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June 24, 2017. A new drug that slows the progress of 'Multiple Sclerosis' has been called a break through. According to a pair of new clinical trials, the medication ocrelizumab reduced the advancement in MS in advanced patients by 24%. the results from the clinical trial were compared against data who received a placebo. Microsoft News. 

June 24, 2017.  We have learned how zodiac signs are associated with personality traits. Now scientists from the University of Alicante have found that the 'month people were born' could have influenced the development of some health problems due to foetal development, seasonal changes, changes in UV rays, and viruses. Press Association. 

June 23, 2017. There are no proven ways to stave off mental decline or 'dementia', but a new report suggests that exercise, controlling blood pressure and some types of brain training and learning a new language may offer help. Metro News. 

June 23, 2017. 'Yoga' trials have been done in 7 different prisons in the UK and has proved to have a positive effect.. Feelings of being happy and having energy. It decreased stress. Reduced aggression and certain psychiatric symptoms among prisoners. Amy Bilderbeck. Clinical Psychology, Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology. 

June 22, 2017. 'Neurogenesis' is the process where we create new brain cells. We hear about brain cells dying but we carry on making new brain cells. Some neuro scientists believe that if someone has depression, their neurogenesis is reduced, and they stop generating new brain cells. Claudia Hammond. BBC World Service. All In The Mind. 

June 22, 2017. Cardiovascular exercise such as running, cross fit training, yoga and meditation are effective ways of boosting 'neurogenesis'High Existence.  

June 22, 2017. 1 in 20 'prescriptions' in the UK are given to the wrong person. Ann Robinson. BBC World Service. Health check.   

June 22, 2017. Studies have shown that in most countries 'woman smile more than men' and men are ore likely to frown than woman. Marianne LaFrance, Professor of Psychology. BBC World Service. Health check. 

June 22, 2017. It's very welcome news for people who have to take 'statin drugs' against their high cholesterol every single day for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately its at least 6 years off. The results in Mice look really promising. There is about 50% reduction in the bad cholesterol levels in their blood and less build up of plaques of cholesterol that deposits in the heart. Ann Robinson. BBC World Service. Health Check.  

June 22, 2017. British holiday makers who make bogus 'food poisoning claims' could go to prison. This is due to a huge rise in claims that have left travel bosses embarrassed by a British problem. Radio 2 News.  

June 21, 2017. Eating oily fish such as tuna, salmon or sardines twice a week appears to reduce swelling in joints affected by 'rheumatoid arthritis', a study published in journal arthritis care and research found. Metro News. 

June 21, 2017. The challenges that 'cancer patients' face in finding travel insurance are being investigated by the financial conduct authority. The watchdog is seeking views from firms about the difficulties in providing cover for people who have, or have had cancer. Metro News. 

June 21, 2017. Chicken Pox. Although might be worse for the second child, the younger children get 'Chicken Pox' usually, the milder the symptoms. And at least once you've had it, it's extremely rare to catch it again. GP Helen Lawal. CH 4. How To Stay Well.

June 21, 2017.  
Developing bowel cancer from eating 'processed meat' happens when the cells, 'which are our building blocks of our bodies' start to behave abnormally. The same process happens whether it's a skin cancer, lung or bowel cancer. The biggest problems which have the same effect as eating processed meat are smoking, lack of exercise and alcohol. Professor Sue Clark.CH 4. How To Stay Well.

June 21, 2017. 
The main reason 'processed meat' effect our bodies is down to chemicals called nitrites used to preserve it which turn into cancer causing chemicals called Nitrosamin
es when eaten. It's clear eating processed meat does raise the amount of cancer causing chemicals in our bowels. Dr Javid Abdelmoneim. CH 4. How To Stay Well.

June 21, 2017. 
MRSA bacteria is known as a super bug as it's developed a resistance to many antibiotics. Last year a quarter of the 819 patients who were reported to have 'MRSA' blood stream infections in England died within a month of diagnosis. It's mainly associated with hospitals where those with broken skin, and lower immunity are most at risk. Dr Javid Abdelmoneim. CH 4. How To Stay Well. 

June 21, 2017. Uraguain president Tabare Vazquez is a cancer specialists and former smoker. He has declared a public health war against 'tobacco'. He has put his country at the forefront of tobacco control. The Truth About Cancer. BBC World Service.  

June 20, 2017. 'Smoking' is forecast to kill a billion people this century if left unchecked. Cancer of the lung is the leading cause of cancer deaths World wide. More than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined.  Anu Anand. BBC World Service. The Truth About Cancer.  

June 20, 207. 'Nigeria food aid'. Half of the food aid which is meant for people who have been forced to leave their homes because of Islamists in the north east of the country. 50 of the 100 trucks with lie saving aid are not getting through because of the Boko Haram insurgency. Outside Source. BBC News.  

June 20, 2017. People can die of a 'broken heart'. The stress can damage the heart short term and long term. It causes a very irregular heart beat and can lead to heart failure. The medical term is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TCM). Dr Chris Steele. This Morning ITV.

June 20, 2017. People who take 'aspirin' to prevent heart attacks and strokes will help thin the blood and prevent clotting are good to prevent clots in the coronary arteries, heart attacks and strokes. The problem is in taking even a low dose aspirin is a risk of hemorrhage in the gut especially the stomach and 20.000 people are admitted each year from gastric hemorrhages with 300 deaths. The elderly and people over 75 should be taking along with their aspirin a proton pump inhibitors (PPI) to reduce acid production in the stomach and reduce the risk of hemorrhage. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning ITV.

June 20, 2017. 7 million people are on 'statins' to reduce their further risk of heart attacks and strokes. New research done on mice concluded the mice had reduced their cholesterol by more than a half. Reduced fatty deposits in the arteries by two thirds and reduced blood vessel inflammation.  People are not taking their statins because they don't 'feel' any benefits but of course they are. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning ITV.

June 20, 2017. A study of 80.000 Chinese adults found that those who drink 1 to 2 pints a day had a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes. 'Beer drinking' reduces kidney stones. It increases bone health and reduces the risk of dementia by 22%. Dr Chris Steele. This Morning ITV.  

June 19, 2017. An experimented undertaken by a number of School children to find out which technique had the most calming effect. Either 'mindfulness', 'Yoga' or 'pet therapy'  They found that all three techniques led to people feeling happy and more confident about their GCSEs, but Yoga and pet therapy came top, neck and neck. The One Show. BBC 1. 

June 19, 2017  The babies known as the 'hunger winter babies.'  who were conceived in the Netherlands during the 1945 'famine' and whose mother were undernourished during the very first stages of pregnancy provide science with a rare group to study. Now in their 70s, the results found they had more heart disease, more type 2 diabetes, higher cholesterol levels and they generally feel less healthy. An MRI scan of the brain shows differences in the structure of the brain. They were worse on cognitive tasks, and had accelerated aging of their brains. Tessa Roseboom, professor of Early Development and Health. BBC Crowd Science.

June 19, 2017. One of my main interests is how the epigenetics of someone can change because of environmental influences, and of course especially if those environmental influences appear very early in our life and then determine our health decades later.  Epigentic information is laid down in the womb during our early development, and actually we start without any epigenetic information. Not only the people who suffered from severe 'famine' had babies with more health problems, but their children, and children's children also suffered from health problems in later life. BBC World Service. Crowd Science.

June 19, 2017. 'Builders' have the healthiest jobs in Britain. They are typically active for 7 hours a day, burning 2,500 calories, while I.T workers are active for 24 minutes, burning under 100 a survey by Ironmongery Direct Shows. Metro News. 

June 19, 2017. Dried fruit is often suggested as a healthy alternative to snacking on biscuits and crisps but dentists have warned that eating raisins may be worse for 'children's teeth' as they are packed with sugar and eating raisins is like gluing sugar to the teeth. Colin Fernandez. Science Correspondent.

June 19, 2017.  Doctor are to vote on whether to abolish the time limit on 'abortions'. Up to 500 GPs and hospital doctors will debate decriminalisation during a major conference at the end of the month. It could lead to a call for woman to be allowed to terminate their pregnancy right up until the due date - and for any reason. Sophie Borland. Health Editor. Daily Mail.

 June 19, 2017. The 528 participants in the latest trial - one of the largest studies of 'acupuncture' - were suffering from migraine, acute lower back pain or ankle sprain. Tests found the procedure which inserts needles into certain points showed there is still little research in to whether acupuncture could be useful treatment Colin Fernandez. Science corespondent.

June 18, 2017.  In vitro fertilisation ('IVF') is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a clinical guideline. It's not compulsory, therefore a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has the option to say yes or no. The first thing to ask if your infertile and can't have children is to look  at adoption. There's lots of kids out there looking for adoption. Professor Alan Maynard. Lay Chair. Vale of York CCG. NHS 2 Billion a Week. London Live

June 18, 2907. If the NHS funded 'weight loss surgery' for everyone whose obese, it would cost 5 billion pounds. 5 billion pounds can either run maternity services across England for 2 years. Fund arthritis related treatments for 10 million people, or employ nurses in acute wards for 1 year. Narrator. NHS 2 Billion a Week. London Live. 

June 18, 2017. I just think it's hugely unfair for patients who for geographical reasons are 'discriminated' against. If were providing a national health service, it should be the same across the nation and not where you live. Dr Zoe Norris. NHS - 2 Billion a Week. London Live..  

June 18, 2017.  We have this terrible attitude towards 'obesity' here in the UK, it's all your fault, why do you deserve treatment, and we must not be like that because obesity is so complex. The food industry is also responsible for the obesity crisis. GP Dr Ellie Cannon. NHS - 2 Billion a Week. London Live.

June 18, 2017. TV presenter Ant McPartlin, (Ant & Dec) faces two months of rehabilitation after revealing he's addicted to drugs and alcohol following 'depression' over fertility struggles and knee surgery. Daily Mail. 

June 18, 2017.  The Grenfell tower block fire. The Prime Minister has announced 1.5 million pounds to help the 'mental health' of emergency services. Smooth Radio News

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