by the toxic in last year alone. Liveleak.

February 23, 2018. The Daily Mirror continues its campaign for an opt-out organ donation system ahead of the vote in Parliament on Friday. papers.

February 23, 2018The i leads with research showing that medicine mix-ups are costing lives. The paper reports that blunders happen 237 million times in a year. papers.

February 23, 2018The environment secretary will announce a ban on plastic straws to prevent further environmental damage, says the Daily Mail, which hails it as a victory for its campaign to cut the use of plastic. papers.

February 23, 2018. The Times leads with research from Oxford University revealing that anti-depressants do work, but some are more effective than others. papers.

February 23, 2018. At least one million extra people need medication for depression, as research has found that only a fraction of sufferers are getting the necessary help, the Sun reports. papers.

February 22, 2018. A letter containing white powder purporting to be anthrax has been sent to Prince Harry and his fiancĂ©e Meghan Markle. Counter-terrorism officers are investigating, according to UK media , which says the package was intercepted before reaching the couple and the contents were found to be harmless. Sky News.

February 22, 2018Scientists in England have harnessed the power of sound to levitate small objects -  a development that could lead to medical advances. Researchers at the University of Bristol have used ‘acoustic tractor beams’ to suspend items in the air, including ants. The technique appears to have no harmful side effects, so far. The levitating ant crawls away afterwards, seemingly unaffected.  "It's a force field that can apply and do different functionalities," he said. "So, it's like a pair of hands - or a robot pair of hands - except there is no robot. It's purely a force field that's applying the required position, rotation and then moving things into position." Dr Asier Marzo, a researcher at the University of Bristol, said the technology may one day be applied to medicine. Liveleak.

February 22, 2018The outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria which has made hundreds ill and has killed at least 43 people. Symptoms include bleeding from eyes, gums and noses. Survivors can be left with life-long deafness. it shares some similarities with Ebola but is less infectious and can sometimes be mild. Its usually passed on a by a particular breed of rat and more rarely, from person-to-person. The UK public health rapid support team is preparing to send people over to Nigeria if required. Health Check: BBC World Service.

February 22, 2018We should all being eating more fibre. It builds up the population of microbes that live in and around our body but largely our guts, and if you focus on that, it can have an impact on your brain, your mood, blood sugar levels and more. Dr Rupy. ITV This Morning.

February 22, 2018. Mari Lopez who ran the food channel at home in Houston, Texas with her niece Liz Johnson told thousands of viewers she had rejected traditional treatment for breast cancer in favour of a 90-day juice cleanse when she was diagnosed in 2015. Within four months of cutting out animal products, she claimed to be in remission - and insisted the new regime (and God) had 'healed' her of her 'gay lifestyle'. But Liz has now revealed that her aunt passed away in December 2017, after the disease spread to her blood, liver and lungs, and belated attempts to try chemotherapy and radiotherapy failed. Speaking to Babe, Liz blamed her own mother for triggering Mari's relapse by feeding her meat and microwaved food. There is no scientific evidence to support Liz's claims. Mail.

February 22, 2018The Times leads with research from Oxford University revealing that anti-depressants do work, but some are more effective than others. Papers.

February 22, 2018. At least one million extra people need medication for depression, as research has found that only a fraction of sufferers are getting the necessary help, the Sun reports. Papers.

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