If You Think You're Eating Healthily, Think Again

Like most people, we hope we're eating and living a healthy life, but the more I research, the more I'm alarmed of what's really going on with food and the food industry as a whole. If anyone asks if I eat healthily, the only answer I can give is, I hope so.

It's not just foods were consuming

Brushing Teeth. Applying Cosmetics & Deodorants Certain toothpaste and deodorants we put in, and on our bodies each day without even thinking of the dangers. These shouldn't be used unless you want to add dangerous toxins to your body (toothpaste). Certain cosmetics have various types of bacteria lurking inside.  Use a 100% healthy deodorant product. Buy or make your own natural organic toothpaste. Look for healthier organic cosmetics.

https://theonlywayproductions.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/if-you-think-youre-eating-healthily.htmlGrowing Produce - Agricultural Water Pollution. It's hard to grow to produce without water and unfortunately, some countries have no choice but to use contaminated water to make a living. The problem is, this water will be contaminated with too much or unsafe fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, grease, oil, faecal matter, organic contaminants, sediment pesticides and more. Farmers using their own sewage to fertilise crops. Full details here - Introduction to agricultural water pollution. Even tap water has its hazards - how severe depend on where you live.

Chemicals we're unwittingly consuming can have a devastating effect on our immune systems, induce cancer, cognitive disorders, and auto-immune disorders. The bizarre thing is, although most foods on sale have been 'approved' by the government which does 'not' mean it's 100% healthy to consume.

https://theonlywayproductions.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/if-you-think-youre-eating-healthily.htmlImporting Produce. Every day, hundreds of thousands of freight containers full of produce leave ports from all over the World destined for the shops. Some full of fake goods. The problem is, each packet in each box in every container cannot all be checked. They can contain harmful ingredients known to cause cancers and It's practically impossible for law enforcers to search every single container, that's why dangerous food and ingredients get through undetected every day.

Sugar free products - I've never heard a good thing about natural or artificial sweeteners.

Fake / Harmful Food Ingredients. Cancer-causing products. Food dyes in Asian sweets can potentially cause cancer have all been found on sale. Cancer causing chemicals found in Chinese flavourings and in some, the levels massively exceeded international safety limits while others contained traces of a banned toxic substances.My post covering fake goods.

Manufacturing & Preparing Produce. It's unethical and unhygienic people and factories who are responsible, and the cause of many medical problems. I've read many reports and seen videos of Rats hiding inside meat carcasses destined for the food shops. Pigeons contaminating flour used for lord knows what. Some people who do not eat pork for religious reasons. I would not trust them to process, prepare, store or deliver my meat. In certain Asian countries, cooking oil is recycled from the sewers and gutters then used to cook food with - aka, the gutter oil industry. Produce adulterated by petroleum-based waxes applied to fruits to make them look shiny and fresh. Tin Fruits. Some fruits have been washed with inedible acid to remove all the white bits. They are then washed in another acid solution to make them edible again.

https://theonlywayproductions.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/if-you-think-youre-eating-healthily.htmlStoring Produce. Once a food has been produced, it needs storing. Many farmers, manufacturers and businesses continue to use dangerously contaminated crates to move and deliver items. Including dirty store rooms, cellars and places where foods stored can be riddled with insects and rodent droppings. Even large popular supermarket chains are regularly fined when dead mice droppings and rotting food have been found in their stores.

Store's Whistle Blower Confession. "The condition of the crates are not monitored and pretty filthy. I can tell their dirty. I've seen fruit and other dried juices leaked from split packaging that's all been squashed to the bottom. It goes straight back to the shop floor to be loaded again. They are covered with dirt and mold and I'm talking about all of them. We're delivering food to kids nursery's and nursing homes".

A specialist added, "packets of raw meat splits, and when delivered with fresh food, a bug called 'Campylobacter' (a group of germs that can cause food poisoning and give you diarrhoea with the potential to cause other serious health problems from mouldy crates, foods left to fester and maggots delivered with shopping".

For hygienic reasons, when I take my shopping home, all packets, fruits and tins are cleaned and dried thoroughly before it goes into my cupboards or fridge.

Cooking Foods At Home. When heating cooking and olive oils, they release dangerous toxic chemicals called aldehydes. * Even tin/aluminium foil is unhealthy. * Drinking hot drinks and foods made foam polystyrene. *. Using microwaves and pots and pans made with inferior material's which can turn a healthy food into a potentially cancer causing contaminates.* But the one word that opened my eyes, answered all my questions about food health was 'Digestive leukocytosis',. When you're unwell; your white blood cells come out to protect the body. When you 'cook food' especially at a high temperature, the immune system will react to it as toxin and the body goes through a process called 'Digestive leukocytosis' where the body starts generating white blood cell activity and then treating that food as a toxin. This immune response only occurs when you consume cooked food. This reaction does not happen after eating edible raw foods, or food steamed or cooked at a very low temperature. Read the Hippocrates health institute for the full monty of problems of cooking foods.

That's why crisps, biscuits, pizzas, bread and cakes can be harmful and unhealthy  It's not 'just; because of the high sugar, fat or salt contents, it's due to the high heat cooking process.
Smoked Foods & Fish.  Meat, fish, any food that's been 'smoked' is potentially harmful to the body. Every time you consume these foods, you're adding 'micrograms' of carcinogenics to your body. Read more information about smoked food and cancer. Even fish can be harmful. Fish advisory & safe eating guidelines.

A Sky News 'Oceans Rescue report. (the threat of plastics in the oceans) said "why the seafood you eat contains particles which scientists are warning could be a health risk, and people who eat seafood are actually absorbing tiny particles of this plastic into their blood stream and is causing unknown effects on their health".

 A ready made lasagne was found to contain 51 different ingredients including Xanthan gum

Eating Out - Because of everything I've seen from poor hygiene, cheap produce, recycled, and out of date food, I eat out rarely. A TV programme documenting the 'traffic police' showed a Police officer stopping vehicles for traffic violation only to discover the disgusting conditions of vehicles transporting fruits, vegetables along with dead animal carcasses to food chains. He said, "I've seen so many like this, it's enough to make you never want to eat out again". When food shops are open or even closed, rats & mice will be running around the store, and on food, and very common throughout the World.

A recent documentary hygiene-tested three main coffee chains. All had dangerous levels of faecal matter on their ice, on chairs, tables and trays. Even on baby high chairs due to staff, as well as customers not washing their hands, or properly after using the toilet. Another test was hotel rooms after they were cleaned, most had high levels of harmful bacteria on remote controls, bedding, towels, and lord knows how unhygienic their kitchens were. Another Watchdog documentary examined the three main fast-food-chains. They all had dangerously high levels of faecal and other dangerous bacteria in their ice. An expert said, "the high levels of faecal coliform bacteria contamination has the potential to cause disease is very worrying", 

Cooking and preparing raw meats can be a challenge to stop cross contamination and keeping hygienic while preparing other fresh foods.  I think every restaurant and food shops should regularly be check with 'Luminol', to detect for blood splatter contamination's and other contaminates.  I bet there are crime scenes everywhere with more than just blood.

I'd bet my bottom dollar that every coin and note in circulation are very dirty and unhygienic.

Shopping for Groceries. Every week, products from our well-known food chains have to recall items which have been infested or contaminated with either small pieces of metals, plastic. Foods containing salmonella, listeria, maggots and other chemicals are known to cause food poisoning and are a potential risk to health. Sometimes too late. The food standard agencies  FSA- 'Food Alert News'. Check items for package defects before buying, and clean them thoroughly before placing in fridges and cupboards. Be careful about buying fruit and veg from stalls next to busy main roads high in pollution. Be cautious when buying and handling packaged meat, because even the outside of raw meat packaging can be contaminated with harmful bugs.

Final Thoughts.
  • If you have to cook foods, either steam or cook at a reduced heat. Foods especially over cooked foods should be chewed thoroughly. This helps the body to absorb much easier.
  • Knowledge can be powerful. Only if the knowledge used is to your advantage to make the right choices. 
  • Be observant. Take an interest of 'who' and 'where' you buy your foods from. Read the ingredients and product information and research any ingredient/component you're unaware of.
  • Buy foods from local health shops and farmers markets. Buy organic produce, especially meat. If you're in any doubt about the foods you're consuming, I'd recommend to grow your own. Any fruit or vegetables that you cannot prove to be clean and fresh, thoroughly scrub, clean and peel  Softer fruits like Berries, as and when you need them, wash well in warm water, then cold and dab clean with a paper towel - washing and then storing will make them rot much faster.
  • Don't just feel better, and look better, but live a healthier longer life.
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The Solutions To All Dangerous Particles, Poisons & Pollutions. Many people think they're living a healthy life. It's not just vehicle pollution that's a problem.

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A radio program that aired, March 2, 2018: BBC Radio 4: Inside Science:

Claudia Kawas - Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory undertook the World largest health study following peoples brain health once they reach the age of 90.

For most of us, there is a decline in our cognitive or thinking abilities as parts of the brain shrinks or becomes diseased as we age. But the rate and severity of this decline vary from person to person. For some individuals, maybe their genetics allow them to eat more hamburgers and French fries and smoke and drink and do things we generally think of not being healthy. Where other individuals maybe it was more important that they led a stricter diet and exercise more frequently.

She continued, About a third of individuals reach their 90s and have some kind of cognitive changes, but about a third of them appear to remain basically normal and have no problems with their thinking, language or other cognitive functions.