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August 9, 2017. 'Parliament in Nepal' has passed a law against an ancient Hindu practice that banishes woman from the home during menstruation. The new law stipulates a 3 months jail sentence or a $30 fine for anyone forcing the woman to follow the custom. BBC World Service News 

August 8, 2017. Its difficult to avoid 'sugars'. Carbohydrates contain sugar. High fructose corn syrup, honey. A study of the civil service of 5000 men and 2000 woman, what they found was that men who had a high consumption of sugar were over 20% more likely to develop anxiety and depression later on in life. Interestingly, the link was not there for woman.  Dr Ranj Singh. This Morning, ITV.

 August 8, 2017. Control your blood pressure to avoid 'dementia'. 15,000 people over 25 years were studied in America to see what risk factor contributed to it. There were 5 main things, diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-high blood pressure (where you've not been diagnosed with high blood pressure but at a high risk of it). Smoking, and also whether you've got the presence of the Apoe 4 gene which we know is associated with Alzheimer's. To limit your chances, exercise, eat healthy, stop smoking, and try to stay active to help. Dr Ranj Singh. This Morning, ITV. 

August 8, 2017. Does the 'midlife-crisis exist. Absolutely no convincing at all, we all know about the mid life crisis. As men age, their hormone levels, adrenal glands, and testosterone levels decline. There mood, energy, vitality and libido change as they age. Testosterone levels decline as does oestrogen levels in woman decline as they age. It starts in their early 40s, they just produce less hormones. We have to check hormone levels of men and woman because too often, people are told that they're depressed and that's not the case. Dr Marion Gluck. This Morning, ITV. 

August 8, 2017. Millions of 'eggs' were taken off shelves in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland after they were found to contain an insecticide called fipronil, which is used in veterinary products to treat things like fleas and ticks. It is thought to have been used on chickens in Belgium and could be potentially dangerous to humans. However, the FSA insists the risk to public health is very low and the number of eggs affected is extremely small. Sky News. 

August 8, 2017. To produce one normal meat burger, a Cow has to drink over 3,250 litres of water. To get the same amount of protein value for a 'bug burger' made from crickets and meal-worms, they have to drink just one cup. So to eat that one burger, you're reducing the amount of water that's being consumed to produce that. During taste tests, the bug burger won hands down when compared to the meat burger. BBC 1. The Bug Grub Couple. 

August 7, 2017. The 'NHS' could go under unless EU staff are given securities about their future after Brexit, the head of the Royal College of Nursing warned. Some European workers are already leaving and hospitals would not be able to cope if significant numbers followed. The umber of EU workers leaving the profession had increased from 1,173 in 2012/2013 to 3,081 in 2016/2017, Metro News. 

August 7, 2017. A fertility charity is warning that couples struggling to conceive, face a post-code lottery when trying to get 'IVF treatment' on the NHS in 'England Infertility Network' UK says, there's been a drop of almost 50% in the number of clinical commissary groups to offer free full cycles to woman under 40.  BBC Radio 2 News.  

August 7, 2017. Meat Free Monday encourages people to skip meat for one day a week to improve their health and help the planet. #MeatFreeMonday. Twitter Trends. 

August 7, 2017.  Record levels of violence and abuse against vulnerable patients at ''mental health' trusts. The use of physical force of patients is endemic in the system. More than 5,000 serious incidents involving both children and adults we're investigated. The serious incidents include, 2,170 incidents of self harm. 371 suicides.198 confidential information leaks. 199 cases of abuse of patients. Daily Paper. 

August 6, 2017.  England's children Commissioners are warning 'young people are binging on social media' like junk food and said, people need to balance their time online like they regulate their diet, and is calling on all mums and dads to be more 'proactive' over the summer holidays. RNIB Connect, Talking Newspapers. 

August 6, 2017. 'Sponges' used in the kitchen have been found to have a local density of 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimetres, the same amount estimated to exist in human faecus. Boiling, microwaving or replacing sponges regularly reduced the amounts of bacteria. The Independent.

August 6, 2017. A study has found that heavy use of the 'cigarette substitute E-cigs' could lead to high levels of chemicals which exceed set exposure limits. The study also found vapers would lose far fewer years from their life than tobacco smoking. Dr Hugo Destaillat's. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

August 5, 2017. Analysing the stride of 'Usain Bolt' who is 1.95 metres tall. Scientists have now discovered that Bolt has an uneven stride, more uneven than most.  He hits harder with one leg than the other. This is because he has Scoliosis and has a leg difference of about half an inch. Everyone has natural inherited differences. Andrew Udofa, Biomechanics researcher at Southern Methodist University. BBC World Service News Hour. 

August 5, 2017. European Commission scientists estimate that heat waves would cause 99% of all whether related deaths on the continent. BBC World Service News. This study looked at the impact of the 7 most dangerous types of 'weather events', Heat waves, cold snaps, wildfires, droughts, river and coastal floods and wind storms across the European union. Scientists say, the rates of exposure to these disasters are expected to increase from 1 in 20 of the population at the start of the century, to 2 in 3 people near its end. Adina Campbell. BBC World Service News 

August 5, 2017. Scientists warn that 'extreme weather' could kill 150.000 Europeans a year by the end of the century. Heat waves, wild fires, storms and floods could combine to cause the unprecedented number of deaths which was revealed in a report by the Lancet Planetary Health Journal. Sky News 

August 5, 2017. 'Intergenerational care'. For the first time in the UK, a nursery and home for older people will be based on the same site. From September the Children of Apple and Honey nursery and residence of Nightingale House will do activities, lessons and even eat together. Its already an established practice in places such as Canada, Australia, Japan and in parts of Europe to tackle age segregation. It is proving popular. Sky News. 

August 4, 2017. Is your brain male or female?, Are brain differences innate or are they shaped by the World around us? With new technology, scientists have recently identified subtle difference in the brains of men and woman. Differences that could help explain perceived strengths and weaknesses. A team of scientists from Philadelphia have mapped the microscopic connections of male and female brains by scanning the brains of over 900 males and females from the ages of 8 to 22. They used an established brain imaging technique to create a detailed map of the connections between the two hemispheres of the brain and discovered the brains we're so significantly different in neuro pathways, they didn't find those differences in children, they only developed in teen years. Woman had a much lower pain threshold than men, and have greater emotional intelligence. The way our brain adapts to its environment is a bigger factor in sex differences than any kind of biological programming. As time goes on, experiences will change structures in the brain and what you do to change your brain and what other people do to you will change your brain. Differences in pathways are determined by experience, where you grew up, how you grew up, how long you were at School and your occupation.  BBC Four. Horizon: Is You're Brain male or Female?  

August 4, 2017.  Scientists are doing research that could revolutionise medical treatment for Britain's third biggest killer, a 'stroke'. Particularly after the 'menopause', woman are much more likely to have a stroke than men and the outcomes tend to be worse. Hormonal factors may be a part.  Strokes happen when a clot or haemorrhage cuts of blood to parts of the brain. Cells die and some bodily functions are lost and the pattern of which these cells die are different in men and woman.  This is why sex difference research really matters helping us find more accurate and effective ways of tackling diseases. BBC Four. Horizon: Is You're Brain male or Female? 

August 4, 2017. Can brain training make you more cognitively agile outside of doing that 'brain training game', and does it protect against other mental health disorders later on life - things like dementia. The quality of evidence is so poor at the moment. They may or may not, no one has done high enough quality research to actually work out an answer for it. The science isn't good enough to tell you that they do. James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC World Service, Health Check 

August 4, 2017'HIV' prevention drug rolled out on a cost of £10.000.000. Daily Mail. Anyone who becomes HIV positive will need about £250.000 of care, so you only need about 30 people to get to that 10 million figure. The Wright Stuff. Channel 5. 

August 4, 2017. Scientists hailed a 'gene editing breakthrough'. They used gene editing to successfully repair a disease-causing mutation in human embryos. This is a major step towards the prevention of inherited  diseases by removing genetic mutations. Sky News, Press Preview. 

August 3, 2017.  We're still trying to understand this relationship between 'Football and risk of this disease'. Some players in American Football (Soccer) and other contact sports have developed the progressive brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. (CTE). You can't be certain if someone has CTE until you examine their brains after they've died.  In a new study, pathologists have studied 202 donated brains, more than half of which belongs to former national Football league players, the rest from semi professionals or high school players Of those  202 studies, 177 had evidence of CTE. The college and professional players had more and severe pathology.  We seem it's less about concussion IE, symptomatic hits to the head and more about the accumulative number of hits. BBC World Service, Health Check. 

August 3, 2017. It's not just American Football where there have been concerns about collisions and concussions we're hearing it in lots of sports. It really started in boxing where you get a lot of concussions in fighting. Even Rugby and Football where there's contact with the ball or other players, there's a real concern that's contributing to damage to the brain which is leading to dementia later on in life. BBC World Service, Health Check.

August 3, 2017. The court of appeal has ruled that a 15 year jail term given to a surgeon who carried out unnecessary breast operations was too lenient and has extended his sentence to 20 years. 'Ian Patterson's' offending was so exceptional a higher jail term was required. BBC 1 News.  

August 3, 2017. Why is it some people get to a particular age. The brain is another organ  of the body and it has cells and a blood supply so people who have healthier bodies tend to have healthier thinking skills. We've looked at everything from genetic factors, to health and medical factors, biochemical and social factors. In each of those different areas we have found things that are interesting with respect to other people who are ageing less well than others. The people who don't smoke are 'ageing' in thinking skills slightly better than others, as are people who are fitter and those people who also take more exercise. People with more education, people in more professional jobs and people who can speak more than one language have small advantages in this cognitive ageing. Their thinking skills are slightly better than would otherwise expect in older age. Ian Deary | The University of Edinburgh. BBC 1 London. Holding back The Years. 

August 3, 2017. 'Vitiligo' is an auto-immune condition where you're own bodies immune system causes problems and you're immune system is attacking the cells in the skin that produce melanin and melanin  is what produces the pigment in the skin. We don't know why people get it or what cause it. It's definitely a genetic predisposition. Dr Zoe Williams. This Morning. ITV. 

August 3, 2017. Engine idling at the side of the road contributes to 'air pollution' and can lead to an £80 fine. UK. #Don'tBeIdle. The Westminster Reporter. Special Edition. 

August 2, 2017. The survival rate for 'pancreatic cancer' is only about 7% here in the UK which is sadly very low. Alex Ford Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer. BBC Four, World News Today. 

August 2, 2017.  'Afghanistan' has one of the lowest standards of medical care in the World. Doctors often aren't highly trained and their equipment is pretty basic, but a former Afghan, and an emergency medic living in the North East of England is using augmented reality to help today's victims of violence in his home-land. His Telemedicine system allows doctors in war-zones to get help from specialists in the West. BBC Four. World News Today. 

August 2, 2017. 'Women who are pear-shaped' have a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes says a study. They found that thin people have a higher risk of killer diseases than fat people, since their fat goes straight to their heart and liver. However, researchers said that women who are pear-shaped tend to escape this group, as the bottom and thighs are safer places to store fat on the body. It means the fat is not transported to the essential organs, where it could lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and a greater risk of illness in later life. Daily mail 

August 1, 2017. 60 people have died in the UK in the last 8 months after taking the pain killing drug Fentanyl. The national crime agency said a further 70 deaths are also being investigated. BBC London News 

August 1, 2017. 'Children in China' suffering from terminal illnesses are receiving little or no palliative care. The care for adults was blossoming, but the care for children was virtually non existent. The main difficulties is, trying to get people to understand we weren't killing children, that we're not not fighting for them because we are. What's relatively easy to deal with is their physical symptoms. What's more difficult is their effects of their abandonment, the loss, confusion and hurt that mummy and daddy aren't there any more, what have I done to deserve that. We teach the importance of touch, speaking gently, and cuddles to give the child the will to eat, the will to live, and even if they don't live for very long, they will know that they were loved. Lyn Gould Co Founder and CEO of Butterfly's Children's Hospice. BBC Four. World News Today.  

August 1, 2017. There should be 'breast feeding lessons' from 11 because only 0.5 percent of British woman are still breast feeding after 1 year. That's the lowest rate in the World, and if you began to talk to girls and boys about it, it might become more acceptable. Press Preview. Sky News.  

August 1, 2017. Doctors in Mosel have told Sky news they urgently need more international support to help cope with the overwhelming numbers of people suffering from life-changing in juries and psychological damage after the 'Iraqi city's liberation' from Islamic State. Sky News Press Preview.  

August 1, 2017. 'Flu virus'. Vaccine scientists are working on a universal flu vaccine, so hopefully 5 years from now, we''ll have a vaccine that will tackle every strain of flu. Dr Zoe Williams. This Morning. ITV.  

August 1, 2017. 'Old age' is characterised by a lot. When you get become old, mostly in your 80s and 90s and you've lost a lot of friends, it's depressing. And when your life is beginning to dwindle, you don't see so many people and of course you become depressed, and depression is the epidemic condition of old age. Professor Michael Johnson. This Morning. ITV. 

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